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Can’t find her

by Elizabeth Bradley 3 months ago in pop culture
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Feed the trees

Can’t find me

The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window. This candle was a beacon calling a lost woman in the rain stranded with a flat tire.

Angela had been waiting in her car for an hour hoping to attract cell service.

“This is useless” she could feel her eyes tearing up “I should get out and try to flag someone down in the road’

But there had been no one on the road she can remember this whole time. Pushing out a hard sigh she was determined to handle this. With sharp determination Angela pulled back her dreadlocks into a ponytail, zipped up her chili red leather jacket and opened the driver side door into the dark night and pouring rain. She stood up and slammed the door. Walking a few feet in front of her car she could see into the woods, there was a little house with a light on. ‘Oh my god, please let these people be nice and have some kind of phone or WiFi service.’ Shielding her face from the rain with her hands she picked up a slow jog to the woods, towards what was now looking like a cabin in the woods.

The wet branches and leaves cracked and squished under Angela’s boots as her jog slowed down to a walk to balance on the uneven ground of the wooded terrain. ‘This feels like a bad idea’ she mumbled to herself, turning around she could barely see the road or her car. The rain was partially blinding her, but she marched further in to land right up to the broken steps of the cabin. For the most part the cabin looked intact. The door was strong looking, Angela pounded at the door as she tilted her head looking at the candle in the window. Suddenly it went out, but she heard footsteps coming towards the door.

“Hello, somebody, I am stranded on the road, no cell phone service, please...” Angela knocked once holding her fist desperately to the door hoping, ‘please please’

The door opened a crack, and a small gust of wind came from inside. Angela looked back towards the road, it was all black, turning she entered inside the cabin.

“Hello, uh thank you, do you have WiFi or a phone...”

there was no answer, the cabin was slightly furnished, but dark, and smelled of old incense. There was a light coming from another room, Angela slowly walked towards it, putting one shaky foot in front of the other, her brows crinkled with concern and fear.

“Hello...I need to call a tow truck, please, do you have WiFi or a phone”

She had slightly entered the back room where there was some glass shelving in the corner, it reflected a woman sitting in the corner on the other side. Angela gasped, and stayed at the doorway.

“I don’t mean to bother you, I am just looking for some help, if you cant help I can leave”

A soft voice comes from the women but Angela can’t understand.

“Sorry...um what” she takes one more look at the front door, thinking to make a run for it, but then hears the rain outside, turns and walks fully into the back room.

“Help you...” the lady says in a whispery voice and her eyes gaze over Angela

“Yes” Angela states

The lady stands as she slightly laughs walking as if she is floating towards her.

Suddenly Angela feels a cold rippling rush flow up her spine, she becomes frozen to the floor...her eyes are wet and her mouth begins to open, a slight scream echos out of her throat. The lady’s hair is covering part of her face, she lifts her hand slowly luring with her finger for Angela to come closer. Angela realizes she has no control over her body and starts to slide towards the lady, letting out an even louder echoing scream. Now they are face to face,the lady opens he mouth and with a commanding loud shriek she unfolds

“No one helped me”

Two months later. No word, just a missing person’s report and the recovery of Angela’s car, Adele her younger sister is set to find out what happen.

It’s been a few days on the road, Adele has been driving from her house in Buffalo, New York to where the police recovered Angela’s car.

“ what the....please no” Adele slapped her cellphone, the GPS app died she was getting no signal. “Andy, does your cellphone have service” she asked in vain knowing he was passed out in the backseat.

She looked in her rear view mirror and pulled a U-turn to head back towards a gas station/diner she saw a couple of miles back.

Adele had a sick sense about stuff like this, she and her sister were close, always had been there for each other throughout the years. ‘If i can just get to where the car was found, I feel my intuition could do the rest’. Adele was a rebel, she had acquired the exact coordinates to where Angela’s car was recovered, by hacking into the local police records. This was a skill that got her two years in juvie, but some serious hacker street cred. Making extra money on the side from private eyes including her ex boyfriend, this is what funded her road trip including her hiatus from her full time job.

