A Minor Man (Part III)

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Part III

A Minor Man (Part III)

--------Continued from "A Minor Man" and "A Minor Man (Part 2)----------

The car pulls up to a cabin near a lake. Simon, Karen, and Max get out of the car, Max is carrying the clothes he was wearing before he changed to get Karen out of the police station while they walk to the cabin. Karen chuckles and shakes her head, she says, “Well, damn. I thought you guys would be living in a mansion or something.”

“Simon crashes here, I don't really live here. I'm everywhere more than I'm at home,” said Max.

“There's not much so be careful, Karen,” added Simon.

“Why should I be careful in a cabin? We're not in the woods or anything,” asked Karen.

Max flashes a smile because he can't wait for Karen to see what's inside. Simon walks in first, followed by Max and Karen. The cabin is small on the outside but inside, it's the size of a house. There's a living room with a TV, a kitchen, a counter that's in the kitchen but it leads to the living room, Max has a room, and there's an extra room as well. Karen is dazed at this sight, she can't believe what she's seeing.

“It's no big deal, love. The extra room was my dad's, change your clothes in there, and he has a shower,” said Max.

“Umm.... thanks but I don't have a new change of clothes,” said Karen.

Max goes to his room and tosses his clothes on the floor. He grabs an old leather jacket that is Karen's size. He goes to her and gives it to her, he says, “It's yours.”

“Was this from your ex or something?” asked Karen.

“She thinks of me that way so no,” replied Max. This makes him think of some encounters he had with an old flame that he doesn't like to talk about. “Simon will wash your clothes, there're more clothes for you in a box in my room by the door.”

Karen goes upstairs to the shower. Max closes his door and rests his back on the door and pulls out a cigarette from his pocket with a match, he strikes the match and lights his cigarette. He takes a puff of his cigarette, he's relieved when he exhales and rolls up his sleeves up to his elbows.

“Ohhh Max, Max, Max, you silly sod. What does this girl have to offer besides her sadness about Jake?” asked Max to himself.

A knock is heard on the door, he gets up and opens the door. It's Simon, Max takes another puff and exhales. Simon asks him, “So what are we dealing with?”

“I don't know, did Karen tell you while I was sleeping?” replied Max.

“Not really, no, did she tell you anything?” asked Simon.

“No,” replied Max as he takes a puff.

Max gets an idea, and he can hear the shower in his dad's room, Karen is taking a shower. Simon goes to the kitchen and makes a sandwich, Max goes to the bathroom to wash his face, but he remembers something. He goes back to his room and grabs a book to read, it's an old book that his mom left him.

“You want a sandwich, Max?” asked Simon.

“No, I just remembered something,” replied Max.

Max puts the book on the counter and sits down, Simon is upset but Max knows he'll go to the living room. Max opens the book, he looks through it and flips a few pages. Most of the stuff he's flipping through is stuff that he dealt with but one thing sticks out to him that makes him stop and it's something he dealt with but it was with his dad.

“Well, I'll be a silly sod stuck in a dumpster,” said Max.

“What?” asked Simon as he finishes up making his sandwich and goes to the living room.

“If I'm right, and we go back to where Karen's friend died, we'll know what we're dealing with,” replied Max as he takes one last puff of his cigarette. The shower stops.

“What is it?” asked Simon.

“I think Dad's old friend is coming back and I think there's a debt I have to cover for him,” replied Max.

“Then, why is Karen involved?” asked Simon.

“I don't know, I'm still figuring that out,” replied Max.

Karen comes downstairs wearing a white t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans that are torn in the knees and carrying the leather jacket that Max gave her, she goes to Max and puts the jacket on the table.

“So your ex knew how to dress,” said Karen.

“Yeah, but she also knew how to be a worse demon than ones I've dealt with,” said Max.

“Don't worry, Karen, I'll wash your clothes when I'm done with my sandwich,” said Simon.

Karen gets a glass of water, Max closes the book and takes it back to his room. Max goes back to where he was sitting and says to Karen, “We have to go back to your workplace. I think I know what we're dealing with.”

“And what are we dealing with?” asked Karen.

“You'll find out,” replied Max.

“Well, I can't go back. It's a crime scene, if they catch us there, they'll arrest us,” said Karen.

“I know but that's why we're not going now, we're going back tonight. So if I were you, I'd rest up,” said Max.

“What about you and Simon?” asked Karen.

“Don't worry about me and Simon. Simon will be asleep, you should drive though. I'm not much of a driver,” replied Max.

“You better not crash my car,” said Simon.

He tosses Max the keys and Max snatches them out of the air, seeing this startled Karen a bit. She says, “Whoa. Amazing hands.”

