A Minor Man (Part 2)

by Don Anderson II about a year ago in fiction

Part II

A Minor Man (Part 2)

Karen looks at Max in astonishment with a hint of fear. Max pulls out a cigarette from his pocket and lights it with his match. He takes a puff and asks, "Well, then, darling. Can you tell me why you were at the bar last night?"

"I was there to see you," replied Karen.

"Really? And to what do I owe the pleasure?" asked Max.

"Nothing. Karen, come on, we're running late for work again," said Jake.

"Hold on, I just gotta ask him something," said Karen.

"Yeah, if she wants to ask me something, let her," said Max.

Jake is already impatient but he takes a bite of the moment for Karen's sake and says, "Fine, but I'll be watching you, man." He goes to the car and stands by it.

Max takes another puff of his cigarette before he introduces himself. "My name is Max Williams, love. You may know about me but I know more about you."

"Why do I see you so much in my head?" asked Karen.

She pulls out the drawing of Max at the diner from her jacket and shows him. Max is a little impressed by her penmanship when he sees her drawing. Art doesn't hit him like it used to since his sister used to draw. He puts the cigarette out and throws the butt away.

"Wow. That looks really good but I'm in your head because someone wants us together," replied Max.

"I don't get it, what do you mean someone wants us together? Like to date?" asked Karen.

"Don't make me laugh, doll face. Relationships aren't exactly my forte. Someone wants us to team up," replied Max.

Karen thinks this is ridiculous, and she rolls her eyes in disbelief. None of this answers her question so she leaves with Jake but before she leaves, she says, "No way. I'm not doing whatever it is you do. I'm just a normal girl."

Max knew this would happen so he seemingly speaks to himself, "Did you get all of that?"

Simon sits in his car a few inches across the street from Jake's car, and he talks into his phone. "Yeah, I caught all of it. How are we going to get on her side?" asked Simon.

Max walks to a nearby empty road while Simon drives to him and says, "We don't. Something will terrify her enough to push her towards us."

"What about her friend?" asked Simon.

"I doubt he'll make it but let's make a bet. $20 says that Jake will last for two hours," replied Max.

Simon pulls up on Max in his car while Max is walking. He hangs up the phone and says, "It's a bet, man."

Max gets in the car and he shakes hands with Simon.

Karen and Jake arrive at work. No one is there except for them. They're both surprised at this since they're usually close to late all the time. Karen goes around the place to see if this is really happening. Jake goes to the kitchen. He puts his apple slices in the fridge for later. Karen is feeling uneasy the more she's at work.

"Jake, do things feel a little weird here to you?" asked Karen

"No, not really. Hey, I'm just glad we finally beat everyone to work," replied Jake.

"Yeah but it's like we shouldn't be here right now," said Karen.

She meets him in the kitchen and they notice how quiet it is. It's almost too quiet; like at this point, it's really eerie. Karen's headache comes back and falls to the floor but it's different this time. It doesn't show her Max anywhere and it doesn't make her draw like before. She's close to screaming in pain at this point while she writhes in pain.

Jake goes to her aid and asks, "What's wrong, Karen? What is it?"

"I... don't know, OW!" replied Karen. "I don't see Max this time."

Jake is freaked out a little and asks, "Well, what is it? What do you see, Karen?"

Karen stops for a minute and she's surprised at what she sees. She screams in terror, everything shakes, and the chairs in the kitchen are thrown around. Jake lies on the ground for safety. His safety doesn't last long though.

"NO! Leave him alone!" Exclaimed Karen

An invisible force pulls Jake into the air. Karen tries to get up but her headache is still raging and the pain is too great for her. She stays where she is but she extends her hand to Jake. He tries to reach to touch her hand but he fails.

Karen's eyes wells up with tears and pleads while she cries, "Jake, come back! Come back, please!"

"I'm trying, Karen! I'm trying!" exclaimed Jake as he keeps trying to reach her hand.

While he's in the air, his head turns really fast without him trying and his neck snaps. Karen can't believe what she's seeing. She cries harder at the sight of her best friend dying. Jake's body is dropped by the force across from Karen and the room stops shaking.

Karen's headache stops. She quickly crawls to Jake's body. She holds his body close to her, his eyes are still open, and she closes them. While she's crying, she notices a message on Jake's neck and it says "Max Williams." She goes from sad about Jake's death to enraged about it.

Max and Simon hang out near a convenience store. They're having a conversation about Max being in London after Simon gets Max his new pack of Marlboro cigarettes.

"See, in London, the weather was different. Here, it's like the weather is rolling the dice depending on the time. In London, it's just a lot of rain," said Max.

"Really? You know of all the times I've known your dad, I've never been to London," said Simon.

"No way! How is it that he went to London and you didn't?" asked Max.

"I drove him to the airport and I'd stay at a hotel before he came back," replied Simon.

"Huh..." said Max.

Max taps the pack of cigarettes several times on the wall and he opens it but before he smokes, he hears thunder pounding in the sky. Simon is a little freaked out by it. Max notices it and says, "Don't worry, mate. Angels are just bowling."