Pulling into the parking lot of the gas station, she yelled out

“Andy, please wake up...ANDY!!” She yelled

Andy sat up fast looking like he been pulled out of a closet, a candy bar wrapper still stuck to his face.

“What?” he whined

“There was no cellphone service, I was a few miles from the spot I needed to be and my gps and phone were not working”

“Is it working now...”

Adele looked

“Yes I have three bars”

“Well there you go” Andy laid back down with a huff

“Come on let me get us some coffee we have a good amount of daylight still left.”

Andy and Adele got out of the car and walked toward the diner part of the gas station, with the sun on their shoulders they knew they had made good time to search the area Angela had been to last.

“Coffee” the middle age waitress said.

They both shook their heads ‘yes’.

“A few miles down the road is a dead zone for cell service, do you know how many miles that lasts” Adele question with a tired yet couriers voice.

Shaking her head “no service for miles, its a dead zone” the Waitress concluded.

“I have to use my GPS on that road” Adele spoke up shaking her head.

“ honey people only go down that road for one purpose...to get lost” the waitress shrugged her shoulders and poured more coffee into Adele’s cup.

“Who would want to be lost” Andy chimed in looking at Adele with that know face

Adele knew Angela had been very distant, she stopped returning calls she had stopped caring about anything after her soon to be ex husband and her had a miscarriage.

“ people tend to be drawn to this place, people who seek solitude, some that just want to disappear, me personally wouldn’t be caught anywhere near Miller road, strange things happen. That place sucks people in.” The waitress looked down at her coffee pot and as if she realized she was talking to much, just walked away.

“What’s the story on Miller road,” Andy tried to answer himself by opening up his phone and searching for information.

“Well from my searches, there was a lady back in the 60’s that was killed in the those woods. They never found her body. They believed it was her husband” Adele shrugged, as Andy continued to search for more stories. “I’m a hacker you don’t think i looked this stuff up? But please show me your thumb skills”

“It was her lover, not her husband, and those woods are haunted, you have no business out there, seem like decent people you will just find trouble” the waitress stood there looking at them with concerned but determined eyes. “This place is all i got left from my parents, I should tear it down as soon as retire, maybe retire early.” She looked out the window staring like the outside had answers. “Like i said people come here to get lost, and most of the time they do” she pointed at a worn out bulletin board that had a few pictures of missing people on it.

Adele stood up and walked over to it with her mouth open, Andy followed and put his hands on her shoulders. She shook her head, running her fingers across the photos of strangers.

“She isn’t here, she isn’t even on here, I know this was the last place she was, I know it”

Adele, could feel her eyes filling up with tears.

The waitress came up behind her

“You look like her...”

“What..” Adele turned around with a shocked look in her eyes

“She’s your sister huh” the waitress shook her head “she came in here a few times, I think she was meeting someone. But, well after our last big storm I hadn’t seen her here for a few months.”

“The police didn’t ask you anything” Adele yelped

“They found her car, and she has been a missing person for a few months.” Andy spoke as if he was a lawyer.

“Hey, young ones come through here all the time to get away or to just get.... these cops are sick of the same old story, they barley look into it now” the Waitress sorrowfully spoke, staring at the floor.

“Its just three miles down Miller road, or maybe four. I just know I will feel something, I can feel her, lets go” she stood up, pulling out a 20, placing it on the table, while gulping down her last bit of coffee.

They got in the car and peeled out the parking lot.

Andy was driving while Adele lit up a cigarette. It was only a few minutes down the road, and they could feel the air turn empty.

“No cell service, damn it. Well we knew this would happen....wait look there is a cabin” Adele pointed out the window. Andy pulled the car over. They both got out at the same time, looking around Andy closed his jacket with a slight shiver.

