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Club Psycho

by T. A. Brimer about a month ago in supernatural
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The night music changed forever.

"They never knew what hit them." - Miranda.

Lisa Michel blinked a few times looking at herself in the mirror. She had a really bad headache that wouldn't go away. Her friends had warned her against drinking, it was Lisa's first time. Lurching about the bathroom, Lisa found her way into one of the stalls and sat down on the toilet to hold her head in pain.

A few girls stumbled into the bathroom babbling and gossiping. Lisa could tell it was 3 of them, she wasn't sure how but Lisa just knew. It was like she could see them clearly, but that was impossible. Raising her head slowly, Lisa peered through the bathroom stalls and jumped. How was that possible?

"So I told him no bitch. He was always out and about and drooling over other girls, I could tell." A tall blonde girl blathered to her 2 companions heading to the mirror and fixing herself up.

"No way. I knew he was no good, I told you." An African American girl rolled her eyes as she sauntered to the stall next to Lisa.

"Ugh... I think I'm going to throw up..." The last girl announced as she leaned over the sink. She had bright red hair that was obviously dyed to be almost glowing with life.

"Not in here! Go outside, ugh..." Blondie groaned as she pushed at Red's face.

"Stop! Y-your making it worse!" Red indeed looked green to Lisa as she watched them through her mind's eye. Lisa was doing everything she could to focus on only the Red and Blonde haired girls since she could clearly see the girl next to her in the stall.

"Just take it outside! Damn. Next time we aren't getting you drinks until the end of the night." Blondie continued to complain as she fixed her makeup.

"Leave me alone you bitch. I'll be fine after I smoke." Red antagonized Blondie who clearly hated being called a bitch as she glared at Red. Pulling out a cigarette box, Red slipped a bit of death between her lips and lit the fuse. Puffing a few times she took a deep drag letting the smoke sidle out of her nose.

"That's disgusting."

"Yeah I know, that's why I do it." Red's lips slithered into a sneer as she turned to Blondie.

"Haha, you are so funny. What's next, I can stop anytime I want?" The blonde girl snickered and then gave Red a wink as they both laughed. Lisa could tell this bickering was just a part of their friendship, until a boy separated them again.

But it wasn't so funny to Lisa. Them being there was causing her head to split, and then she heard something. It was the thoughts of the girl next to her. She winced as they began to filter in.

"God, would they stop? They might be the only friends I have, but sometimes I consider at least looking for others." Against her better judgment, Lisa looked over at the girl in the next stall. Her lips never moved, and the words sounded ghostly and without emotion. It was like a computer was reading the words to Lisa. What the hell was going on?

"OH, GOD! Jessica! Your nose!" The blonde girl cried out. She had spotted streams of blood spilling from the Red-haired girl's nose. It dripped like a leaky faucet staining Jessica's upper lip a shade that almost matched her hair verbatim.

"What-." Jessica began but stopped as she felt the sensation running down her lip bridge. Reaching up Jessica quickly confirmed with a dab, and a glance. The shiny red liquid on her index finger nearly made her pass out on command, but she held leaning into the sink as he head began to ring with bells and sirens.

"Jessica oh my God, Jessica, I'll call..." The blonde girl couldn't finish her sentence as something squeezed her head from the inside, and she smashed straight into the sink. She never spoke again, as her head made a sickening crack on the floor.

"Margret! OH!" Jessica screamed as the bells got louder, and her nose spilled more blood.

"The hell is going on out there!" The African American girl stood up angrily finishing and bursting out the doors of her stall. "Oh, God!"

"AMY!" Jessica wailed as the sounds drowned out all thoughts and she slowly slumped to the floor with a dazed and frightened look. Those red locks would never be caressed again. As if to add insult to injury, Jessica's hair burst into the flames burning from the tips to her scalp.

"Nah no! This ain't happening!" Amy just as quickly abandoned her 'friends' and rushed to the door.

"AHHHHH!" By this point Lisa was deathly aware she was causing all of this, her head burning with thoughts and desires that didn't belong to Lisa. She stumbled out of the stall, and Amy merely gave her a glance before sprinting to the bathroom door.

"Hell no!" Was all Amy could reply to the two girls simply dying on the bathroom floor, and another bitch popping out of the stalls wailing. But as she tried for the doors, they slammed shut.

