A Series of Dreams

A dream I had 10/11/10.

A Series of Dreams
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I was always told that it's a good idea to write down your dreams.

Lately I've been having several but I can't remember any of them.

Last night I had a series of dreams, hence the title, and I can remember most of it.

Here is what happened:

There were some town festivals going on, something to do with Hallows Eve week. In the dream they were The Hallows' Festivals. A few f my friends were with me: Krista, Shaughn, and Caleb. My little brother was also there, Mike, he's 5 right now but in the dream he was about 10 or 11.

It was starting to rain when my parents and I drove into the parking lot. It was a square of fenced-in dirt really. There were several cars around me but I knew my friends would be meeting me at this site that we apparently all hung out at as "teenagers". It was some place under this bypass, it was always dark and we could always see shadows moving around in the mist and hear noises coming from inside. As kids we would always dare each other to go over to the bypass, seeing which one of us could get the closest without getting scared shitless (Needless to say, this wasn't really in Sierra Vista, more of a made up place). It'd been some years since any of us had gone to the ditch in front of the bypass, we were all older now. Krista had a boyfriend, and Caleb was always busy with work. The only reason why Shaughn and I still went were because of my little bother. I figured he was old enough now, when my friends and I started going we were about 6 or 7. My brother had barely turned 11 in September, he'd always wanted to go so I called up Krista and Caleb and went to tell Shaughn. I knew no one would pass up The Hallows' Festivals. After we got to the parking lot I took my brother, I didn't tell him were we were going, it was a surprise.

Getting to the ditch was difficult, especially since Mike had to keep up. Around the back of the parking lot was a field, it was kind of a forest, there were a few trees lining the fence and passed that it was downhill to the ditch. When we got to the back fence I had to find the hole Shaughn and Caleb made in the fence. After I found it I pulled it up going first then letting my brother go through it. We made our way down the hill. Just before we go to the bottom I told Mike to go ahead so he did. I don't know why, I had a feeling something bad was going to happen so I checked my phone and put it on vibrate. My brother was out of sight, the cold didn't help. I headed down towards the ditch then I felt a hand grab me from behind. Caleb and Shaughn decided to scare me (as if going to the bypass wasn't freaky enough). We met up at the ditch and decided what we were gonna do. Shaughn and Caleb, being guys, suggested we make my brother go as far as he can by himself. Of course, I thought that was stupid and immature (I knew not even they would do it). So first I told the story of the little girl who died there.

Apparently there was a little girl who would go out there, just like us, with her friends and dare them to go as far as they could without getting scared. One day the little girl went about halfway with her friends, they were only about 5, and one of the girls slipped on the algae covered rocks and split her head open. The little girl didn't know what to do so she told her friends to stay there. She told them to get as many rocks as they could and covered the body. None of them were to speak of it again. Of course, the one who decided to cover the body was too curious, so on October 30th, she went back to the bypass. That's when the noises and shadows started. The little girl went over to where she'd covered the body. The rocks were covered in dry blood and the water ran red. The little girl moved all the rocks and underneath she found nothing. Her friend was gone. She looked everywhere she could, went as far into the bypass as any of her friends had ever gone. Nothing. She called out her name, her voice echoing through the walls, still nothing. As she made her way back to the opening of the tunnel she heard someone say her name. She turned around, thinking it might have been her friend. She took one step farther into the tunnel, one step too many. One scream, one wrong move. The little girl that had died hadn't really left. She grabbed her supposed friend, the one who had left her there, stoned her, covered her body with heavy rocks, her soul unable to leave, and twisted her neck, breaking it instantly. But that's not all she did. The story says that she took a rock and cut the little girl's head open, resembling the gash in her own head, making it clear that anyone who dares go deep enough into the bypass tunnel will not come out alive.

Even Shaughn, who wasn't easily phased even with the moonlight and the burning eerie fire, had a questioning expression. After I told the story I told Krista to stay with my brother and I pulled Caleb and Shaughn off to the side. "I don't think it's a good idea to go all the way through tonight guys." Like I said before, I had an bad feeling, an eerie feeling about the bypass tunnel and it wasn't because of the story. "I don't know why but I agree with you." Caleb looked at me then at Shaughn, "maybe just to the entrance." Shaughn looked at both of us then started laughing. "Come on we've all been in there before. You've gone halfway Andrea." Then I handed him a newspaper clipping. He read through it and handed it back. I looked at him, "This happened after we started coming here as kids. Of course we didn't hear about it cos we don't read the paper." Caleb was nodding his head. "I watch the news.." Of course, Shaughn always has to contradict. "Yeah, but they didn't show this on the news. It was too... I don't know I guess, illogical?" He still didn't seem convinced. "Look we'll go first and if something starts happening we'll tell Krista and Caleb to take Mike a little closer back to the ditch. OK?" I let out a nervous chuckle, "And we do what? Go in further? Are you crazy, Shaughn this isn't something that has an explanation, that little girl died and there was no way to explain how!" My little brother came up to us and asked if everything was OK. I looked at him then at Shaughn without saying a word. I grabbed my flashlight and made my way to the bypass followed by Shaughn. Just before getting to the entrance I told Krista that Shaughn and I were going to go first and check it out, I told her there could be people screwing around, so she, Caleb, and my brother stay behind until we come back.

