She was as pure as the blue moon


In one night the proms were all in flames, and the blue moon was covered with the blood of Revenge.

It happened in a twinkling, from moonlight to blood.

Carrie, however, was most to be desired. She was the one who fell from heaven to hell,

Just when she thought she had gained a little kindness from the world, the most evil tricks fell upon her.

A rain of blood destroyed the joy of being caressed and all the confidence she had built up. The settlement is unlikely to happen again. She had done all she could to face the world with a smile this time.

No one could do it better than Carrie. When her peers bullied her and even her own mother spat at her, she still didn't want to hurt anyone. Even when she realized she had supernatural powers, she never took the initiative to retaliate until the night of the fire.

Perhaps, this film is a failure as a horror film, even when the split screen shows different ways of dying, blood splashing, I do not feel panic in my heart. However, as a theme of campus youth, it is deeply sad. The world had been cruel enough to Carrie that even the powers granted to a witch could not keep her alive. At least one person, whoever it was, loved her, and Carrie did not.

From birth, her mother blamed her rejection on her, choosing, as many parents do, to indulge in escapism and often go into a neurotic rage. Growing up in this environment, Carrie grew sensitive, shrinking, her eyes wandering, like a psychopath. An ugly face is made even uglier by fear.

At the beginning of the film, Carrie's disgust seems a matter of course. In the bathroom filled with water mist, the ketone bodies of girls are like Jory. At this time, the photography composition and light and shadow of Parma are even reminiscent of Degas's painting of dancers, with numerous and complicated characters. But when at last the shot stopped before Carrie, the beauty vanished abruptly. She was destined to be despised, even across the screen.

The throes of youth seemed magnified a thousand times over in Carrie, and did not cease. However, just as the camera tried to render her ugliness and was accepted by the audience, the style of the painting turned. On the graduation night, Carrie wore gauze and her blurred eyes seemed to be broken into a Milky Way. Especially, she looked down and smiled, shy and charming. That night, she and the boy in the neon trance turn, turn, is I think the best interpretation of the tipsy intoxication of love.

A person, because of self-confidence, can be so stunning beauty, especially before the contrast is so intense. Here, Cece Spicek's unpolished acting is simply stunning, from the point of being unsightly to the point where every twinkle and smile seems to glow, perfectly natural. Her features were the same, only a slight change of expression, like a complete transformation. Then the whole body was drenched in blood, just the reflection of the eyes of the cold light passing, you feel a deep hatred and despair.

To the end of her grief, all she wanted was someone to hold her and tell her that this too shall pass. But, after all, the world was cold, and all she got was a cold knife thrust into her back.

Perhaps no one was kinder than Carrie. Even after she killed her mother, she chose to forgive. So she was the first to embrace her mother's body when she was dying. Perhaps she was too afraid of loneliness, though she endured it almost her whole life.

Such a sensitive, delicate as a fawn girl, her long hair like a waterfall also sends out a different silver light. The eye is very small, but in the eyelash wave when a charming, but by the world's most unfair hostility. Instead of resisting, she felt defeated, just as many people feel defeated in their low teens.

Before the climax of the PROM massacre drama, the slow school narrative is more likely to evoke the deep fears of young memories, even if some passages are redundant. Actually, the magical color that gives witch superability, it is a kind of tender imagination to the girl that is insulted and helpless. If only there were magic to resist (not to kill, of course), but reality is reality, much more brutal. Just as everyone dies at the ball, including those who really care about Carrie with good will, for this is the reality, there is no reason to be consumed by anger.

The film's reflection on society is unnerving. It's hell on earth. Most of the time everyone is a builder and a victim. She was kind and pure as the blue moon, but she was forced to become a killer. Who is responsible for this tragedy?

So, if terror was to be called, Carrie did far less to the world than a millionth of what it did to her. It is far harder to fill the world with love than to destroy it.

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