Real or not

Big and hairy

Is Bigfoot real or fake? This creature has his own FBI file what does that mean?

First let's talk about what people think Bigfoot is. Some classify Bigfoot as a big ape that walks upright, some have said he is a wild man. But whatever this creature is, it has put a big impact on a number of people.

One of the famous and first Bigfoot sightings that came out was the 1967 Patterson video. Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin were following claims of unidentified footprints at Bluff Creek in California State on horseback. All they had was a 16 mm Kodak camera but it paid off and they got the most talked about video of all time. Researchers through the years have tried to disprove it, try to recreate it, and have tired to get their own video of the creature. Some have succeeded, some have had some pretty amazing experiences, some have been so scared by this thing they never go back.

The ones that have experienced Bigfoot have had some strange happenings when they encounter the tall ape creature. There have been claims of either before they see Bigfoot or even after of seeing strange lights in the woods, some have had an uneasiness of feeling like someone is watching them, feeling lightheaded, then there is a very terrible odor that just engulfs the area, then in the middle of the night they would hear knocks and scary howls, and sometimes to follow with rocks being thrown at the camps. Some witnesses don't even see the culprit, but then there are witnesses that are scarred with the image of a huge creature, hairy everywhere except his face, the face looked like a ape, and could be red, brown, or even grey.

The only evidence that some scientist or just regular people have gotten of this beast is personal stories of experiences, huge footprints casts and pictures of the footprints, blurry pics of something lurking in the distance, unexplained structures in the middle of the woods, and hair that they still haven't figured out the DNA for. As more and more research goes on with this beast they have pin pointed all sightings and when the sightings have happened, they have come to that this creature migrates. What does that mean? Well it means that they are getting closer to really being able to catch this creature. As some say follow the evidence, that is definitely what these researchers are doing.

I have seen a ton of Bigfoot shows, some are like everything that ends up being not a good evidence of Bigfoot still say that oh that is Bigfoot no matter what and I don't like those. I have really come to love the shows that they try to disprove the videos or pictures and if they cannot figure it out they don't automatically say oh you saw a Bigfoot, they just say I really don't know what you saw but that is very interesting. There just haven't been substantial proof that this creature is real or not. I know what you are probably saying come on they have pictures, they have videos but there is no DNA evidence of this creature or bodies to really say this creature is real. But again maybe Bigfoot is pretty smart and has similarities to human beings, maybe they bury their dead we don't really know.

What do you think? Have you experienced him?

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