Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 Review

a.k.a What did I Just Watch and Why did I Love it so Much

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 Review


In case you haven't noticed there is a new season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Part 3 was definetly one for the books, and such a wild wirlwind. So to catch your lazy butt up to speed, Sabrina is related to Satan, yeah I know so random, so basically she ends up with all these crazy witchy powers and becomes a super powerful witch.

But of course once she becomes this oh so powerful being, her and her coven lose their powers because well a little someone didn't want to follow her destiny and rule the underworld by her father's side. To be honest I didn't blame her. Who in their rightful mind would want to chill with Satan all day. Now that just sounds insane. But Sabrina being Sabrina just had to go do something crazy, and trap her father in dun dun dun dun HER BOYFRIEND'S BODY!!! Girl, I nearly lost it when I watched that in part 2.

Okay, moving on to the important stuff. Sabrina decides she has to go get her man! I'm with you girl, I would have done the same thing. I mean this is who she considers the love of her life! You have to fight for love if you want it! So that's what she does. No powers and all she goes to hell to get her man back and succeeds. Sadly though her boyfriend ends up all messed up even after she gets the devil out of him. Dude starts cheating on her, and just being the biggest jerk ever, and she still loves him. Stupid, if you ask me.

Anyway, if you remember from part 2 Lilith becomes Queen of Hell but not too many are rooting of her so they try to dethrone her in a sense. So in order to keep her power, she asks little ol' Sabrina for help. I have to say though, Sabrina is so fake sometimes. She really tries to act like she doesn't want to rule hell and be powerful. Like girl, we know you want all that power who are you really fooling? Um, no one stop lying! So Sabrina decides to claim the throne, and make Lilith her advisor. You know "to help Lilith". Talk about a cop out. However, some people are not too happy about it and want someone else to rule. So they present literally the sexiest, most drool worthy man I have ever seen. Like omg I died. Claiming to be the prince of hell he tries to claim the throne as well!!! Going by the name of Caliban, he challenges Sabrina in a quest or something like that to win the throne. So much drama! Of course Sabrina accepts. I swear this girl never backs down from a fight. I love it.

So what's going on in Sabrina's love life? First off, how in the world is she able to have a love life and fight for her family and herself! Drama surrounds her everywhere she turns, it's crazy! Anyway, Sabrina is so head over heels for Nicholas, girl literally went to hell to get her man back, and how does her repay her? This guy, breaks up with her! Ugh like I said before he's a jerk. Unforunately, Sabrina thinks they're going to get back together. Only thing is there's a new man in Sabrina's life. Sexy Caliban has a thing for her, and to be honest I think they make a great couple! He's hot, she's hot, they both dominate in Hell they need to just get together, but nope Sabrina is forever hung up on Nick which is gross because he's so mean to her.

In the mist of all this hell drama, crazier things are happening on Earth! As you know from reading the beginning Sabrina and her coven have no powers, so of couse someone or something in going to invade their land and try to destroy them. That something ends up being a psycho group of magical beings called Pagans. They were some weird carinval people who wanted a tree god to come and destroy the earth. I know sounds so crazy! I was just like WHAT? Anyway somehow Susie aka. Theo, you know one of Sabrina's best friends, ends up getting all caught up with one of the pagans and losing his virginity. Omg ya'll it was so cute, I was just crying watching these scenes they were so beautiful! Okay, but back to the story Theo's boyfriend ends up helping them defeat his own people, the Pagans! Talk about a cute love story! But then again talk about the disloyalty, I mean those are his own people. I just felt that was a bit a red flag, but Theo is into him so I guess why not?

Sabrina's friends, Theo, Harvey, and Ros go do a little snooping over at the carnival to see what these people are all about, and things take a turn for the worse and Ros ends up becoming a statue basically. On a more serious note I have to say I feel like Sabrina's friends are always putting themselves in positions where they need to be saved when they need to just stay home and let Sabrina handle things. They keep getting the way and its so annoying.

Now I know you're wondering about Zelda and Hilda. They went through so much during this season *teardrop. Zelda gets so caught up in trying to get rid of the pagans and protecting the Academy she doesn't notice the change in Hilda until it's too late! The pagans put this weird curse or hex on Hilda and turn her into a spider-woman. So sad I'm telling you she ends up hurting and almost killing her fiance all because of this curse. She can't control her hungry and calls upon her sister Zelda to take her life! I can't imagine my own sister asking me to kill her because she feels she's a danger. Let's not get it twisted though Hilda was definitely a danger to society! She starts killing people like some vampire. Sad, yes, but she was scary!

Long story short, because you need to watch this show omg, Sabrina becomes the Queen of Hell and I'm not going to give away just how she does it. Let's just say she is one clever girl, and how she does it I did not see coming at all!

Part 3 was so great, and totally worth the wait. I'm excited to watch part 4 when it comes out. I just have to say this season just seriously took me for a loop, and I didn't see anything coming! I love that the writers continue to surprise everyone!

Brieana Nicol
Brieana Nicol
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