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Beheaded Ghost –Horror Story


By Harsh ShuklaPublished 5 months ago 4 min read
Beheaded Ghost –Horror Story
Photo by Lan Gao on Unsplash

Mayank used to work as a branch manager in a multinational company. One day Mayank was late to go home from office.

Due to the winter season, it became early in the night. It had also started getting very cold. While walking on the way, Mayank suddenly heard a voice.


Mayank stopped there and looked back. But there was no one behind. The same voice was heard again.

"look ahead…!"

As soon as Mayank looked ahead, he saw something shining on the ground. Mayank ran towards that thing and saw that it was not an ordinary thing but a shining diamond.

He took that diamond in his hand. Mayank's happiness knew no bounds after seeing her glow. But Mayank did not know whether it was an ordinary diamond or not but an elusive diamond. Suddenly a voice came from that diamond, if you want more diamonds then dig this land. There are many diamonds under this ground.

Mayank became happy, he put the diamond in his pocket and started digging the ground.

After digging about 2 feet suddenly Mayank started screaming out of fear. Due to this he lost his balance and fell on the ground.

Because in that pit, not diamonds and pearls, but a severed head of a human being was found. Suddenly his head started flying in the air and said, “Don't be afraid, I will not harm you.”

I will also give you lots of diamonds and jewellery. Just listen to me carefully and follow me wherever I go.

Then that head flew in the air and started moving towards the forest.

After walking about 1 kilometer the head stopped. Mayank also stopped.

Then that head told Mayank that there are many diamonds, pearls and gems hidden inside this land. Start digging on this land.

Mayank became happy and started digging that land. While digging, not only were diamonds and pearls found under the ground, but the severed torso of that head was found. The head said, “Now you have to do one last thing.” After that I will make you rich. You will have to bring a pot of blood from somewhere.”

Mayank said, “A drop of blood! But where will I get a pot of blood from?”

That head said, “Come with me.”

That scary face took Mayank along with him and went to some distance. There he saw a man going.

That head said, “Kill that person and bring his blood.”

Mayank got scared and said, “No no, I can't do this. I can't do it."

If you don't do this, I will put you in a lot of trouble. Then your whole life will become hell.

Mayank folded his hands and said to her, “Forgive me. If I kill him, the police will arrest me. And I will have to go to jail. That head, with the power of his tantra mantra, produced a knife and a pot and said angrily, “If you do not do this work for me, I will kill your entire family.

Mayank, under compulsion, killed the man and took his blood and went to the head.

That head was very happy after seeing the blood and said, “Put this blood on my body.”

On the advice of that head, Mayank poured the blood on his body. Then within some time the severed head was attached to the body.

Seeing all this, Mayank's condition started worsening. He was very scared after seeing that ghost.

As soon as the ghost came alive, he started laughing loudly and said in a scary voice, “You made a big mistake by bringing me back to life.”

Now I will not only kill you but this entire city.

Due to fear, Mayank was not able to even utter a word. He ran from there to save his life.

But that ghost jumped and made Mayank fall on the ground. And said, “I am very hungry, now I will eat your flesh.”

As soon as the ghost moved forward to eat the meat, its head immediately got separated from the body.

Mayank could not understand how this miracle happened?

When Mayank looked back, an Agori Baba was standing there. The Agori Baba said, “I saw you when you were killing that man and taking away his blood. And I understood that something bad was going to happen.”

That's why I followed you till here. And with the power of my mantra I killed that ghost again.

Now you definitely go to your home. Now you are not in much danger.

Even today, when Mayank remembers that incident, his soul begins to tremble.

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