Angels & Demons Pt. 1

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Angels & Demons Pt. 1

Have you ever felt there was someone (or something) watching you? If you've seen from your peripheral vision an image of something, then when you actually look, you see something fly away quickly—this happens to me on the regular. Not sure if I'm just paranoid or if some kind of spirit is there watching me. I consider myself a Christian as far as religion goes, but I'm no where near your "ideal Christian." I still party and like to have a good time. But this one incident in particular may have changed me forever.

I was at work Thursday, 8/8 right. We like to have fun at work so a coworker thought it'd be a good idea the vape in office. Me being who I am, I was all for it. This particular vape had THC in it. I know the affects it can cause, but this time it was oddly different. I felt myself getting cold. And I could hear laughing in my head. I started to have a vision of something giving me life and taking my life away in seconds, as if it was playing with me. Every time I tried to talk to my coworker, I'd forget my reason then go back into the vision I was having of this "thing" playing with my life.

So I finally decided to stand up. Told my coworker I was going to lunch and that I'd be right back. As I started driving, I felt this entity of rage. My leg was shaking uncontrollably, and I all of a sudden wanted to speed and slam into the car in front of me. I wasn't understanding why or where this came from, so I called a friend, but I couldn't get my words out. I just remember asking him to pray for me like ASAP. Strangely when he started praying, the rage became stronger as if it wanted to consume me. But the moment he started to pray fiercely, that's when the entity became weak and I'd felt myself calming down.

I pulled into Quiktrip, one of the best gas stations in the world by the way (haha), and I got out the car and I was shaking as if I was relapsing. I was understanding why this was happening to me. I tried to move swiftly so no one would assume I was a crackhead or something (no pun intended). I just didn't want anyone to see me like this. So I grabbed my food and a bottled water and speed-walked to my car.

As I got back into the parking lot of my job, I felt this raging spirit come back. I knew I had to call my mom at that moment. This spirit had me so consumed that it wouldn't even let me find her number! My mom is a powder woman of God, by the way, so it made sense to me. It felt like this spirit had me in a choke hold, but I was fighting as hard as I could. I was finally able to find her number. Soon as I heard her voice, I screamed, "Mom, pray for me now!" She IMMEDIATELY went to warfare. I felt the spirit of rage leaving my body, as she was praying. All this was happening to me in the parking lot of my job by the way, SMH! I'm sure this has to be symbolic, but I strangely said, "I have to come home." When she was done praying, I felt the need to leave everything behind and "come home." So I literally left and went to my mom's house.

There's so much more to this story but I'll save it for the next part! But a question is on the floor. Do you believe a spirit can overtake you and cause you to do something you wouldn't do in your right frame of mind? Do you even believe there are such things as angels and demons?

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Curtis J
Curtis J
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