"Shut up, man. I heard that as a kid, I don't need to hear it from you, too," replied Simon.

Max laughs this off and puts his cigarette in his mouth. He lights it with a match. After he takes a puff, he blows out smoke and he coughs for a minute. Simon hears Max's cough and he's grossed out.

"Might want to get that cough checked out," said Simon.

Max notices a police car pull up to the store when he finishes coughing and replies, "Maybe some other time but right now, there's bigger problems."

Two policemen get out of the car and go into the store. Max notices a third person in the backseat with hands behind their back like they're handcuffed but he can't see who it is. They seem like they're struggling to get out. They stop for a minute and notice Max. They struggle a little harder to get out like they want to kill Max but he knows who it is.

"Pay me later, Simon," said Max.

"Why?" asked Simon.

"I'll tell you later but I think I know who that is in the back," replied Max. He quickly catches an idea, "How good are you at tailing?"

"Pretty good, why? We're about to do something stupid, are we?" asked Simon.

"You bet your left nipple we are," replied Max.

Simon asks, "Well, how are we going to do this without looking suspicious to them?"

"Just go to the car. I'll take care of the rest," replied Max.

Simon goes to the car and gets in. Max goes into the store to get a pack of his favorite American candy when he was a kid. The policemen are paying for their drinks. Max goes to the candy aisle and grabs a pack of Now & Later. After they leave with their drinks, Max goes to the cashier. The cashier scans his candy, "$1.19."

Max digs in his pocket for change and gives the cashier $1.30. "Keep the rest, mate," said Max as he leaves. The police car pulls out of the store parking lot, Max gets in the car with Simon and tosses the candy in the backseat for later.

"Are we ready to go?" asked Simon.

"Yeah. Let's find out where we're headed," replied Max.

Karen sits in an interrogation room. Tear streaks are on her face and her face is stoic because of how distraught she is. She looks at her reflection in the glass, but she doesn't look the same anymore. Her hair is disorganized, face has tear streaks, cheeks are a little redder than usual. A female detective comes in with a folder and sits down across from Karen.

"Karen Adler. My name is Detective Hooper. I only came to ask a few questions," said Hooper.

Karen stares blankly at her. Hooper opens the folders and spreads out photos of the messy kitchen with chairs out, Jake's body, and the message left on his body. Karen picks up the photo of Jake's body and says, "His neck was snapped."

"We were wondering what happened between you two," said Hooper.

"We came into work... and no one was there. It was the first time in a while we've been early..." said Karen.

"What was it that caused you guys to fight?" asked Hooper.

"Nothing. I loved Jake. We hardly fought," replied Karen.

Max and Simon are outside of the police station in the car. Simon is thinking to himself about how Max is going to pull this off so he asks, "How are you going to get her out of there even if she is in there?"

"She's in there, mate. I have an idea but I'm gonna need to get in the trunk," replied Max.

Simon pops the trunk. Max gets out of the car and goes to the trunk. He grabs a white button-up shirt with a black tie and a pair of black pants along with a pair of black shoes. Simon knows what his idea is now and he doesn't like it.

"No, no, no, no way. You can't be serious about this," said Simon.

"You have a better idea?" asked Max.

"No, but at least my idea doesn't involve impersonating a lawyer," replied Simon.

"Well, she needs us right now and we have a chance for her to join us," said Max.

Max gets in the car and goes into the backseat. He changes his clothes. Simon look around to see if there's anyone watching, Max puts on his pants first but they feel a little loose. He asks Simon, "Hey, mate, you have a spare belt?"

Simon digs under his seat, grabs a black belt, and hands it to Max.

"Thanks," said Max.

"Just hurry up, man," said Simon.

Max puts on the belt around his pants but he doesn't button his pants up to fasten his belt so he puts on his white button up and tie. If there was one thing Max was really good at other than magic, it was tying a tie since his father sent him away to a Catholic school after his sister died. After finishing with his shirt and tie, he goes back to his pants and buttons it up. Then, he fastens his belt and puts on his shoes before getting out of the car.

Simon looks at Max fixing his tie in the mirror on the car door and says, "Wow, you look different."

"Well, it's not the first time, mate. Plus Karen is lucky she's seeing me wear something like this. Damn, how did Dad wear this every day?" asked Max.

"Your dad was more concerned with momentary stuff more than what he was wearing," replied Simon.

Max wipes his face a little and looks to Simon. "Cigarettes?" asked Max.

Simon gives him his pack of cigarettes with the matches. Max puts them in his pants pocket after taking them but he knows there's one more thing left. "Card?"

Simon pulls out a deck of cards from in between the consol and the driver seats, he asks, "What card?"

"King of Diamonds," replied Max.

Simon pulls out a card and on the first try, he pulls out the King of Diamonds. He hands it to Max and Max says, "Don't worry, it'll be a quick in and out."

"You better be. I'm not getting arrested for this," said Simon.

