A Wolf's Cry

by Scarlett Love about a year ago in monster

It may become something more.

A Wolf's Cry

A wolf’s cry is what I hear at night. This is the first time I've ever heard it. It’s an unsettling sound to hear so late at night. What made it worse was the fact that I lived alone in my big house at the edge of the woods. My closest neighbor was about three miles away. I have no pets to guard me or tell me if something was wrong. I am completely alone. I did like being alone in my house, but at the moment I was scared to be alone.

I rush to lock all the doors and my windows that were not yet locked, I closed all of the blinds. After everything was done and I knew things were cleaned up I rushed to get upstairs and to my master bedroom. Once inside my room with the door locked I made sure to go and lock the balcony doors and shut my blackout curtains. I had the lamp on my bedside table turned on that bathed the room in a dim glow. I started to get dressed for bed so I could lay down and hopefully sleep until morning.

I get dressed and lie down underneath the covers, bundling up and getting comfortable. I was asleep in no time. Though my wish to sleep until morning was once again not granted.

I was once again woken from a nightmare. Though this one was not like the usual nightmare that I always have. This one was strangely different.

The usual nightmare that I have every night. It was always me being alone and for some reason, I was always sad and depressed because I was alone. It showed me how I really felt all the time, these nightmares reflected on the feelings that I suppressed constantly. I never wanted to have the feeling of depression constantly over my shoulders and knowing I could do nothing about it.

This nightmare was different this time because in this nightmare I was in the woods. I was alone at first but instead of being sad and depressed and alone, I was scared. I felt scared that there was something out there watching me and waiting for an opportunity to hurt me. I ran and ran until I collapsed and I started sobbing. I didn't even understand why I was so scared and what was chasing me, but I knew there was something or someone after me and I was scared to death. After a while of me sobbing, I quieted down once I heard a branch snap and leaves crunching underneath the weight of something.

I looked up to see a dark silhouette of a man. From where I was on the forest floor he looked to be taller than any man I have ever seen. I could just feel the evil that was emanating from this dark shadow of a man. Just the sight of him sent shockwaves of fear through me.

This shadow of a man started to make his way towards me. I started to frantically crawl away from him. I knew that this man wanted to hurt me and something in me told me to not let him touch me. My back hit the large trunk of a tree and I now had nowhere to go. The figure kept getting closer and closer and he started reaching out for me. I was terrified and I started to scream and cry out for someone to help me, I started to cry again and the second before he touched me, I woke up in a cold sweat, my heart racing.

I look around the room and my light goes out. I look on the floor and notice that the bulb was shattered and broken. It’s strange that the light shattered because I thought it couldn't be from being on while I sleep. I have it on the dimmest light. Then I notice that my curtains look like they've been opened. I'm positive that when I went to bed that they were completely shut. But now they were open about halfway and I could see that my balcony doors were opened up.

I slowly got out of bed and walked to my balcony doors. Once I reach the doors I hesitate to go outside and look to see if anything is out there. As I look around and see that nothing and nobody is there, I go back inside. I close the doors and latch them shut, then close my curtains fully. I turn around only to see a large but beautiful silver wolf with striking ice blue eyes.

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