Blog Begin: Pierced Souls

Introducing Paranormal Twins Holly and Sam

Blog Begin: Pierced Souls

Hello, and welcome to my first blog post ever. I wanted to start writing again after a long time of not doing it, so I thought, why not try to get a little bit of it out there? So, here we have the first story I'll be sharing with pieces, among others I'm sure. These stories will be ongoing works, spanning over my posts, so be sure to check back in if you like what you read! Feedback is welcome!

Pierced Souls follows Sam and Holly Pierce, identical twin siblings who live with their uncle Damien as they make their 11th move to yet another secluded house. These two seem to have a knack for finding trouble; not in school, because they don't go to public school, but the underworld seems to be speaking to them for unknown reasons, ever since house number three. Find out what happened then, and what's waiting for them in the story about to follow.

This new house Damien was taking the twins to seemed the furthest from civilization one could manage without being out in the middle of a desert. It was, however, about ten miles deep into a forest; a twisting and winding road, sometimes nearly undrivable. Houses nearby were vacant or seemed too decrepit for use. This house was old, but still seemed well put together; the old wood still held to the structure firmly, though the shingles were beginning to show bare spots in the roof.

It was a large house, with an upstairs and, when they were closer, Sam noticed, a basement with heavy doors in front of the house for it. A balcony took a corner above the first floor next to a room, and it was sure to be Damien’s. He always needed a room with a convenient exit. The car came to a stop in front of the large porch, Damien turning his head to the younger twin in the passenger seat next to him.

“Well, we’re here! What do you think of the new house?” Sam’s sunshine blond head maintained it’s position locked on the house, but his blue eyes, magnified by large round glasses, darted to his guardian.

“Why are we so far from town again?” The stubborn young man questioned, his arms in a permanent crossed position that seemed that way from the start of the trip, and a mouth plastered into a frown.

“Sam, I’ve told you, stop being so dramatic. We’ve moved every couple years since you guys were young. Get used to it. It’s a nice house!” The youthful-looking man gestured towards the old building, unbuckled himself, and leaned towards the door. Sam hadn’t moved.

“And Damien, I’ve told you that every time I start to find some sort of structure in whatever new place we go to, we move, and I’m tired of restarting all the time! I just want to stay in one place for more than two years!” Sam’s pale face began to redden, and he shoved his oversized glasses against his nose even though they weren’t sliding down. Damien was out of the vehicle now, and had grabbed a couple of bags from the car. He shook his head full of brown curly locks.

“Sam, stop whining and wake your big sister up. Help me unpack the car.” Sam’s face got even more pink. He hated when anyone, especially Damien, pointed out that Holly was older than him. He unbuckled and turned himself around in the seat, his eyes resting on the blond beast.

Holly was half-laying in the back seat, leaning hard against a box that looked highly uncomfortable jabbing into her ribs, her head hanging awkwardly against her shoulder. Her messy, noodle-like hair strung across her face, stuck in place by sweat, and a pink crayon was cradled lovingly in her right nostril. A worn coloring book lay in her lap and the rest of the crayon set gathered either in her lap or spilled on the floor of the vehicle.

“HOLLY, HOW OLD EVEN ARE YOU?!?” Sam quickly shoved the door open and jumped out, seething at the fact that this massive child in the back seat was supposed to be his nearly-adult older sibling. He ground his teeth together and clenched his fist, pounding on the back window. Holly sat up quickly with a snort, looking around her in a panic until she saw Sam’s small, angry spectacle-face pressed against the window. Her panic subsided and she took a look of apathy. She stretched, shoving her legs underneath the seat ahead of her, tossing her hands back as the rest of her crayons, save the pink one, clattered to the floor. She half attempted to comb through her knotted mane before attempting to breathe through her nose, finally noticing a blockage in her passage.

“Ah, shit!” she pulled the crayon out and investigated it before wiping it on her shirt. “Sorry, Penelope Pink! I didn’t mean to leave you there!” She giggled and tossed it down with the others. Sam’s face was still there when she turned back to the window. “WHAT??” she groaned.

“Get out here and help us move in!” Sam shoved himself off the door and moved to the other side of the car, opening the door and grabbing a couple relatively lightweight items. Holly grumbled and slowly clicked open her belt before crawling out of the car. When her eyes caught the silhouette of their new house on the ground, her head snapped to the real deal. A grin grew on her face and her eyes couldn’t have gotten wider as she stood up straight and booked it to the building. “OH MY GOD, THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!!!” She vaulted up the porch steps and dashed in the door, barely avoiding Damien walking back to the car to get more boxes. The entryway was a long hallway that led left to the living room, or right to the stairs. An open archway just ahead of the door led to the kitchen.

She took to the left, admiring with a smile the old dark wood floor, her bright blue eyes scanning from there to a TV stand at the end of the room, with a flat screen on top and black furniture surrounding it. To the right, on the wall between the kitchen and this room, was a stone fireplace, equipped with pokers and the whole kit. Beyond were windows looking into a forest, casting sunlight on a desk placed aesthetically underneath.

“Gasp,” she exclaimed, rather than gasping. “A real fireplace! We haven’t had one of these babies since move number five!” Sam was just approaching the open front door when he heard her exclamation.

“Actually, move number seven had a fireplace, Holly.” Sam stated, loudly enough with his slightly nasal lilt that she would hear him.

“Yeah, but it was in the basement, and the basement had monsters.” She wiped her finger along the mantle, picking up dust and wiggling it off, shuddering as she remember the dreaded number seven.

That was the end of this part of Pierced Souls! Check back for more!

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