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All Systems are Go...For Doom!

by Daniel Hepler 2 months ago in fiction
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Chapter 1: Impact

All Systems are Go...For Doom!
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

"Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say..." The words of my old Captain rang through my head as claxons screamed an alert in the dead of night, any traces of sleep wrung mercilessly from my body as I was flung unceremoniously into the ceiling of my cabin as the Artificial Gravity cut off. Crimson lights strobe as I drag myself through ZeroGee to the communications panel by my Door.

"XO to Bridge." I call into the panel, mashing the Intercom button as I repeat my Hail "XO to Bridge!" With no response, dejected and in pain I press the button one last time "XO calling all Hands! Bridge, Engineering, Miranda, Levi, Markus, Zhao, Devyn, Captain. Does anybody have a Damn Status report?!" No Response. "Focus. Red Lights mean Red Alert. Red Alert means Collision or Combat. Time to move." I organize my thoughts, relying on a lifetime of training as I use the bars welding into the ceiling to traverse my room to my Armor Locker.

The Display Reads: System Error, "Best part about being Second in Command is having my gear in my own room...Thanks Markus." I grumble as my fist smashes through the glass housing of the Emergency release Handle, pulling the mechanism, hard. Before hugging the wall as the Locker door is jettisoned from its mooring. Float-Swinging from the bars, I maneuver myself into position to lower myself into the legs of of my Hardsuit, securing my arms as the torso section locks into place, the Helmet unfolds and clicks into place around my head, the HUD illuminating as the mechanized elements of my armor engage, the Magnetic soles of my boots whirring softly as they stick to the floor. The Display on my helmet highlights my favored equipment in my locker as I select my loadout in a hurried manor, "Best be prepared for anything..."

There is silence as the emergency release on my cabin door is engaged, and I step into a silent expanse, The starfield looming ever present as I peer through the massive tear in the Starboard hull of our ship, The Valkyrie. "That does not bode well for us..." I complain, engage interpersonal comms in my suit "This is XO Harper for all hands. Deck 3 is compromised. I am enroute to engineering to check for survivors. I will be keeping this channel open, as well as my homing beacon active. If there is anybody reading me, Stay Alive!"

I make my way carefully through the debris listing lazily into the void as the sound of my boots internal mechanisms that power their magnets and the soft static of the radio as I continue on, hoping to find an are of the ship either more intact, with power, or with more people. Using the HUD I activate my suits Search mode, Shoulder mounted flashlights hum to life as a small drone detaches from the ships emblem emblazoned on my suit, the tiny device Darting ahead as its tiny propulsion engines allow it to navigate the debris field easily before reaching the door to the turbolift. Fruitlessly I attempt to summon the lift, struggling with a powerless behemoth that requires power to operate its most basic functions, "Good thing Zhao never got around to repairing this seal or I would have to take my walk outside... You hear that you lazy bastard?" I say aloud, hoping for a response as I force my fingers into the slight gap where the door is supposed seal and use the enhanced strength the suit provides to pry the door open, directing my drone ahead of me, I experience a moment of nausea that passes quickly as my body orients its self 90° to a new plane of motion as I descend down the lift tube under my own power.

The ship only has 5 decks, the first of which is the the Bridge. Deck 2 is The Captains Cabin and the Mess Hall. Deck 3 is the XOs quarters, general crews quarters, and life support systems. Deck 4 is engineering, and Deck 5 is The Cargo Bay as well as The Crew Armory as this deck also has our loading bay as well as Airlock. I only needed to descend one deck but it felt like hours, from inside the tube theres no need to force anything open, the emergency release functions from this side. Pulling the handle, the door separates from its frame just like mine had, as I heave myself into a new corridor and a new orientation, my suit reflexively releases one of the weapons I had attached earlier, a Rifle unfolding in my hand as my HUD turns the same crimson as the strobing emergency light, at the end of the corridor, it targets a Large Reptillian creature, attempting to claw its way into the Engine Room.


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Daniel Hepler

I am in the business of crafting universes. Stay Tuned!

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