“I used to do small tricks when I did magic before I found my dad's kind of magic,” said Max. “You know like card tricks and making stuff disappear.”

Max puts the keys down on the counter, Karen goes to Max's room. Max says, “Sure, Karen, you can sleep in my room.” Karen flips the bird to him and closes the door, she flops in his bed. She falls asleep like a light switched flicked off. Max goes to the living room with Simon, he sits on the couch with Simon and pulls out a cigarette with his lips.

“Hey, Max, before stuff with your dad went down, he wanted me to give you something,” said Simon.

He digs in his pocket, and he gives him a black Zippo lighter that is engrained with a symbol. It's something from the bible that his mom taught him, Max is frozen with surprise at this. His dad wasn't good with feelings like how Max isn't but his dad knew he was always a mama's boy. Max chuckles a bit and says, “Dick move, Dad, even for you.”

“Also, before your sister died, she wanted me to give you this,” said Simon as Max puts his lighter in his pocket.

Simon gives Max an old phone, Max turns it on. He sees there's a recording on it from his sister, Karen opens the door slightly, and she sees Max. Max plays the recording and puts the phone to his ear, Karen sees Max get a little emotional for the first time since she's seen him. Simon taps him on the shoulder twice before getting up to go do Karen's laundry, Max puts the phone down after listening to the recording and falls asleep.

About three hours later, it's nighttime. Max wakes up and sees Karen sitting next to him. She has the keys to the car and wearing her jacket, Max gets up from the couch. He notices Simon is asleep around this time but Karen says, “We should go and wake up Simon to let him know we're leaving with his car.”

“Terrible idea, love, if you wake him up around this time, it'll be like looking at Lucifer himself and that's saying a lot since I've actually seen him before,” said Max.

“Really? You've seen angels, too?” asked Karen.

“Yeah, I'm stuck with one,” replied Max.

Max goes to his room, he grabs his black trench coat and leaves with Karen. Karen gets in the driver's side while Max sits in the passenger side, Max pulls out the pack of cigarettes and puts them in his right coat pocket. Karen says, “Don't smoke around me.”

Max looks at her and pulls out his lighter, he ignites it while he sarcastically smiles at Karen. Karen starts the car, and she drives off, they sit in silence while Max massages his temple with his right hand while he rests his arm on the door.

“So what was up with that night at the bar?” asked Karen.

“Which bar, darling? I need you to be more specific, I go to a lot of bars,” replied Max.

“The one where I saw you with the guys in the alley,” replied Karen.

“Oh, these guys thought I had the Balor's eye but I didn't. Before I went back there, I played a game of cards with them and I lost but I left with something of theirs anyway,” said Max.

“Well, what is the Balor's eye anyway?” asked Karen.

“I'm not gonna bother explaining the history but basically it's an eye that needs to be closed and stay that way. If it opens, everything gets destroyed,” replied Max.

“Have you seen what it can do?” asked Karen.

“No and I want to keep it that way,” replied Max.

Karen releases a sigh. About an hour and a half later, Karen pulls up to her job, and they get out of the car. It has caution tape at the door, Max lifts the tape and Karen walk around through it, Max follows. Karen goes to the room where Jake died, Max walks in and there's an outline drawn for where Jake's body was. There are a few spots where places are marked like the chairs and where they ended when they were moved. Karen says, “What the hell are we doing here?”

Max pulls out a cigarette but Karen looks at him, “Relax, love. I'm not smoking for me, this is a special cigarette,” said Max.

“What does it do?” asked Karen.

“It shows us what I'm dealing with and if I'm right back at the house, this would be a load of trouble bigger than I thought,” replied Max.

He lights the cigarette, he chants in Latin to show him what was in the room while he spreads the smoke around. As he's chanting and moving around the room, the smoke is drawn to the wall where Jake was pinned. He stops, Karen notices him and says, “What?”

“It left a little gift behind for us,” replied Max.

“But you can't see it,” said Karen.

“Yeah, I can. Watch this,” said Max.

He puts out his cigarette and pulls out his Zippo lighter, he kisses it before igniting it. He takes the flame from the lighter to his hand, he brings it to the wall and it shows nothing, so he looks at the floor. There's a footprint, and he's seen it before, he knows the answer to his question, but he bites anyway.

“Karen, are you sure there was something that killed Jake?” asked Max.

“Yeah, I didn't do it,” replied Karen.

Max remembers something and asks, “Wait, have you had any headaches lately?”

“No, not really,” replied Karen.

“Karen, I think you--” said Max before he's cut off. He and Karen look around, something isn't right. Karen gets a really intense headache, she falls on her knees while she holds her head in pain and Max goes to her. He asks, “What is it? Something is here, is it?”

