Bloody Mary

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Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

There are numerous stories that surround the mysterious apparition known as Bloody Mary. So many stories describe her as being a witch who kidnaps young girls, kills them, and drains their blood to keep herself young and beautiful. Others show her as an evil presence used to curse whoever dares to attempt her ritual.

The basic common story goes:

She lived in a tiny cottage away from a nearby village where she sold herbal remedies for a living. In those days of the Salem witch trials, people believed that she was a witch, and would curse whoever crossed her. Soon little girls in the village began to disappear, one by one, and no one could find out where they had gone. It was then that some villagers went to Mary’s house to see if she had taken them. In her denial, the people saw that she has gotten younger, much different than the old cottage granny that she used to be.

The neighbors were suspicious, but they could find no proof that the witch had taken their young ones until one night. As the village slept, a young miller's daughter awoke from her sleep, and walked into the night following an enchanted sound.

The mother of the child, who was still up to take medicine, saw her daughter leave, and quickly rushed to awaken her husband. Together, they followed the girl and tried to restrain the girl, but she kept breaking away from them and heading out of town. Hearing the parent's cries, the townsfolk awoke, and ran out to help them save their daughter.

A sharp-eyed sheepherder gave a shout and pointed towards a strange light at the edge of the woods, which he and a few others went out to investigate. At the edge of the woods under a large oak tree, they saw Bloody Mary standing, singing a demonic hymn, while playing a bone harp. She was glowing with an unearthly light, as she set her evil spell upon the miller’s daughter.

Once she heard the commotion, Bloody Mary broke off her spell and fled back to her house in the woods. The sheepherder took aim with his gun that he had loaded with silver bullets, in case the witch ever came after his daughter. Before Mary could reach her home, he fired the gun and the bullet hit Mary in the hip, and she fell to the ground. The villagers took Mary into the center of the town where they built a huge bonfire, and began to burn her at the stake.

As the witch burned to ash, she screamed a curse at the villagers and upon the world that if anyone mentioned her name aloud before a mirror, she would send her spirit to avenge her death. The ritual is different every time you look it up. Because this is mostly has been spread by word of mouth, especially since I was little, the rules differ.

The materials you need always stay the same, it's the process that always changes.

You will need a bathroom with a mirror, a candle, a lot of nerve, and most of all, some stupid friends to peer pressure you into doing this stupid idea.

  • This has to be performed at midnight. Take the one candle, light it, and enter the bathroom alone. place the candle under the mirror, the bathroom should be completely dark except for the candle. Look deeply into your reflection until you feel a strange urge to look away, or that something is looking back. Speak her name firmly and clearly three times. When or if you see her face, run as fast as you can out of the bathroom, and into a brightly lit room.
  • This has to be performed at midnight. Take the one candle, light it, and enter the bathroom alone or with a friend. Look into the mirror, and say Bloody Mary twenty times while turning counterclockwise in a circle. The final chant of her name you should be facing the mirror again, and your candle will begin to flicker. If it extinguishes, run. Run as fast as you can to a brightly lit room, and stay there until morning. In the morning you might want to burn sage around your house, and get rid of the bathroom mirror lest she drags you into her mirror world as you sleep.
  • This has to be performed at three AM. Take the one candle, light it, and enter the bathroom with a group of three friends. Place the candle under the mirror, and speak her name firmly and clearly three times. Blow out the candle, and leave the bathroom when an unsettling feeling becomes too much. Go to bed and rest, pray that you don't wake up with her mark. This is a game of luck, just so you know. If you are chosen by her, a scratch mark will appear on the back of your neck, and it will only be a matter of time before she comes and drags you into a mirror to be tortured for all eternity.

If she is able to catch you she will tear your body to pieces, and rip your soul from your mutilated body to be burned and tormented, forever trapped in the mirror.

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