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Chucky Review: "Chucky Actually"

by Clyde E. Dawkins 13 days ago in tv review
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The second season finale delivers more twists and turns than you can shake a chainsaw at

Oh man! The last seven days were spent with great anticipation for this second season finale of Chucky. I still recall how the first season ender was so amazing, and I figured that the finale of the series' sophomore season would top that one. Boy, is that an understatement. So we start off with a replay of the final moments of the previous episode, which sees Dr. Mixter escape with Chucky, only for the doll to be shot and killed by Andy, though Mixter does get away. As the group wonders if Chucky's life is flashing before his eyes, we get a flashback to a young Charles Lee Ray's sessions with Mixter.

A young Amanda Mixter coerces Charles Lee Ray into becoming a killer

The flashback scenes confirmed what was uncovered in the previous episode; in a session that took place after a young Chucky killed his mother, a young Dr. Amanda Mixter taps in to the child's darkness, and molds him into a killer, and spends decades encouraging and praising his murderous actions. It gets more twisted. Chucky's scheme throughout Season One? That was Mixter's idea. The evil therapist coerced Chucky to go after Lexy, Jake, and Devon by killing their loved ones, as part of their scheme to make a killer out of one of the teens. Of course, as we recall, Junior took the bait when he killed his father.

But wait, there's even more than that! As many suspected, Mixter's evil cackle in the end of the previous episode was due to the fact that Chucky had entered her. We get a flashback to the moments after Mixter escaped with Chucky, and it shows Chucky knocking out the deranged doc and swapping bodies with her. So Andy actually killed Mixter, while Chucky escaped in Mixter's body, entered her office, and took out another doll.

So with that, we fast forward a few weeks to Christmas time, which sees Lexy at a drug rehab, where she (rightfully) identifies Michelle as the reason for her problems. Speaking of Michelle, we see the now-former Mayor of Hackensack attempt to win back the public via social media, even using Lexy moving Jake and Devon into the house as part of her reach for publicity. Oh boy. Meanwhile, we see Glenda visit her sibling, Glen, in the hospital, after they were shot (accidentally) by Nica--who was aiming for Tiffany. As I expected, the plan regarding Glen was for the siblings to return to the same doll from 18 years prior, and after Tiffany sneaks into the hospital (as well as Glenda killing a security guard), the transfer is successful.

Glen/Glenda, now going as "GG"

It was very epic to see the Glen/Glenda doll up and alive again; even more epic that Billy Boyd returned to reprise the voice over role he portrayed in 2004's Seed of Chucky. So after the transfer, Tiffany spruced up her offspring, and afterwards, Glen/Glenda informed their mother that they would be going by "GG," and also revealed their plans to visit England and discover their roots. As for Chucky, he's planning a murderous spree, and even orders "the world's quietest chainsaw" to uses in his plan.

Family dinner sees Lexy and Michelle sort out their differences. Well, sort of. As for Jake and Devon, all is well between them, as they make out under the mistletoe. While they all sleep, Chucky enteres through the chimney, and Tiffany sneaks into the house, as she is still looking to enter the "Belle" doll that is owned by Caroline Cross, Lexy's little sister. Tiffany manages to talk Michelle (who believes that Tiffany is Jennifer Tilly) into giving her the doll, but that plan is kiboshed by Chucky coming from behind and killing Michelle with the chainsaw.

As I cheer about as loud as I did when the Colorado Avalanche won the Cup, Chucky reveals his plan to kill not only the trio of teens, but to eliminate his offspring as well, claiming that they "disobeyed" him. At that moment, Lexy arrives and brutally kills Chucky, while Tiffany goes upstairs to get Belle--only to find Jake waiting in ambush.

Instead of killing Tiffany, Jake decides to call the police on her, but we later see Caroline appear, and volunteer to be held hostage by Tiffany. Caroline later rants that Chucky informed her that she was adopted, while stating that Lexy wasn't her real sister, and later referred to Tiffany as her actual mother. OMG!! Caroline leaves with Tiffany, as well as the Belle doll, and the following morning sees the trio interviewed by police regarding the events, with Jake identifying "Jennifer Tilly" as the culprit. They are later visited by their former teacher, Miss Fairchild (who we haven't seen since the first season finale), and after she is informed about Chucky, Miss Fairchild quickly believes them--after all, she was framed by Chucky during Season One's events.

We get a fast forward afterwards; it's three weeks later, and Tiffany (donning a look that's mostly similar to her introduction in Bride of Chucky), is shown with Caroline before she is contacted by Nica, who voiced her happiness regarding GG, but reminded Tiffany that she was coming after her. Afterwards, Tiffany attempts to enter the Belle doll, but it doesn't work, leading her voicing her frustration and screaming, "What a crock!"--a callback to Tiffany's attempt to revive Chucky in Bride. As we would later see, there was a reason why it didn't work. As it turned out, "Belle" was actually another Chucky in disguise, and after revealing himself, Chucky takes out a knife and lunges at Tiffany, and it's followed by Chucky giving a kill count for the season.

Oh, where do I start?! The second season finale, "Chucky Actually," aired on USA and SyFy on November 23, 2022. The opening with the reveal regarding Mixter and Chucky swapping bodies was quite fruitful indeed. I had figured from the beginning of the season that Mixter was in league with Chucky; she just happens to have a Belle doll in her possession? Come on. Once Mixter's evil side was revealed, we are treated to weeks of Rosemary Dunsmore acting out her characters malevolent and malicious personality, which--of course--included the revelation that she was the reason why Chucky became a serial killer in the first place. Mixter definitely came across as a woman who wanted to see the world burn, she even admits that she wanted to see the lives of her patients fall apart. This was truly a manipulative and insane woman, and Dunsmore played her absolutely wonderfully.

As I said before, it was awesome to see the "GG" doll again, and we received some more cool callbacks to the past films. However, I have to talk about Caroline's surprise heel turn, because I didn't see this coming--I don't think anyone did! So with everything that occurred in the final moments, it appears that little Caroline was Chucky's accomplice all along, as she had to have known that "Belle" was Chucky in disguise. So with all of that, a third season has to be in the works. I can see Miss Fairchild taking in the trio of teens and leading the charge against Chucky, who would continue to enact his murderous actions with Caroline as his ally. I'm still hoping we see some more characters from the films, though because of the high chance that Andy and Kyle's roles are finally done, the chances of this are quite low. Even so, we need a third season badly, and we should get that renewal news in a matter of months.

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