Am I Haunted?

by Jen Moose 2 years ago in paranormal

Can the paranormal haunt people?

Am I Haunted?

Ever wonder what goes on during the night, between the bumps and creaks?

Well, it started when I was about eight-years-old.At the time I still needed the bathroom light on. That's when I had seen this black shadow's head peak into my room. The shadow was about child-size. I sat up to see what was going to happen, I didn't call out to it or anything. I was more interested to see what this shadow figure was going to do. Then the shadow figure ran into the bathroom, it was kind of strange because there were two other shadow figures holding its hands. After I watched these shadow figures run into the bathroom I just stayed up to see if they would maybe come back out. But nothing ever did.

After that night I never really saw anything else but always had a feeling that something or someone was always there.

We had eventually moved to a new home and this where things kind of got creepy. Things would go missing and no one knew why. Later my mom found out that the original owner had passed away but his spirit was still living in the house. Which explained all of our stuff going missing. So, when stuff did go missing, we would ask him to put the item back. Then, later on, he would put it back.

During my late teens, things got out of control. There would be nights where, all of a sudden, my bed would just start uncontrollably shaking. This went on a couple times a month till I moved out.

I remember one weekend my parents went away for the weekend, and my brother was out. Because of how my parents had the living room set up, I had a perfect view of the front door from the couch. I was watching a movie and from the corner of my eye, I could see someone standing at the front door. I didn't hear anything come in the door. Then the dog started to growl, so I looked over and there was a man standing at the door. I jumped up and ran to the hall to the front door but there was no one there. I checked the door, and it was locked.

There was another incident, where I was woken up in the middle of the night by my dog whining and I could feel this impression in the bed. It felt like someone was sitting there. I turned over and there was someone wearing what looked like my brothers green sweater. I thought it was my brother's girlfriend and I said, "Kindle? What are you doing?" I just thought she had mistaken the rooms since our rooms are side by side. So, I pushed her and the figure fell to the floor and looked up to me. The figure had the hood on but had no face. I turned the light on because I was confused why they didn't say anything, and why there wasn't a face. By the time I turned the light on the figure was gone. But there was enough room between the dog and bed for someone to have fallen on to the floor. The next morning to kind-of clear my insanity, I told my brother to make sure his girlfriend didn't come in my room at night. He didn't know what I was talking about. I told him what happened. Still puzzled he told me she wasn't here and never spent the night. I didn't believe him and went to his room and found nothing and, also, Kindle wasn't there.

Then my brother told me that earlier that night he said he was in his room playing video games when he saw someone walk by, and then a couple of minutes later walk back the other way. He thought it was me but realized where the figure was walking, above the stairs. Then he remembered no one was home. Our parents were out of town and I was still at work.

My mom has told us that sometimes when she's sleeping this man would be standing at the foot of their bed watching her sleep. So, my mom would have to tell him to go away. Which worked for awhile, then eventually she'd actually have to tell him he was dead. The ghost of the old man didn't like that too much. He had disappeared for awhile. Then out of a sudden, he would come back and start moving things around, standing at the end of people's beds and shaking them.

Years later my boyfriend and I got our own place. This happened most recent actually. This was actually a week after I bought an Ouija board. I just finished cleaning up and I could see a shadow go across the kitchen like as if someone was walking in the kitchen. Which was weird because I was only one home. My friend came over a couple days later and actually talked to the shadow person I saw in the kitchen.

Jen Moose
Jen Moose
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