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Best and Worst Seasons

American Horror Story

As most of us know, American Horror Story is a very dark and twisted yet popular show. I remember when Season One: Murder House was first released, back when I was a sophomore in high school. It was all anybody could talk about. When I finally decided to watch it, I had to do so in secret under the covers of my bed because my Grandmother was convinced that the show actually had the spirit of the devil in it. NO joke. I've watched every season up to the first episode of Season Eight: Apocalypse. Sometime after Season Three, I decided AHS was on a downfall. The quality of the storylines that the writers were creating had lost its appeal. However, AHS had no problems pulling me back in with new and interesting themes.

'Season One: Murder House'

Is it silly for me to call Season One my favorite Season? It's the perfect balance of twisted murders and romantic tragedies. Every character in this show has their own side story to follow, all stories later intertwine in probably the most gruesome and heartbreaking yet oddly satisfying Season finales that AHS has. Vivian and Ben, their daughter Violet, and their adorable dog Hallie all move into an ancient house in modern Los Angeles. They move into this house at a low price, thinking they scored a deal. Little did they know about the house's dark history and cursed residents. I promise not to release any spoilers because I assure you, watching this Season with no knowledge of how it ends is the best way to binge watch it.

My favorite character was the misunderstood, heartthrob Tate Longdon played by real-life heartthrob Even Peters. He plays this character who seems at first to be an innocent high school student, confused about who he is. Later, his cynical psychopathic side is revealed and you don't know if you should hate him and wish for his permanent destruction or fall head over heels in love with him. Beautiful and talented, Jessica Lang also plays a big role in this show as Constance Longdon. This racist, selfish character enjoys meddling in the lives of her new neighbors. You come to find she is a mother who actually loves her children regardless of all of the terrible things she does to them but I mean...nobody is perfect.

Overall, Season One is definitely a must see. I know that there are scarier seasons like Season Two: Asylum and there are historically fascinating seasons like Season Six: Roanoke, but Season One: Murder House takes the crown when it comes to unexpected twists and lovable characters.

'Season Four: Freak Show'

I unapologetically believe Season Four: Freak Show, is the worst season of AHS. All the cool advertising and hype prior to this season was not appropriate for what was displayed. I remember listening to Meloney Martinez's song "Carnival," thinking of all the fantastic stories AHS could create with the concept of Freak Show. After watching the first episode, I took the time to research all of the characters who were actual phenomenons in real life.

The creepiest character, Twisty the Clown was also revealed in the first episode who had a face that really gave me nightmares. I was so excited for the rest of the season after the first episode. Imagine my disappointment when the main antagonist gets killed off after like the third episode. After that the whole season took a turn for the worst (and not in the spooky twisted 'turn for the worst' that I craved). Rather than really using the carnival theme to strike fear into the audience, they gave the show a somber story about underdogs. This type of storyline would be appreciated if it wasn't American HORROR Story producing it. I was spooked one moment in the first episode, then after that I was just disappointed.

So in my opinion, you wouldn't be missing much if you chose to skip Season Four. However, I wouldn't suggest skipping it because you will still be missing out on Jessica Lange's final appearance on AHS. If there's only one reason to bare through it, she would be it.

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