CJL horror Review of Sabrina the teenage Witch

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Part 3

CJL horror Review of Sabrina the teenage Witch

This is a review for season 3 of Sabrina the Teenage Witch The Netflix series. Season 3 starts off where season 2 ended, Sabrina's boyfriend Nick is trapped in hell. Sabrina has found out that she is Satan's daughter and now she has to deal with the consequences. Of dethroning the king. And making Lilith the queen of hell.

Season 1 had me on the edge of my seat. I binge watched the whole season in one night. Then I watched it over and over again until season 2 came out.

I also did the same thing with season 3. I binged watched it all night with my whole family and we screamed at the TV. Whenever they did something stupid. And they did a lot of things stupid, I am not a fan of the Roz and Harvey Show. I think they suck as a couple, everybody knows Harvey love Sabrina. Roz needs to Move on and find her own boyfriend.

They threw in some weird guy with green hair So that's the only girl / boy On the show would have a boyfriend. So I'm confused. Is she a boy who likes boys or a girl who likes boys Or a girl who dresses like a boy and still likes boys. Either way She is one of my favorite characters. I'm glad they gave her a boyfriend.

We get introduced to a new group That worships the old gods. They are the main villains in season 2. The leader is kind of sexy with his awesome long hair. The main girl gives me the creeps because she hisses all the time. A lot of the characters from season 2 are also returning to season 3. Including a boy and girl who turned on Sabrina in season 1 and also turned on Sabrina in season 3.

I'm trying to give a good review without giving too many spoilers away. Suffice it to say That season 3 of Sabrina is almost as fun as season 1. But there were some drawbacks to season 3. The storyline seemed a little rushed. They tried to add in way too many new characters. And then kill them off just as fast. I am happy that we do get to see some of the non-primary characters from season 1 make a bigger comeback in season 2.

Because of how many small story lines they threw in. The last three episodes seem a little rushed and thrown together. I do have to say that I like the fact that they bring in a new male character for Sabrina. It seems like all her boyfriends leave her, that is a big change from the original Sabrina TV series.

I also love that they include other types of spiritual traditions In this season instead of just witchcraft. You get to learn about more types and to see how they intertwine and can be used together. As a minority, I'm happy to see That they include More than just white people this season. I think that will add to the diversity and will bring more viewers to this series.

They left a lot of open storylines for season 3. From what I've read online they've already signed up for a season 4. I am ready and the only thing I don't like is you have to wait a year before you can binge watch the new season all over again.

If I were to tell someone three reasons why they need to watch season 3 of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

It is a fun, fast paced, roller coaster with monsters spells and dead people.

It makes Satan uncomfortably sexy and his daughter is hot too.

And there is a giant tree monster that eats virgins. That right there is enough to watch the whole season.

I give Sabrina the Teenage Witch season 3, 4 out of 5 stars. I would give it five stars, but there are so many irritating things that I just can't do it. The good things clearly outweigh the bad so that is why I recommend that you binge watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch also.

There are so many paranormal, Supernatural, horror and the like On Netflix right now. I'm going to be writing reviews on some of the best and worst that Netflix has to offer. My next review is going to be on Lock and keys. It recently was added to Netflix and I plan to watch it soon.

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