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Copycat Killer Netflix Masterpeice


By Olivia TeaguePublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Ever wanted the next greatest juiciest murder mystery well this Taiwanese drama will be perfect its called "The copycat killer" about a detective based of off a book by the same name written by Miyuki Miyabe. This thriller set in the 90s of Taiwan is about a detective who has his keen sites on a serial killer who leaves clues and leaves his victims in an absurd manner based on their presences and personalities this thriller goes beyond an average detective where he mocks and plays tricks with the detective and the media manipulating everyone's mind in more ways than you see. This novel seems to be loosely based on the infamous zodiac killer who targeted the police for decades and would still be never found. Also a case very few know about which would later be known as the Kobe child murders which actually happened around the same time this show takes place. Where a 14 year old Japanese boy by the Shinichiro Azuma also known as in his letters Seito Sakakibara. He would target and kill his very own classmates by be heading one and leaving the poor child's head to be later found upon the schools front entrance gates and after he would kill he would leave notes and he would soon continue killing until the police found him. He would play a game of cat and mouse with these officers at the time. He then would conduct experiments with his victims. After his indictment and release he wrote a book that later got published where explains in grave details about why and how he feels gravely sorry about the young lives he took especially for the parents whose lives he changed. In the series a naïve prosecutor and detective thinks he can solve any case with his intellect until one day him ,a reporter and a news anchor are all put together to catch a killer behind a mask. This show was a massive mind rollercoaster where your introduced to a bunch of suspicious characters and your constantly thinking and asking yourself whose the killer and you keep second guessing yourself. Where the detective tires to jungle doing his job while keeping his employees in line and fixing his love life. The actors and actresses that play these roles were insanely good. You really feel for these characters and the ones who are about to die. The scenes are very graphic but there are very well driven. Like in one of the scenes where this girls dancing at this club and she's waiting on her friend to show up but she never does because she got abducted but then later on in the show so does he friend and so there's a min part where both of the girls finally reunite and then they try to escape together leaving one of them dead and the other other one lives but here's the catch. The killer drives off of his victims emotions so he takes them to see there love ones while there tied up in the back of a van like where one of the girls saw her father as she is screaming and crying trying to escape from the thumb cuffs. She begins banging her head on the windows of the van trying to get his attention. Then one of his victims brothers know the killer but your thinking to yourself they must be both in it together there's no way .Until you meet the real killer who murders his co worker because she getting to close to his big secret by kidnapping her on her way back home to her son. She will give you mixed emotions though just watch the show and you'll see what I mean.In japan of 2019 there was a case was was a women found dead in a love hotel due to suffocation with her legs and wrist tied her name was Hiromi Araki she was only 36 years of age motives unknown or unclear all I know is this series is one of a doozy.

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