'A Quiet Place' Review

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'A Quiet Place' Review

I went into A Quiet Place with a bit of reluctance. While the previews for the movie looked interesting, it also seemed like the movie would be slow. Also, I knew there would be a lot of reading involved with subtitles which I am personally not a fan of in movies (I love to read, but not in a movie).

The premise of the movie is there were creatures killing people by using sound to hunt them. A Quiet Place follows one family's struggle with trying to survive in a world where they could make very little noise. As seen in the preview, the family goes out of their way to dampen sound, adding sand to the ground and floors and using sign language in order to communicate (thus the subtitles). The use of sign language is very feasible for this family, as their oldest daughter, Regan (Millicent Simmonds) is deaf.

The Abbott family lives on a farm where they grow corn and other vegetables, providing food for the family. With the abundant forest and riverway, they have access to meat as well, ensuring they can survive even better. However, all of their tasks must be done in near silence. The family is also preparing for the birth of a child by mother Evelyn (Emily Blunt.) Lee Abbott (John Krasinski), the father in the story, has put in place several precautions for this to ensure the safety of the family when the time comes.

However, this is a horror film, so it wouldn’t be interesting if things didn’t go wrong.

What I Liked:

As I mentioned before, I did not expect much from this seven-person cast movie. Well, I can honestly say, I was blown away. The movie was well put together, creating an emotional attachment to the characters quickly as well as giving you insight to the horrors they have gone through very early on in the movie. They do not reveal too much too quickly, but they also do not leave you confused through the entire movie.

The cast was incredible. The character of Regan was actually played by a deaf actress, adding a realness that simply isn’t there without true knowledge. There are struggles and pain all through the movie, and while the family is united in their survival, there are still elements to the characters that strike true, the loving mother, the hard-working father, the moody teenager, and the frightened boy trying to live up to expectations. These are relatable to any family no matter the situation.

While there was a lot of reading involved, it wasn’t a complete silent movie. Lines were delivered in a genuine and honest way, making it all that much more believable. For how simple the film seems on the outside, it was done in an extraordinary way.

Not only was the acting well done, but the story progressed in a way that wasn’t predictable but again, wasn’t confusing. Things were revealed and discovered in an organic way, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

What I Didn’t Like

I have to admit, there was very little about this movie I didn’t enjoy. If I must say anything bad about the film, it is that there are still some questions I have. As the movie only follows this one family, there is very little known about what is going on in the rest of the world, or information on the antagonist. However, the little bit of ignorance from those details really doesn’t deter from the overall, especially if you keep in mind that you are only following a small group of people.

There was a scene early in the movie I myself didn’t care for, but that is for more personal reasons and had nothing to do with the brilliance of the movie.

My Overall

Overall, this movie was incredible. I look forward to seeing it again and hearing what other people think of it. I give this movie a 10/10!

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