We went in to the bypass tunnel I could hear the water dripping as it always had but this time I could also see things moving the further into the tunnel we went. You would think that it'd be less cold since there are more plants and the air should have been more moist. But it wasn't. It was colder in the tunnel than out of the tunnel and the air was dry, which reduced the horrible stench. "God, what is that?" Shaughn laughed then continued on, "Maybe it's that dead little girl of yours." I didn't really find that funny, then again it was Shaughn. He went ahead of me, even though something in my gut told me we should stay together. I turned my head to look back, making sure my brother, Krista, and Caleb were still waiting. When I turned back to tell Shaughn we should go back he was gone. I called out his name, pointing my flashlight in every direction. I couldn't find him anywhere. "Shaughn! This isn't funny! Shaughn!" I turned around about 10 times, hoping he would turn up out of nowhere. After about 10 minutes of doing that and still no sign of him I stopped and stood my ground, facing the rest of the tunnel. I could hear something in the distance. I couldn't tell what it was, but again, my stomach churned and I felt eerie. Just when I was about to take a step into the tunnel I saw Shaughn. He was soiled and his eyes were wide and red. He grabbed my shoulders and looked right into my eyes, the fear apparent. "We have to leave. Now." He grabbed my hand and started toward the entrance of the bypass tunnel. "Shaughn, what happened? What did you see?" The fact that he wouldn't answer irritated me so I stopped dead in my tracks. "What. Happened." He hesitated to turn around, but he did. And the look on his face is all I needed to know something had happened and it was horrible. "Andrea..." He pointed back toward the tunnel. I turned around and when I did my knees gave in and I fell to the ground. Fortunately Shaughn reacted in time to break my fall. "What the hell?" That whole incident seemed too familiar to be a coincidence. I looked at Shaughn and got up, then grabbed his hand and pulled him up. "Are you hurt?" I examined his face and head to make sure he was ok. "No, I'm fine. You?" I looked at my elbow, which had gotten cut up pretty bad. "Nah, It's just a scratch." Not wanting me to look back, Shaughn grabbed my arm and pulled me forward, but I had to make sure we could leave. Nothing happened when I looked back so I nodded toward the entrance and we started sprinting back.

Nothing happened, but I didn't want to take any chances. As soon as we got out of the bypass tunnel I ran to where we'd started the fire and put it out. Krista grabbed my arm and pulled me close, "What happened?" I looked at her and, without explaining, said, "We have to leave. Now." I told my brother to stay with Caleb and to not let go of his hand, we weren't stopping for any reason. Shaughn was sitting by the burned out fire, completely oblivious to what was going on. I sat by him and put my hands on his face. "Look, I don't know what happened and I don't intend to find out, but whatever it was is over now. OK?" He was a zombie, didn't even respond. I gave him a hug and when I did I noticed that the path way we always took to the ditch was gone. I got up and went up a little. "Guys!" Krista, Caleb, and my brother came over, my brother staying by Shaughn. I pointed up toward where the path was supposed to be. "What the hell? Where's the path?!" Caleb looked me then at Shaughn. "What happened in there?" I didn't know what to say to him because not even I knew what had happened. "We have to go. There's another path up to the bypass road above the tunnel. There's a building there. I can try to get service up there. But we have to move now, before it gets darker. Just keep clear of the tunnel entrance, please." We made our way down toward the ditch. Krista and I had to help Shaughn, he was so tense he could hardly think to move on his own. Caleb and my brother were well ahead of us. I told Krista to go ahead, I would help Shaughn up the ladder. I called out to my brother to make sure everyone had made it up alright. "Hey! Caleb and Krista are OK." I was relieved to see my kid brothers face, then he looked over at where Shaughn was, making a funny face. "What?" I looked up at my brother then back down. "Where'd Shaughn go?" My heart sank. "Fuck." I turned to my brother and pointed toward the service station just a few minutes away. "Get Caleb and Krista. You guys go to the service station and try to get service." "Wait, where are you going?" I sighed and looked over at the tunnel entrance. "I need to find Shaughn. I'll be there soon just go." He didn't hesitate.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and unlocked it. I checked the time, thinking I would never get out of there in one piece...or alive. I put it back in my pocket and headed towards the tunnel entrance once again. I saw Shaughn's flashlight on the ground. The glass was cracked but it still worked. I stepped into the tunnel, having both flashlights made a big difference. I could illuminate most of the tunnel, making it a lot less eerie. This way I could see what was ahead of me. When I was about halfway in I started calling out. "Shaughn? It's me. Shau..." I stopped. I'd felt something behind me, something freezing. I didn't want to turn around so instead I continued further. I got to the back of the tunnel, it was still pretty dark but I could see pretty far ahead. I was about to get to the back entrance when I saw something on the ground, covered in rocks. "Shaughn!" He was covered in blood and was shaking all over the place. "Shit Shaughn. What the hell did you come back for?" I took the rocks off and put my head on his, sobbing. At that point I was pissed off so I got up and started yelling. "Why don't you stop hiding you stupid little girl! I know you're here, I know you did this!" My eyes were filled with tears, aside from being pissed off I was also pretty scared. I knelt down beside Shaughn, not wanting anything else to happen to him. "Don't worry we'll get out of here. I promise." I turned him over and checked his head. His hand was wrapped around it, he'd covered his head so that his hand got most of the hit. I couldn't help but feel somewhat happy, "I'm glad you remembered the story." I sat him up a little and held him close to me, needing to feel somewhat safe myself. I made sure to cover his eyes, I was sure he'd seen enough already.

