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Circus Chapter 4: Manny

by Christopher Shavers 2 months ago in supernatural / psychological / monster / halloween / fiction
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Circus Night 4

Manny was a bit of a player. He had been sleeping with multiple women since his freshman year in high school. He saw it as a thrill and the most rewarding thing in his life. Women were just a game to him.


Manny woke up and walked into his bathroom. A woman in his bed rolled over and felt his side of the bed. She opened her eyes to see he wasn’t there. She waited to hear his shower start up before getting dressed. She looked toward his bathroom then began to go through his wallet.

“You ain’t gon find notin’ in dere.”

She turned to Manny swiftly, pretending to have been looking for her phone. “I can’t look for my phone?”

“Now come on girl. I ain’t dumb. You’re Jasmine’s friend. You prob’ly tryin’ to find out if I’m cheatin’ on ya girl. I saw you on her phone when we were messin’ ‘round last week. Tell her next time she wants to know somethin’ she should just ask me and not send her slutty best friend to check me out. Also don’ bothe’ looking for money or anythin’. This isn’t my main spot. I don’ keep notin’ here. So either join me or get da hell out.”

Manny walks back into his bathroom throwing his towel at her feet.


Manny walked out the house buttoning up his shirt. “See ya self out, whatever your name is.” He gets in his car and drives off. Clearing his throat, he began to talk in a more clear and calming voice, “Yo Jay, it’s Manny.”

“What up man? Why you sound like that?”

“My voice is worn out. Just finished up some business with a hoodrat and her slutty friends. Gotta speak their language to get what you want, you know?”

“Okay, okay. I get you but don’t you think you should slow down? I mean it’s gotta be exhausting, plus you late for work again.”

“They don’t need me to count inventory. I’m not the only one with an elementary school education. If they just switch me to night shift we won’t have to be having this problem.”

“That’s cold man. Well, I’ll just catch you at work. Please try not to get into more trouble.”

“Uh huh, I’ll remember that at my breakfast date.”


“Duces Jay.”

Manny hung up as he pulled up to an apartment complex. He parked in the back and using the key he had hidden in his phone case, he made his way inside. He slowly walked into a halfway decent apartment with nice furniture. “Will, you home?” A young muscular male in yoga shorts walked in from the bedroom.

“Where have you been?”


“It’s always business.”

“I know, I know, but you know how things get. I have to keep up my image. If I don’t then things can get complicated and..”

“And you won’t be able to see me anymore. I remember, I remember. Just wish we didn’t have to sneak around to be together.”

“So do I. So, how’s your ‘girlfriend’?”

“Needy. Why can’t I just be single? Pretending to date your sister is weird and gets really frustrating when I want to be alone with you, but our families force me to stay with her.”

“Just a little bit longer. I just need another couple thousand before we can leave. If tonight goes well, I can have it by morning.”


“Yeah, I promise it is nothing illegal. Just business. One more big score. I promise it will be my last. Then it will be just us for the rest of our lives.”



They began to kiss and fell over the couch as they fooled around.


Manny walked into a Starbucks and sat with his buddy Jay.

“Long night, huh?”

“No, a great morning.”

“So how was the score last night?”

“Not bad, could have been better. Got 21 points in one night and then another 2 points this morning.”

“$2300 in 24 hours. Not bad. You keep this up and you’ll be one of the best in no time. Did you transfer it all already?”

“Yeah. Did it on the way back.”

“And other things.”

“I heard that.”

“Just saying, I know you came from your fiance's place. One of these days ya dad is going to catch you.”

“My brother has already disappointed my parents by coming out to them. Not going to be the next disappointment as they’re expecting me to be.”

“Still harsh though. Speaking of harsh there’s a 10 in line.”

Manny turned around, looking at the people in line. Jay pointed out the woman with long brown hair with red ends, hazel eyes, light skin, and black nails wearing her hair up in a ponytail. She wore light blue skinny jeans, a red short sleeve shirt with a mid cut jean jacket, and black boots with a slight heel.