“Look see” she pointed at the cabin, “this is where they found the car” she pointed at the road. “That cabin, she would have needed shelter in the storm, there was a storm”.

“Ok I believe you, but that cabin looks awful, I would hate to think she was there to be safe” and speculated.

Adele was already walking towards the cabin, fast and determined picking up a job.

“ geez wait for me” Andy tripped over a branch trying to catch up, whole heartedly believing his friend saw him trip, and headed back his way, he started to grip.

“This is scary, these woods are like spooky, I am just not doing well, my anxiety, and i left my meds in the car.....you would not want me to drive on those meds though...so I didn’t... but now”. Andy looked around Adele was no where, the trees seemed to be moving in closer and he could hear a long forgotten 60s tune traveling across the branches and stirring in his ears. “Oh my god Adele what the ...where are you” Andy looked towards the cabin, and saw her walking up the two steps toward the door.

Adele knocked, and yelled out

“Hello, hello...” she heard a few footsteps, her heart was pounding, she could feel her sister “Angela, hello..” she turned the door knob desperately, knocked even more furiously, “Angela, Angela ANGELA!!!” The door swung open as if to answer her desperation.

She walked in with a quickness.

“Hello, Angela, i am looking for my sister, hello”

A soft voice from the back room called out

“You need to find her”

“Yes, yes I do, please” Adele made her way to the back room, and could see a lady sitting in a chair looking at the wall.

“They could not find me” the lady groaned

“I was lost, they never...’ she turned to Adele she laughed as if she was coughing, and stood up. “You smell sweet like her too..” she started to walk towards Adele, Adele started to walk backwards in terror. The ladies lips were blue, her eyes were empty. The air became still.

Adele stopped and stood her ground.

“My sister, Angela you saw her, she is missing. How about i get the cops and see what they do with you.”

The lady smiled showing her gray teeth, rimmed with black, her matted hair covered part of her face and her ripped up clothes were slightly burned.

“They will not come out here, the lady at the diner told you, the police don’t care” she spoke with a loud thunderous laugh. “They wont find you, they didn’t find me, all those years ago, a sweetness like you”. She sniffed towards her “like your sister” sniffed towards her again, walking as if she was floating. Adele’s back stiffened and her mouth twisted open she could hear her cries in her ears, she looked over at the wall and a part of the wood looked like a face, parts of the wooden wall looked like many faces, she tried to scream but nothing came out, she could just feel in her ears the screams, and then she could feel the screams of others, she could hear her sister. Adele looked at the many faces on the wall she could see her sister’s face, her eyes began to bleed. The lady’s face was pressed up against her face, she was smelling her.

“All the sweetness with run out, you give it to me,so I can feed the trees, so I can feed me......’

Her mouth opened wider and her face began to harden like wood, she could hear screams in her ears as her eyes bled, and her body was hardened and dry.

Andy walked towards the cabin still hearing the 60s song in the trees, he had reached the, cabin, walked in....

“Adele, hello....”

A loud scream shrieked towards him with light speed, his eyes filled up with blood through the blood he saw the image of a lady, his body went stiff, and in his ears he heard the whisper of a old lady laughing.

A couple months later a car pulls up to the gas station/diner, young man gets out.

Everything looks run down, he walks to the glass door, and sees the waitress.

“Hey lady, hey..”

“We are closed sir”

“Don’t mean to bother you, just looking for a friend, I’m a private investigator, I’m looking for two girls, they are sisters, a Angela and Adele Lopes.”

“They are not here”

“Did you see them”

“It don’t matter they are gone now”

“What does that mean, hello”

But the waitress was gone. He lit a cigarette, and watched as this old man was picking out garbage out of the trash can, he walked towards him.

“Hello” the man said

The old man looked at him as the man showed a picture of Adele from his phone

“Have you seen her” the man begged with a desperate face.

The old man shook his head pitifully “can’t find her, can’t find any of them...”

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