Beautiful Exit

by Mark Wilson 2 years ago in fiction

Part 1

Beautiful Exit

In the crisp wind, I exhale deep. The flattering of the wind beating off in the skies. The scenery of the valley induces reminiscing. The painted picture of the rigid mountains stains the soft beat clouds in the sky.

I remember building moments like these with my friends in college. Depicting the different sceneries in motion pictures. I play the playlist Game of Thrones, even though the playlist is old, it delivers perfectly. Jaden Smith was a gift to this world we did not appreciate. I immediately feel. I feel the intensity of the vibrations between us. She passes the blunt, "Here."

She is the one.

As I reach my vision starts to ripple more like bubble. The sun is delivering an energy that is radiating in the atmosphere. I am usually not well describing the details of my high. The stillness of the face takes into effect, I know the type of moment. I pause reaching for the blunt. I am stuck in amaze of the uniqueness of this girl. The sun rays are glistening off the skin it's a perfect golden-brown tan.

"I remember the time that my mother claimed she would travel the world," said Sara. "Fuck cancer." Sara eyes start to water up.

I pass her the blunt, "Well you know they say you never truly die."

She smiles, "Let's leave everything and travel the seven seas." I think of the wildest dreams that are caught in the capacity of the human mind. I am fascinated with the human mind all of the powers that are possessed . . . . . .

I stare her deep in the eyes. "Let's project right here in the middle of the desert." I claim. In the might of the moment I do not question the boundaries that I crossed. I personally believe no boundaries are ever crossed only the ones we create. The blank stare on her face reminds me of the white computer screen that has been infected with a virus. Scrambling for her thoughts. Confidence that arose within me now disappears. She giggles, "Ok." I am ignited!

Sara carried a stench of adventure growing up in the north valley. I only knew two things about Sara. In her 18 years of life the only family she ever knew was her mother and she has never escaped the valley. No one had pity for the girl due to her exotic nature. The beautiful nature of her stated she lived a thousand years.

I hopped off the hood of the car, popped the trunk. Sara shouts, "YES OMGGG IMA DO IT IMA LEAVE!!!!" I can only laugh in amusement thinking of the power. Sara, Me, the power is endless the study is going perfect. My skin crawls with goosebumps as I lay the blanket on the ground. She is now asking a thousand questions. I answer. The energy that is building only drains the monochromatic answers I use to explain the process.

She is the one.

"Mark have you ever done this before? "she asks. I am no longer mentally in the presence of communicating with another. I am eager to proceed with the study.

"Yes, lay down, close your eyes."

"Build a consistent breathing pattern." I explain. Relax, relax, relax, I think to myself. I sit Indian style watching her in awe. I am in awe of the soft petal like skin that is glaring. My vision starts to heighten. Awwwwww shit this is happening. "My soul bleeds over the keys of the piano" plays in the background. "My soul bleeds over the keys of the piano" "My soul bleeds over the keys of the piano." Sara is gone. Sara's body lays still, free, empty.

Vibrating intensely, I cannot wait any longer. I reach behind my back grabbing my dagger. I jump onto Sara piercing her in the heart. I feel the rush sighing in relief. I lay flat beside her body.

"Sit and watch the embers, claw marks on the sleeve

I really don't want to leave, I really don't want to leave

I realize there are no answers to rid me of this cancer" - Kid Cudi

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