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Anna Dressed in Blood

A Haunting Tale of Love and Revenge in the Supernatural World

By Martian Published 7 months ago 3 min read
Anna Dressed in Blood
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The novel begins with Cas Lowood, a teenage ghost hunter who travels the country with his mother and their cat, searching for restless spirits to put to rest. Cas inherited his father's athame, a mystical knife, which he uses to dispatch ghosts. Cas receives a tip about a particularly dangerous ghost named Anna Dressed in Blood, who haunts an old Victorian house in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. The ghost is said to kill anyone who enters the house, leaving a trail of blood in her wake.

Cas arrives in Thunder Bay and enrolls in the local high school to gather information about the ghost and the house. There, he meets Carmel, a popular and confident girl who takes an immediate interest in him. Carmel introduces him to her friends, including a psychic named Thomas, who has his own history with the supernatural.

Together, Cas, Carmel, and Thomas investigate the ghostly occurrences in the house and uncover the tragic history of Anna Korlov. Anna was a teenage girl who was brutally murdered in 1958 on her way to a school dance. Her father, a powerful witch, summoned a demon to avenge her death, but the demon possessed Anna's body instead, turning her into a vengeful spirit. Anna killed everyone who entered the house, including her father, and has been trapped there ever since.

As Cas delves deeper into Anna's story, he discovers that she is not the mindless killer he thought she was. Anna's spirit is still connected to her human self, and she remembers her past and the people she loved. Cas begins to develop feelings for Anna, but he knows that he must still destroy her to free her from the demon's possession.

In a climactic showdown, Cas and his friends face off against the demon and the ghosts that Anna has summoned. Cas is able to destroy the demon, and with Carmel's help, he is able to sever Anna's connection to the house. Anna's ghostly form is destroyed, and her human soul is finally able to rest in peace.

Throughout the novel, the reader is immersed in the supernatural world that Cas inhabits. The descriptions of the ghosts and their powers are vivid and eerie, making the reader feel as if they are right there with Cas, facing the specters themselves. The characters are also well-developed, with each one having their own motivations and backstories that are slowly revealed as the novel progresses.

One of the themes of the novel is the idea that not all ghosts are evil. Cas initially sees ghosts as nothing more than monsters to be destroyed, but as he learns more about Anna and her past, he begins to see her as a complex individual who deserves compassion and understanding. This realization forces Cas to confront his own prejudices and reevaluate his role as a ghost hunter.

Another theme of the novel is the importance of friendship and the support of loved ones. Cas is initially a lone wolf, but as he becomes more involved with Carmel and Thomas, he learns to rely on them for help and support. Their friendship gives him the strength to face Anna and the demon and ultimately leads to his success in putting Anna to rest.

In conclusion, Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake is a thrilling and suspenseful novel that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. With its well-drawn characters, vivid descriptions of the supernatural world, and themes of friendship and understanding, this novel is sure to be a hit with any adult reader who loves horror and the supernatural.

The End.

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