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Begunkodar Railway Station Really Haunted Or Is It Just A Myth?

Really Haunted Or Is It Just A Myth?

By Angel SriPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Here is the story around Begunkodar Railway Station which was shut for over four decades and is now a famous ghost tourism spot.

India is home to quite a few world-famous haunted spots, so much so that, ghost tours have become a tourist attraction in the country. Among the vast catalogue of spooky places, some railway stations have also made it to the list with Begunkodar taking the top spot.

At present, it is considered one of the most haunted sites in India along with Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan and Dulari Bhawan in Jharkhand’s Simultala. Hop onboard if you are ready to take a train to this spooky railway station.

History of Begunkodar Railway Station:

As a result of Santhal’s queen Lachan Kumari’s efforts, the Begunkodar Railway Station was constructed in the early 1960s in West Bengal’s Purulia district (Kotshila-Muri section of Ranchi rail division). The construction of a railway station in such a secluded area was welcomed by locals.

It was abuzz with crowds till 1967. But that year, the then station master claimed to have seen a ghost and the station was abandoned.

The spooky side of Begunkodar Railway Station:

According to various accounts, the station master saw the silhouette of a woman clad in a white saree running along the railway tracks. Locals believed that the ghost was of a girl who had committed suicide on the tracks. Gradually, more people reported seeing the woman’s spirit and requested the administration to take action.

The authorities, however, did not take any action. Moreover, the station master and his family passed away under mysterious circumstances, paving the way for more chaos and rumours. As a result, trains stopped halting at the station and employees started backing out. When the authorities weren’t able to hire new employees even after repeated attempts, it led to the closure of Begunkodar Railway Station.

It was in 2009 that it became functional again. Former Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee took the initiative to reopen it after 42 years, but no railway employees are posted here, still.

Even after so many years, the ghost fear prevails and people avoid staying back after 5 pm, which also led to ‘ghost tourism,’ at this supposedly haunted railway station. But, a 2017 report by The New Indian Express mentions that a group of rationalists camped at the Begunkodar Railway Station for one night to prove that the ghost story was wrong.

According to the report, the West Bengal-based group named Paschim Banga Bigyan Mancha’s leader Nayan Mukherjee said that one night they camped at the station from 11:00 pm till the next morning but their “cameras or compasses did not record any signs of paranormal activity.”

He added, “However, at around 2 am, we heard a peculiar sound from behind the station building. When we threw torchlight in that direction, we saw a group of men behind a bush making that sound. We chased but could not nab them. We suspect that this group of locals might be behind looting the youngsters who were lured by the adventure of ghost tourism.”

Places to visit in Begunkodar

Rasmancha: Begunkodar may be infamous owing to its ghost stories but it is also home to the Rasmancha, known for its spectacular stucco architecture. The hot dhuskas served with potato gravy outside the Rasmancha premises are a must-try for those planning to explore this little hamlet.

Muruguma Dam: Located about 55 km from Purulia is a beautiful picnic spot in Begunkodar — the Muruguma Dam on the Kangsabati River’s tributary. Visitors enjoy a serene view of the Ajodhya Hills from here. Head to the dense forests nearby for a hike or visit the Bamni Waterfall and Turga Waterfall, close to Ajodhya pahar.


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