Manny and Jay both commented on how she managed to look new and out of place at the same time. Jay told Manny that she doesn’t look familiar but she does look well off. Manny thinking every little bit counts, got up, and walked up to her.

“First time?”

“Yeah, the menu here is definitely different than what I’m used to.”

“You, uh, you’re a fast food type a girl, huh?”

“No, I’m more of a cooking whatever I grow type of woman.”

“So what brings you to the outside world?”

“My daughter. She said this place isn’t bad and would help with making coffee.”

“I bet your…”

“No, I am not dating or married. Yes, I am into men, not boys that use specific words to guide the conversation to find out information by guiding a random person that they just met to tell them about their lives instead of just introducing themselves like a real man.”

Manny froze up as he looked at her. She looked at him and smiled with a light chuckle at his expense before ordering her grande hot chocolate with a shot of espresso, whipped cream, and caramel, and then a warm sugar cookie. Manny felt his heart skip a beat. As she waited for her order, Jay did his best to hold in his laughter. Manny walked over to her.

“I’m sorry..”

“I would be to if I were you.”

“My name is Manny.”


“Is that your real name?”

“Is Manny, yours?”

“Good point. Well I would like to apologize for generalizing you by taking you out to the club. Have a few drinks and such.”

“No thanks.”

“My treat.”

“I have work.”

“Where do you work, I’ll pick you up.”

“You don’t know how to take ‘no’ do you?”

“Not really. I’m very persistent.”

“More like annoying. Since I can tell you aren’t going to leave me alone, you can see me at my job. I work security at the Circus.”

“Like with clowns and stuff.”

“Sure. Something like that.” Thorn placed a flyer in his shirt and walked away grabbing her order on the way out. She looked back slightly, “I’ll see you at moonrise Emanuel.”

Manny watched her walk away as he sat back down at the table. He asked Jay if he got her card info. Jay confirmed but soon choked on his latte.

“Duude!!” Everyone stared at Jay, he calmed down and began talking discreetly as he was before. “Manny, just on that one card in her front pocket she has an account that had $57,000. Man if we had just a few more minutes we could have had full access to it, taken it and would have been set for a very long time. If she has bank like that who knows what she really has just lying around. Manny you hear me? Manny?”

“Did you see that confidence? She was able to see through me from the start and just played along until she made up her mind on her order. She was amazing.”

“Manny, are you forgetting that you are engaged? And to a man at that?”

“Are you saying that I can’t admire a beautiful or sexy person?”

“I mean since you’re, you know, not straight I’m sure it is just fine for you to admire women. But let’s also not forget you have a man. Isn’t that like cheating or something?”

“It’s only cheating if you fall in love or, you know, get caught.”

“Okay, that was super straight guy of you. But anyway, you gonna go see her again. Take the scanner. I’ll continue scanning cards here. Are you even listening to me Manny?”

“Why couldn’t she be a guy and I had met her first?”

“You are hopeless. Just get it done man.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Manny said patting Jay on the shoulder as he walked away with a wrap.

“Yo, Manny. Where did you get that? Manny!”

The cashier walked up to Jay and told him that he would have to pay for the wrap. Jay paid for it, reluctantly while muttering how he’s going to make Manny pay for his next meal.


Manny pulled up to a club’s parking lot. He began to unbutton the top three buttons of his shirt just as his phone began to ring. He knew it was Will by the ringtone, You’re On by Madeon.

“Yes baby?”

“Manny… Are you at work?”

“I’m about to go in now. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing… Just wanted to tell you that I love you.”

“I love you, too. Hey don’t worry about my job. Nothing will happen, promise.”

“Okay, okay. Have a good day at work.”

