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Chapter 1

by Ember Joy 2 years ago in fiction

The Beginning

This story contains graphic scenes of violence, cursing, blood, murder, and zombie attacks. Not for the faint of heart!

Also, the story will be giving some (emphasis on "some") details and tips on survival—in fact, I will be leaving some tips and rules at the end of each chapter. Maybe one or two but it depends.

This is a completely fictional story made out of my brain. If it looks like someone, it's not them. Completely fictional. Don't like it, you don't have to read it.



Three people were in a hospital room, an empty bed to the side as a girl with bright red hair and freckles was relaxing in a hospital bed with an IV in her arm. Two bags were attached to the line as the liquid inside started to flow into her veins. She was healing as the other two were either watching TV or holding her hand.

A young lady with wavy, black hair and a cadet hat with a rhinestone fleur-de-lis was flipping through channels as she laid back in the chair. A guy with wavy, light brown hair and a fedora on his head was holding the redhead's hand, gently rubbing her skin.

“You know Yazmine, I thought you were a vegetarian, but you ate a shit-ton of crawfish,” the raven haired girl stated with a laugh.

“I’m a pescatarian, TK. I eat seafood, not any other meat. And it’s not my fault I got food poisoning. The crawfish was old! And slightly raw!” Yazmine fires back. The girl "TK" started giggling.

“Why do they call you ‘TK’? Your name is Kaia and your middle name is Teresa,” the male asked, looking away from Yazmine.

“There are a lot of different reasons. One of them is when I was a kid. I used to make a lot of jokes and put on plays like the actor-dash-comedian TK Carter. My grandpa, who had Alzheimer's, mixed up my initials. Instead of KT, he called me TK. It kinda stuck,” Kaia states before glancing back at her friends. “What about you, Theo? What do you think of your girlfriend’s decision to eat almost two pounds of crawfish?” she asked the guy named Theo.

“It… was a little concerning. But I was far more concerned when she was puking and shitting her brains out.” Kaia shrugs and turned on a survivalist TV show. “Why are you so obsessed with survival shows?” he asked.

“‘Who would want to be the prey in a world full of hunters?’ Alexia Purdy, Disarming. It’s better to be prepared then scared.” She states, relaxing back into the chair. Yazmine groans before looking at her,

“You still on that Zombie Apocalypse bull shit? There’s like a less than one percent chance it could happen. Practically impossible.” She states, earning a middle finger from Kaia.

As Yazmine gave the middle finger back, the door opened to reveal food from the kitchen and the male nurse. He asked to take her vitals and Theo stood up, allowing him to look over his girlfriend. The strange thermometer ran across her forehead as the pressure cup started to fill with air.

He also replaced an empty bag with another bag of fluids. He says that she could most likely go home later tonight—the doctors just wanted her for some more observation. Eating bad crayfish 'til she puked, she’d been sick for the past three days, throwing up every drop of fluid she had in her body, until finally it was time she had to be taken to a hospital. After spending two days in the hospital getting her fluids replaced, tonight she would be able to go back out for Mardi Gras.

“Hey, settle an argument for us. Could zombies actually happen? Or any type of apocalypse, because my cousin over there is obsessed with it,” Yazmine asked, pointing to the black haired girl in a cadet cap who gave rock fingers.

He was silent for a moment when he suddenly spoke. He had a strange, foreign accent that for some reason seemed incredibly sexy to Kaia.

“There are some parasites. Then there is Amazonian Brain Rot, neurotics, strange fungi, there are so many different ways. I mean, it could be possible. Who knows what could happen in the future? It’s always good to be prepared.”

Kaia raised her arms in victory, whooping as Yazmine pinched the bridge of her nose. Kaia stood up and did a little dance, slightly rubbing it in.

“Now my question: Where is the cafeteria? I’m starving.” She smirks.

“I’m actually heading on break now. I can show you,” he offered. Kaia tried to place the accent—it was kinda hard. She nodded as she wrapped her canvas messenger bag around her shoulder and got flipped off by the redhead one more time before the two of them left.

Doctors were doing their rounds, working hard before someone started stumbling in, bleeding from the neck and stomach. Four doctors swarmed, trying to check for a pulse until another guy came in stumbling.

Everyone was panicking. One man died in an instant as the other strained out the word "Run" before dying in a doctor's arms. Everyone was baffled and confused. The doctors then dragged the bodies into the hospital, hopefully able to find out cause of death.


Rule #1: Aim for the head. Destroy the brain! Or you could be next!~

The Rules of 3: 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food

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