Carl Triscer—The Unknown

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Carl Triscer—The Unknown
Carl Triscer with his mother and father.

He was born into an aristocratic family in early 20th Century Britain, his father was a surgeon and his mother a royal seamstress. During his formative years, very strange phenomena occurred around him; metallic objects seemed to be attracted to him, electronics would go out of sync when he passed by, the plants that he grew were always larger and healthier than his neighbours and many times it would be heard that he was in two places simultaneously. So, his father being a surgeon, decided to place him in an experimental research facility called T.R.D in West Sussex.

During Carl’s time within the "residence," the doctors took many tests; of his blood, brain, lymphatic system, respiratory system, reproductive organs and his heart. Strangely, upon every occasion when they were to begin measuring this man’s biology, all of the lights on the complex would shut off. As sight returned, Carl’s eye colour would have changed!

His irises cycled from grey to blue to green to brown and then back to grey without fail, and the nurses recorded every change by time and date over a course of two weeks, including the level of pigment. Flummoxed by this unusual alteration, a specialist optician from Northern Italy was brought in. When this man, Dr. Fratelli, arrived, he asked to see Carl instantly and to be alone. At 16:08 on the 7th of August 1922 both men disappeared from this locked basement room in Sussex. There were no windows, no doors which were not in the view of nurses and no escape tunnels were found. Not that there would even be a reason for either of them to need to escape.

Carl’s parents searched frantically with police for weeks and then on their own for years afterwards, nothing was ever found of this man. When the British police rang to speak with employer of Dr. Fratelli, no such business was found. Looking through documentation no man under this name had ever existed in Italy, nor had he passed through the border into the UK. The police questioned the doctors in T.R.D and none of them had personally enquired to hire the man, they just had understood that he will be arriving shortly to assist them. The inquiry stagnated, the facility was shut down and these men were never heard of again.

At the location where the facility used to be, a giant indoor play area for young children has now been built. Over the three years of its running, nine different children have gone missing inside the play area, the police were in the progress of closing it down when on the first of May 2018 something bone-chilling happened. On the first of May, a group of 4 children aged between thee and eight all came running screaming out of one of the central foam areas. The parents, obviously worried, asked what the matter was. Each child, separately, said that a man named Carl shouted at them inside the play area.

The parents all joined together and decided to go and check out who the weird man shouting at their children inside the play area was. As they entered the foam room, they saw a man dressed in a hospital gown. They asked him who he was, and he said his name was Carl Triscer. The parents unsure what to do with this strange man decided some would go and get security leaving two parents behind. These were a British man named Paul Bridge and a Latvian lady named Sasha Petrovskaya.

When the group of parents returned with the security guard, Carl, the man and the woman were no longer in the room. They were searched for, for quite some time, until the police were called on an account of missing persons. The police were again completely confused as the CCTV showed them entering into the play area and there is no other way out but the door. Paul and Sasha have never been seen again and their case is still open in the police files.

After shutting down the play area, the land was bought out by a property development firm. Whilst knocking down the old building they found the long since sealed off basement and sprawled across every wall was a poem repeated over and over:

If you see a Carl Triscer

Please do worry he’s no mister

He is also not a misses

He will take your brothers, sisters

He is from another world

And he wants your boys and girls

Down the basements where he lurks

Who he will be his victim first.

Carl Triscer and the disappearances linked to him have never been solved. Eerie and unexplainable occurrences like this manifest throughout our known world. The public servicemen are baffled, our science cannot cope, only our deep inner heart may answer the mysteries.

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Nikita Bryant
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