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Carnival: Tailor Made

Tailor Made

By Christopher ShaversPublished 3 months ago 6 min read

“Have you heard? The Felt Man is in town.”

“Seriously? Why?”

“I heard he travels to towns looking for children to eat.”

“I heard he’s not a man but a muppet that’s possessed by the soul of a tailor that killed herself.”

“I heard he doesn’t have skin but he’s completely fuzzy and the hat on his head isn’t leather but human skin.”

“That’s horrible! Why would anyone let a nightmare like that around children?”

“How is that thing even allowed to walk freely?”

“Shh. Shh. There he is.”

The gossiping women quickly moved across the street. A 7-foot tall slender creature with deep blue fur wearing a forest green felt shirt, black slacks, and a black leather poncho that seemed like an umbrella that he jammed his head threw. On full display was his long white plastic mask that would pass for a laughing theatre mask if it weren’t for the exaggerated smile and eyes. Atop it was a big black hat that was obviously stitched together with two holes in it. It was easy to tell that the hat kept his head hidden and his mask in place. This was Stitch. Or as the humans of the north called him, The Felt Man.

He had made it a habit to travel where it is dry. Avoiding areas that were wet or too hot. But always making it to the small town of Antsy, his town of birth. Though he did not talk much if at all, he was without doubt feared.

Walking up to the old tailor’s shop that he was born in, he noticed a note on the door. He gently took it off and appeared to read it. Pulling the key from his sleeve, Stitch walked into the shop. He started up the sewing machines as if greeting old friends. Passing the fabrics, he let out small girlish child-like giggles. Making his way to the back room, he leaned forward and caressed a wooden door painted with black diamonds. He hesitantly touched the doorknob. Hearing the bell on the door ring, Stitch swiftly let go and made his way to the counter.

A young man with a torn suit sleeve was standing by the counter as Stitch approached. Through a shaking voice, the young man asked Stitch if he could fix his suit for a wedding in a few minutes. Stitch leaned over. Taking a needle from his poncho, Stitch walked around the young man. Seconds later, Stitch stood at the counter. The young man questioned how long it would take. Stitch gave him a thumbs up. The young man looked at his sleeve and saw not only was it fixed but had very fashionable add-ons. The young man thanked him with glee. Stitch held out his hand. The young man hesitantly told him that he didn’t have money. Stitch reached towards the young man. The young man screamed. But nothing happened, he looked towards Stitch and saw that Stitch took the candy from his pocket. The young man chuckled, “That’s all you wanted?” Stitch nodded and walked out of the store. The young man thanked him and kneeled over to tie his shoes. Stitch looked at the note and walked towards the park.

Stitch found himself at the park by the library. He looked left and right then at the note. Seeing that the park was empty, Stitch went and sat on a swing. He thought back to his home. Chasing his creator’s daughter around the shop. She would run away and scream for her mom. Her mom would give Stitch the death stare. And Stitch would run away to his creator. He gave a slight girlish giggle thinking back to those times.

“So the Felt Man has a soft spot.”

Stitch looked up from the ground. He saw a young Asian woman with long black hair covering one side of her face wearing an all-white suit with a sun emblem on the back and chest. Stitch stood over the woman, staring down with bright light green gleams visible from behind the mask. The woman simply smiled up at him, her eyes flashing light green for a moment.

“Now, now. Let’s not make a scene, Stitch.”

Stitch remained unmoved.

“I guess I should get to the point then. You can’t live amongst humans for much longer. They barely fear you. You’ll starve. Come with me and …”

Stitch’s fur began to darken and stand on end as he loomed over her. She smiled big.

“Oh? What are you going to do to me in such a public place? Do you really think the children at the library would be traumatized seeing a cuddly mascot kill a very stylish and sexy woman?”

“Namuh.” Stitch growled in a strained male voice. “You. Will. Leave. Now.”

Namuh giggled. “You’ll see.” she walked away. Stitch returned to normal. He looked over at the library and saw that there were children inside reading. He made his way back to the shop.

Getting back into town, Stitch saw that a fire had broken out. He flinched and turned to take a different route. That was until he heard the young man from earlier yelling for help. Stitch hesitantly got closer. The young man was trying to stop three guys from throwing wood into Stitch’s burning shop. The three men were cheering as the shop burned. The young man was arguing with the three men that what they were doing was wrong. The men argued back that they knew what happened. They went around telling people that they heard a scream come from the shop. They saw a monster walk out of the shop. When they went to check out the shop they found the young man unconscious and bleeding from the head. The young man tried to say something but was knocked out. Seeing the young man hit the ground, Stitch remembered the time he saw his creator’s granddaughter being stomped and teased by bullies.

Stitch started to walk to him. The men saw him approaching and began to throw rocks at him. Stitch continued walking. They began to hit him with a bat and a branch. Stitch continued walking. One of the men punched Stitch in the face. His mask cracked. Stitch looked at the man, his light green eye being visible up close. The man stumbled back. Stitch got down on his knees and lifted the young man’s head. He was unresponsive. The townspeople just stood around watching. As the men gathered around to jump him. Stitch’s mask fell off in three pieces.

Stitch took off his hat and put it under the young man’s head. The brightness of the raging fire obscured his face but Stitch’s light green eyes were clearly visible. He stood to his feet tall and furious. With his strained male voice he growled, “You. Hurt. Him. Allow me to put your attitude back together.” his arms elongated and wrapped around the three men. Starting from their ankles, his arms wrapped around their legs, their torso then their necks. “I prefer to be very hands-on.” The townspeople stood by and watched Stitch squeeze the life out of the three men.

It wasn’t until it snapped and contorted their bodies did anyone even make a sound. Seeing what he had done, Stitch closed his eyes.

“No one can see my face.”

Namuh was at a nearby train station drinking tea when a shadow loomed over her. “Come to take me up on my offer?” Stitch was standing over Namuh with one arm missing, using his hat as a mask. Stitch nodded. It would not take long for the Great Antsy Massacre to be on the news.


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Christopher Shavers

Start writing...I am the Author of Circus by Christopher Shavers and the Author in Faceless Entertainment. I love to write and perform. Be it me bringing nightmares to life in stories or my journey through poetry. Enjoy the Show.

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