Being Aware

by Alice Valencia about a year ago in supernatural

An Inner Voice

Being Aware

For my whole life I've heard a voice in my head. Not one that drives me to insanity but rather one that keeps me sane. I can't force it to happen, nor can I predict it. It happens entirely on its own when I'm in some sort of trouble, or when I'm going to be hurt. It's caused me to be aware of everything that goes on around me, but even then, that's not enough.

Let me explain, my fifth birthday was the first time I remember it happening. My parents had gotten me a bouncy house and I was about to leave it to go get some food. Just before I had stepped on the ground I heard a 'wait' in my head. I hesitated to put my foot down and a few seconds later I heard screaming and someone was pointing to the area I had almost stepped. I then heard a rattle and out came a rattlesnake, shaking its tail vigorously. Had I stepped down, I would've been bitten and the nearest hospital was half an hour away, my parents still tell me to this day that I would've died.

Ever since that day, that voice in my head has always warned me of danger before danger reaches without fail. I am always able to rely on it despite that fact that I don't know where it's coming from. I am always able to rely on that voice, until today.

Now this voice doesn't come all too often, rarely, even twice a month since I've been cautious since it came. On this day, however, I woke up and got ready for school. While my mother was driving I heard 'Wait, don't go' just as the red light turned green. I asked my mother to not drive and although she was confused she didn't drive, even when horns started blaring. About three seconds later a garbage truck comes full speed, almost 80 MPH, down the intersecting right where we would've been had my mother started driving. It ended up barely missing another car, but luckily everyone was alright. My mom asked me how I knew that was going to happen but I just gave some deja vu excuse, assuming that if I ever told her she would drive me straight to a mental hospital.

After I had already gotten to school, all was well. I didn't hear the voice more than once a month so I assumed that all was well. When school had ended I walked down to the pickup area and saw a group of classmates walking in my direction. When they got about fifty feet away I heard 'Stay cautious.' I was officially freaked out considering that it happened twice in one day, which has never happened, but I assumed that it was for the people so I just changed my route to avoid them hoping that that would be one end of it.

I was on edge the rest of the day, waiting, wondering if it was going to happen yet another time but trying to calm myself knowing that stressing about something that I can't control wasn't going to help. When I had officially calmed down, I got ready for bed and laid down. Just as I was about to fall asleep I heard my closet door slowly creak open. Just before I could fully turn my head to see what was happening I heard 'I told you to stay cautious, I'm sorry.'

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