"Y-you don't... U-understand... Y-you... D-don't...." Lisa hoarsely whispered as she limped closer to Amy her head splitting in half like a piece of wood. She held her ears with such force Lisa was convinced she might break her own skull.

"Stay back psycho bitch!" Amy pressed up against the bathroom door fighting with the handle trying to force it to move. She was frightened out of her mind, losing all rational thought as this girl she's never seen before stumbled towards Amy practically moaning her guts out.

Lisa paid her no mind as she shambled forward. The aching in Lisa's head continued to throb and pulse, it was like her heart had swapped places with her brain. She groaned, and then everything went black for a second. Had she passed out? Surely not, Lisa could feel herself still moving.

Then everything turned white, and she screamed at the sudden change. Her vision adjusted, and it was black again. Now Lisa saw the white pulses that left her body, allowing her to see in all directions. It was like Lisa had lost her sight, and gained knowledge of everything surrounding her. She could see everything outlined in such details, and Lisa took it all in, processing the stimulations in rapid succession.

She became quickly aware of her mind sweeping everything touching things and gaining new knowledge about them. The hand dryer, she could see every part of it as her mind searched it, then it exploded as she probed it. Then her thoughts shifted to the towel dispenser, and brown sheets began to litter the floor.

"Help! HELP!" Amy began to furiously scratch the door with her manicured nails beating and scraping anything to get away.

"Help is given." Lisa smiled with such malice, and then stretched out her hand. Those thoughts began to shape her, shifting and crawling over Amy. Everything about the woman was clear to Lisa, and it made it so easy to start... Squeezing. Like a plum.

"H-hel... H-he..." The poor girl continued to try and scream, beat and scratch. But something was destroying her lungs. She felt them collapsing quickly, shriveling, and breaking from their stems.

"Help is received. Be still and know that you are no more." Lisa seemed to be gaining a new understanding. A profound wisdom that enlightened her. She stopped focusing on the pain in her head because Lisa understood pain was merely her body, and it was nothing more than receptors going off, so she silenced them in the theater of her mind.

"Augh..." Amy gave one last noise and then crumpled to the floor. The last breath of life had left her. She looked old and withered as if Lisa had taken her years away.

"Yes." A hiss escaped Lisa's lips as she watched Amy's lifeless body slump over. She giggled like a silly boy had done something, and then looked to the door that lead out to the dance floor.

The loud electronic music had been blasting this whole time, shaking and vibrating the door. Lisa hadn't noticed it though, the aching in her head had taken priority over obnoxious music. Now she couldn't ignore it. In fact, the music seemed to be infecting her mind, trying to push it out from her ear and she hated it.

No matter. Lisa would punish them. All of them. She understood everything now, all of these worthless humans were beneath her, and Lisa was ready to enact justice upon them. She could see into their minds now, all the things these worms had done. Evil deeds hidden away from all but her eyes.

What made Lisa sick most of all was how they tried to justify their actions. Every horrible thing these disgusting rats had done, an excuse was attached to it. Lisa didn't understand how they could do such an illogical and stupid thing. As Lisa began to sort through and see all these awful acts, she went through her own mind and detached excuses from the evil things she had done.

Walking through the door, its hinges whined as she pushed them open without a single hair touching them. Looking at the mass of people bumping and grinding on the multi-colored floor Lisa twisted her lips into an unholy spectacle.

"The pale horse has come. It is too late for all of you." Lisa spoke no words, she knew it would be useless. But while her lips didn't move, everyone on the dance floor began to pause. They looked at each other in confusion and mystery trying to find who spoke.

"What was that?" One girl whispered to her dance partner. He seemed rather drunk, and just shrugged shaking his head. Grabbing her up, he tried to dance with her again.

Lisa knew they wouldn't listen. They had no sense between the lot of them. Her lips curled in amusement, she was hoping for this response. Some of them tried to keep dancing, others knew this wasn't right and continued to wonder who made that voice in their head. A few of them began to discuss that they had heard the same thing. But Lisa looked on with delight as she realized most of them started to dance again to the music.

"Let us begin." She whispered into their minds again. This time it was more deliberate, a way to put them on edge. Walking forward Lisa kept flexing her mind, washing over the place and understanding every inch of it, and every particle down to the very last atom.