Will hung up the phone as he heard a knock on the door. Walking to the door, he heard a distant voice speaking:

It was a shame and a curse to hear that you live a life of fear. Could it be that your loneliness hurts? Maybe you push people away for it makes you feel worse? Does your heart feel so heavy that you can’t think of words to say? How about how you shut yourself away everyday? Hoping that everything will come your way, yet wonder why every night you cry? Sensing a darkness within you can’t deny? Is it more so that you want things your way on your terms and otherwise just won't do? Poor you. Even if there's more to your story; Don't grab a pen or paper, just come with me. Enlist communication skills that will help you keep focus. But until you learn to be a better person…

Will swung open his door to see a small poster with a man in a suit in a top hat and cane under a spotlight taped to his door as he read the poster, the fading voice finished, “Welcome to the Circus…” Just before Will could close the door, a large hairy dark skinned male’s hand wearing a watch caught the door. His eyes widened in fear as he realized who it was as the familiar voice spoke, “We need to talk. Now. William.”


Manny was washing a tall glass as he heard the bell on the door ring. He looked up from the counter, “Welcome to Sweetheart’s Love Corner. How may I satisfy you?” Thorn walked in with a female in a short blue dress with a slit on her right hip, a black umbrella, and high heels. The other woman almost looked identical to Thorn, except she had light blue eyes and no red tips.

“Stalking me now Miss Thorn?”

“Not exactly my friend told me this place was very nice and that the owner knows my employer so we came to talk to the owner.”

“What makes you think that I’m not the owner?”

“I’m pretty sure your name isn’t Mr. Heartly.”

“It could be.”

“It’s not.”

“How do you know?”

“You’re the type of person who gloats about what he has in order to attract and steal from women.”

“Who said I stole from women?”

“You’re a player. You steal all kinds of things from women. Mostly their hearts.”

“What’s your proof?”

“You work at a host club called Sweetheart’s Love Corner.”

“Smart. Just head to the other side of the bar and tell the guy leaning against the door you wanna talk to Mr. Heartly.”


“By the way, your friend what’s her name? Maybe we can double date with my friend Jay.”


“You sure it’s not Rose?”

“Oh, I’m sure. See you later tonight.”


Manny pulled up to the lot of the Circus. He walked in slight awe. He had never seen a circus tent up close. As he walked up, he grabbed a handful of the free candy and ate a few walking in the tent waiting for the show to begin. His eyebrows rose as he heard a familiar voice that he couldn’t remember where he had heard it from.

Good evening everyone we do apologize for the delay, one of our beloved nightmares has gotten hurt during the clown parade. We have said it before but we will say it again. Please do not harm the nightmares. We are here to entertain you, not harm you. Due to this unforeseen event we have asked a close friend to aid us last minute. So without further ado, please welcome the head our security and honorary nightmare Thorn, The Living Blaze.

The spot light vanished. Everything went dark. Tribal drums began to bang with the sound of thunder. A fire burst to life, center stage. It pulsed like a heartbeat to the drums as it slowly took the shape of a woman. The woman began to dance lively to the drums. The audience began to clap to the drums as she got more and more energetic. The drums came to a sudden stop as she spoke. “Me amore.” The drums took on a more Caribbean sound. She danced with great intensity. The audience continued to clap along. She spun from one side to another leaving behind another flame. She ran to the flame. Grabbing it slowly, she twirled to the center.

The flame became a line that she used as a whip. A whip that she used to decorate the air in writings of fire. It spelled out, “Amore.” She cracked the whip to the drums. With each sharp crack the words shrank. They shrank until forming a ball of fire that dropped on top of the woman. It crashed causing a bit of a shake to the tent. A large blaze sat center stage as the drummers went into a drum roll. The blaze puffed up to form a giant woman. The audience went wild as it slowly but surely shrank from an upward dramatic pose into a simple bow. The fiery woman put her finger to her lips and, as if she blew herself out, disappeared into smoke. The crowd stood on their feet demanding an encore.

We do apologize everyone but Thorn is head of security, she does have a job to do. If you return on Friday the 13th she will have a special show ready. But feel free to speak with her when you see her. Once more, give our honorary nightmare a round of applause.

As the crowd continued to egg on an encore, Manny made his way out of the tent. He was completely unaware that he had sat right next to Avery who had a huge smile on his face that only grew as he watched Manny rush out the tent. He smile was so big that it met his earlobes. The only thing creepier was his eyes that seemed to have grown as his head continued to turn as it watched Manny leave without his body moving from facing center stage.