“Y....ye.....yes!” replied Karen.

Max looks around, he prepares to say an incantation to bring out what is causing Karen's headache but the invisible force pushes him to where Max is launched from where he was with Karen to across the room. He lands on a table and bounces off a little to hit the floor, he groans in pain, and he's a little pissed.

“Okay... you want to play, huh? I guess I gotta play dirty but it's okay, I love playing dirty,” said Max.

He writes a sigil on himself to keep whatever it is from touching him again, Karen is lifted from the ground and carried through the air.

“NO!” exclaimed Max as runs after her.

He summons a magic circle and throws it at Karen, it goes through her. It hits the force carrying her and it hisses in pain, Karen is dropped. Max catches her but both of them hit the floor, he pushes her off of him since he had to be the cushion of her fall.

“You're welcome,” said Max as he's getting a cigarette from his pocket.

“Thanks, asshole,” replied Karen.

“You have something, Karen,” said Max.

“What the hell does it want? All I have to offer is headaches and weird qualities about myself,” said Karen.

Max lights his cigarette, he takes a puff and says, “It wants you. That's all I know right now and that it didn't kill me.”

“Speaking of which, why didn't it kill you? It killed Jake,” replied Karen.

“I don't know, we gotta call Simon,” said Max.

They run to the car, Karen drives again, and she hands her phone to Max. He dials Simon's number, Simon is still at home, and he's finishing up with Karen's laundry. His phone rings, he answers it, “Hello?”

“Simon, listen to me, has Dad ever dealt with Nergal before he left?” asked Max.

“No, why?” replied Simon.

“Because what came after Karen wanted to visit again but it didn't kill me and tried to take Karen,” said Max.

“Well, where are you guys now?” asked Simon.

“On our way back,” replied Max.

“Alright, I'll see you when you guys get back,” said Simon.

Simon hangs up the phone, he puts Karen's laundry in the dryer. The lights flicker in the house, Simon looks around and the lights go back to normal. Max and Karen are on the way, Max is getting a little agitated and says, “Go faster, Karen!”

Karen gets lead foot and goes faster. Simon goes to the living room to watch TV, the electricity hums and a light bulb explodes in the kitchen. He gets startled by it, but he goes to see what happened, something is off when he gets closer. The house smells like sulfur, he tries to run from the house but when he gets to the door to open it, he can't open it. The door won't open. Karen's driving isn't fast enough for them so Max has an idea, he says, “Keep driving. I have an idea but you won't like it, I'll tell you when to stop.”

“What is it?” asked Karen.

“Just keep going,” replied Max.

Max closes his eyes, he focuses on what's in front of him. The power he has. The road in front of them has a portal open that will lead them to the cabin, Karen can't believe what she's seeing as they approach it. She drives through it, Max yells, “STOP!”

Karen quickly hits the brakes, the car barely touches the cabin when they arrive, and she parks it. Max exhausted himself, but he knows he has to keep going, he opens his car door, and he falls out. He tries to get up, but he falls back to the ground, Karen sees this and goes to help him up.

“Oh, no, you don't. We have to get you going,” said Karen as she wraps his arm around her neck and picks him up.

She's not strong, but she's not weak either, Max gets his feet moving, and they move faster than they think. Karen kicks the door open, Max breaks from her grip, but he falls to the floor again. He knows he won't be able to recover fast enough, so he drags himself to Karen, Simon runs to Max.

“I don't know what's going on, man,” said Simon as he picks up Max.

“It's fine. I know what I have to do now,” said Max.

“Oh, no, this would be the third time you've done this!” exclaimed Simon.

“What's he going to do?” asked Karen.

Another light bulb bursts, everyone covers their face for a second. Max breaks off of Simon and drags himself to the couch, he reaches in between the cushion. He pulls out an old map and says, “Karen, grab something, so I can use it as a pendulum and run, now!”

Karen runs, the same invisible force missed her. She goes to Max's room and grabs a pencil with a string, she ties it to the pencil. Max recites an incantation in Latin, he ends it by saying, “Show me what's inside as this spirit tries to attack.” Karen goes to Max, she gives the pencil to him, and he says, “Really? A pencil?”

“You have a better idea?” asked Karen.

Max shrugs it off and says, “Hold it by the string and let it swing back and forth.”

Max lays down on the floor, the invisible force repeatedly slams him on the floor. Simon tries to hold Max down but it's too strong for him to handle, this is it for Max. Simon hits the floor, he can only watch now like when Karen saw Jake die. It picks Max up and with his last breath, he smiles at Simon and gives Karen a thumbs up before he goes lifeless. Simon knows what he's doing now.

How does it work?
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