A few people saw her and stepped away getting strange vibes. Lisa didn't know that her own eyes had gone completely white, giving people an off sense about Lisa.

Then it began.

With a simple thought, 10 people around Lisa exploded. Their heads depressed first and then flew out like they had been rigged from the beginning. Chunks of their brains flew onto nearby patrons, and some of it got on Lisa. She cared not. The flesh was of the weak, and Lisa understood this. Therefore she was unphased by the gore.

Women and men alike began to scream. This was not something you could mistake. But due to the size of the club, and the loud music few people reacted. The ones closest began to run, the DJ continued to blast the music, and Lisa smiled.

Outstretching her hand Lisa watched as a few more people began to stiffen, and then she caused them to experience rapid rigor mortis. She could feel the terror in their minds as they went stiff unable to move and then fell over. Lisa felt their muscles locking, and the chemicals splashing about.

This time more people noticed. Screams began to erupt all around the club. Lisa smiled. Fear had been placed into their hearts, and she knew it, because it resonated with her mind, the chemicals making the room stink.

A man leaning against the wall talking to a girl caught Lisa's attention. He had so much pride in himself, that he absorbed himself in a game of flirting. Lisa snarled at him, and he burst into flames skin crisping within heartbeats. The man barely had time to scream as the girl compensated and then dashed away.

This was progress... But not nearly enough. At this pace Lisa wouldn't be done in time, she had to enact more justice. She knew deep down in her heart of hearts, that more people awaited punishment for their misdeeds. Walking towards the stage, necks snapped with a thought, limbs severed with no knives in sight.

Where Lisa stepped carnage ensued. She had a smile of pure joy on her face the entire time. The sensation of feeling every fiber of their being gave Lisa a stimulation unknown to many humans. But Lisa already knew that many had come before her, and many would come after. She was not special or unique, just gifted.

She continued her front towards the stage hearts stopping as she walked. But that was boring. Lisa wanted to receive something from this, death for death's sake was not interesting. Her mind had reached to point of understanding pleasure was useless, but even this high of intelligence needed stimulation to stay sane. Or at least that's what she reasoned.

"You there." Lisa stopped in front of a woman who had crumpled to the floor in sheer terror. "Tell me your name."

The women uttered nothing sounding similar to a name. She just babbled and wept at Lisa's feet holding her face in those trembling pathetic hands. Rolling her eyes, Lisa did the dirty work and began to search through her mind. Megan. That was all Lisa needed a last name was useless.

"Megan. You are a pitiful specimen, at the least stand and die with honor and dignity." She glowered down at her before pressing into Megan's head. Lisa started to unravel all of the synapses within the woman's head, causing a flood of hormones to cause unyielding pain and psychological trauma.

Shaking her head Lisa continued on her path to the DJ's stand. Passing more people she caused them to see things. One of them Lisa forced to see the other as a horrible creature and they began to attack each other animalistically clawing and scratching inhuman noises uttering from their throats.

Lisa had such power at her mind's whim. She could unravel and make people's brains when she wanted. Control the chemicals in the air, and make people explode. It was almost... Madness. But Lisa knew better, this wasn't madness, it was enlightenment.

Upon reaching the DJ's stand she looked upon the electronics and felt every fiber they held. The man who had been running the music ran a long time ago, but Lisa found him. She made sure to punish him, there was no escape from justice.

Touching the device gently with her hand, Lisa manipulated the soundwaves. Forcing her ears to change shape, Lisa temporarily made herself deaf, as the music halted everyone in their tracks. No screaming. No running. Nothing.

Walking towards the exit Lisa looked at her handiwork. They would die soon. Their hearts had also stopped along with their bodies. Lisa pushed some bodies back from the doors and opened them with a thought. Lifting off the ground, Lisa levitated away from the nightclub.

She had much work to do, and her time was limited. Lisa's knowledge never stopped expanding. Someone would be coming for her soon, whoever it was never intended for her to unlock such powers. He would deal with her swiftly, maybe he feared her... Lisa doubted that. The one who hunted her feared nothing. She was simply an inconvenience to him.


About the author

T. A. Brimer

I'm currently a Psychology student. I love writing Fantasy and Horror, it should go without saying that adding emotions and psychology to my stories is usually a must.

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