Manny had followed the smell of burnt wood to a silver tent. He caught his breath at the entrance while fixing his clothes. He walked in without making himself known. There he saw Will talking to Blue.

“I’m trying to tell you. I only came here for my fiance. I thought he had put the poster on my door for a date. I didn’t think I would come here and see a clown marching around with a melting face and smelling like rotting flesh.”

Blue gave him a glass of water.

“Thank you, I just want to see him. Can we page him?”

Manny stepped up, “Will? I didn’t leave you a poster to come here?”

Will jumped up and hugged him, “Of course you did, silly. How else would I have known to come here? Oh! I have bad news. Your father came to my apartment earlier and threatened me! He thinks I got your sister pregnant! I told you this was a bad idea! Whoever she’s been having sex with got her pregnant and your father said that I have until tomorrow to propose to her or he’ll kill me!”

“He wouldn’t.”

“Emanuel Price! He came to my place with a gun and threatened me! Whatever we have we can run away with it. No looking back. Just us two. We can just disappear and start over.”

Manny hesitantly nods and told Will to go to his car. Will ran out with tears of joy in his eyes. Blue smiled at Manny. He joked about how he wished he could have gotten a drink with Blue and Thorn before he left. He left his number with Blue before leaving. Blue looked back as Thorn walked in from the hidden room behind the curtains.

“He had a chance… But I guess some people just will never learn… Blue. Go ahead.” Blue nodded and walked out.


Will and Manny were in Manny’s car as they were driving towards the highway. Will held his head, dizzy. Manny asked him if he was okay. Will demanded that he not touch him.

“Will what’s wrong?”

“Manny…. Have you been having sex with women?.. For money?!”

“What?! Who told you that bullshit?”

“Answer me! Is it true?!”

“That’s all behind me.”

“You lying piece of shit! You cheated on me?! With a woman? With multiple women?! Are you fucking serious?!

Will began to hit Manny over and over. Manny took his eyes off the road to try and stop him. When he looked up again he saw Blue standing out in the middle of the road. He hit the brakes and swerved wildly after smacking into Blue at 80 miles per hour. Will screamed hysterically. Manny began to panic. Just as the rain started off lightly, Manny looked around for Blue’s body. Will tried to dial 911 on his phone but couldn’t bring himself to do it. Manny got out the car and walked back a few paces to see if he saw Blue.

Will looked up to see Blue standing in front of the car. His breathing was shallow as he stared at Blue. Blue’s shadow began to grow and tower over the car. Will began to cry hysterically. The shadow grew much larger than the car and became more and more translucent until becoming completely see through.

Manny walked back as the rain started to pour down. He got in the car and complained that it must have been his imagination. He turned to Will and asked him if he was ready to go. Will nodded. Manny tried to start up the car but it just wouldn’t start. Manny sighed.

“You know I love you right? I would not do anything to hurt you. I did it all for us. I did it all for you. Can you ever forgive me?”

Will grabbed Manny by the face and began to kiss him. Manny closed his eyes as he relaxed. Manny opened his eyes trying to pull away. Will was unmoved. Manny found himself swallowing large amounts of something. Will started to become translucent until completely see through before opening his eyes to show light blue eyes staring into his soul. Manny began to cry.

Manny began to bang on the wheel and even tried to punch Blue. Only for his fists to pass through and splash the interior of the car with water. Manny realized that it was water being forced down his throat. It was water splashing all over his car. It. Blue was made of water. The last words Manny heard in his head were, “You should have been an honest man.”


Thorn walked out her tent to see a male like figure made entirely of water.

“Well you look like you’re still hungry. You would think drowning assholes like that would be enough for you but I guess not. If you’re still hungry go talk to Avery or Vain. I gotta clean up your mess.”

Blue stood up and tilted his head as if he was smiling in excitement before turning into a puddle that sank into the soil.


About the author

Christopher Shavers

Start writing...I am the Author of Circus by Christopher Shavers and the Author in Faceless Entertainment. I love to write and perform. Be it me bringing nightmares to life in stories or my journey through poetry. Enjoy the Show.

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