I looked up, my eyes widened. "Shaughn, I need you to get up and move towards the service building. Trust me, OK?" I whispered in his ear. He nodded and slowly got up, taking one of the flashlights. "You better get your ass up there too." I smiled and poked his side. "Don't worry, I know you'll need someone to annoy you." I knew I probably wouldn't but I had to lie so he'd leave. "Go. I'll be there soon." He gave me a hug and sprinted to the entrance. I didn't turn back around until I saw him go up the other service ladder. I turned facing the tunnel. I was trembling uncontrollably. I knew if we had both tried to leave, both of us would have died. I didn't want anything to happen to both of us leaving my brother without a sister and without the person that had been like a big brother to him while my older brother was in college. I had to stay. I knew everyone would be alright. I could hear my brother yelling out my name telling me to get up there. But I couldn't. If I tried I would only be met by the little girl. It was better to die in here than to go out of the tunnel and be killed in plain sight, I couldn't let my brother see that. I closed my eyes, praying to the gods for lack of sensory nerves. Just when I opened them I saw her. Her white dress soiled, covered in blood. Her eyes were blue and bloodshot and her mouth was as blue as the October sky. She looked at me then came slowly towards me. "You're the little bitch who took my friend." She laughed, a piercing laugh. Probably what people heard when they came down here before they were torn limb by limb. "Have at it then." I grabbed a rock and tossed it at her feet. "That one's pretty sharp. Easier to cut with." I put my hand in my pocket and pressed talk. Shaughn answered. "Where the hell are you!?" I didn't take my eyes off the little girl. "You can come down now." I hung up and as soon as I did she came behind me, twisted my neck and split my head open. She didn't expect me to not die. I took her soul and held it to the ground. I poured water over her mouth and shoved the rock she'd used on me in her mouth, down her throat.

Shaughn came racing down the tunnel to where I had been. He saw my body and turned toward the others. "Stop! Don't bring him in here." Krista came over toward him and slowly looked over his shoulder. "She's still breathing, right?" Shaughn and her leaned down and turned me over. My head was covered in blood, and my lips were blue. But I couldn't die. Not if I'd gotten rid of that stupid little girl. Krista lifted me up and held me in her arms, as did Shaughn. "Hey, you do have a heart." Krista took her arms off me and looked at Shaughn, knowing only I would say that about him. " They both looked at me. I coughed and wheezed. "Not to sound like a mood-killer but can you please get me to a hospital?" They both laughed. Krista called an ambulance and went over to Caleb and my brother. "What happened?" I looked at Shaughn then at a pile of rocks off to the side. "Little bitch didn't want to die." I grabbed a rock and used what strength I had left to throw it at the pile. I laughed and turned toward him again. "See? She's dead now." I closed my eyes, "Good thing I decided to stay, you weren't smart enough to do what I did." I chuckled and nudged his arm. "Ow... I'm just kidding." He looked down at me and glared. "You nearly die and you're still insulting me?!" Just then we both heard a noise and he grabbed a rock. "Jeez, calm down it's just me." Krista told us the ambulance was on its way.

Then I wake up very freaked out. And that's that.


Andrea Marcus
Andrea Marcus
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