Max goes in the police station but on his way there, he sees a lawyer going to the bathroom and carrying a briefcase. He quickly thinks of an idea so he follows the lawyer and when he goes inside, the lawyer goes to the urinal to see while Max goes to the nearest sink to wash his hands. When the lawyer finishes, he goes to the sink next to Max so he looks at him and they share a smile. The lawyer says, "Rough day, man, that's for sure."

"Yeah, you can say that again. I just finished my second pack of cigarettes today," said Max.

"Hell, the day I'm having, I can use one myself," laughed the lawyer.

The lawyer goes to grab his briefcase from the urinal. Max puts him in a chokehold to put him to sleep. As the lawyer stops struggling, Max shushes him as the lawyer goes stiff. Max holds him and takes him to a stall. He takes the lawyer's jacket off and puts it on to see if it would fit him but it doesn't.

"Damn, out of all people, I put the lawyer to sleep with a jacket the size of my mother," said Max.

He takes a cigarette out from his pocket on his pants and places it in the lawyer's pocket on his jacket. He pats his head and says, "You're alright, mate. I just need to get a friend out."

He grabs the briefcase and gets out of the bathroom, he goes to the front desk and the police officer asks, "Lawyer?"

"Yes, for Karen Adler," replied Max.

"Interrogation Room 2. ID, please," said the police officer.

Max takes out the King of Diamonds card and shows the police officer but to the officer, it's his ID. The officer scans it and hands it back to Max. He says, "Down the hall on the left, past the offices, and on your right, you'll see two doors. It'll tell you on the side."

"Thanks," said Max.

In the interrogation room, Karen has her hands on her head. She's exhausted, Hooper just doesn't get it so she sits up and looks at Hooper.

"So if you loved Jake so much, then why did he die in the same room as you? Was there a third person?" asked Hooper.

"No. There wasn't a third person, damn it. It was—" replied Karen.

Max coming in, stops her, and he says, "Karen Adler?"

"Yes," replied Karen.

"Stop talking. My name is Alan Holt and I'll be your lawyer," said Max.

"On whose behalf?" asked Hooper.

"No one's. I'm a public defender. I'll take it from here, detective," replied Max.

Hooper gathers the photos from the table and puts them in the folder. She leaves the room and Max sits down in the chair that Hooper was sitting in. He puts the briefcase down. Karen becomes furious and tries to grab him. Max places handcuffs on her wrists.

"Play nice, will you, love?" Asked Max.

"I am not your love. You have a lot of nerve trying to get me out of here," replied Karen.

"I know what you're thinking, Karen. How'd I get past everyone before getting to you? Well, I can do other things besides impress waitresses and be in your head," said Max.

"Then, why'd you kill Jake?" asked Karen.

"I didn't. I'll explain more but I'll tell you when we get out of here," replied Max. "Well, Miss Adler, you haven't done anything wrong and you were more of a victim in this situation than a perpetrator so if you ask me, you're free to go. I just advise you to not skip town."

Max unlocks the handcuffs and grabs them. He picks up his briefcase and opens the door for Karen. She walks out of the room first. Max goes to Hooper and gives her handcuffs to her. He says, "You dropped these on your way out. Might want to be careful."

"Yeah, thanks. Hey, at least it wasn't my gun," said Hooper.

"Hey, be careful, though. Someone might pick it up and use it," said Max.

Karen goes outside. Simon honks the car horn and Karen gets startled by this. Max meets Karen outside. He doesn't have the briefcase anymore but he says, "Being a lawyer is lame. I see why they find loopholes so much."

Karen attacks him. Max restrains her hands. "What did I say about playing nice?" asked Max.

"If you weren't in my head so much, Jake would still be alive!" replied Karen.

"If I wasn't in your head, you'd be dead with him right now," said Max.

"So what do you want? A thank you?" asked Karen.

"What I want is for you to stick with me and maybe Jake might appear to you again. I don't give a damn about your thank you. The sooner you stop fighting me, the sooner you can help me with what killed him," replied Max.

Karen yanks her hands back to herself and asks, "What do you mean 'what killed him'?"

"I know you didn't kill him but I know something did," replied Max. "You want to find out what, you have a better shot with me. If you don't and you want to go back to your normal job, you die in front of some kids and I know you don't want that."

Karen thinks about what Max said. She knows she doesn't have much of a choice but she doesn't want to risk it. Max is the only chance she has. She says, "Fine."

Simon honks twice. Max and Karen go to the car. Max opens the door to get in the backseat. Karen sits in the passenger seat. Simon asks, "How long did he last?"

"Doesn't matter now. I know I won, pay up," replied Max.

"You guys seriously had a bet on Jake?" Asked Karen.

"It's something Simon and I do. We bet on other things too," replied Max.

"You guys are assholes," said Karen.

"Well, Simon is the bigger asshole compared to me so yes, we're assholes but there's worse than us," said Max.

Simon puts the car in reverse but before he drives, he asks, "Where to, guys?"

"Take us to the lair, mate. Time to give her a tour of what we deal with before she gets her hands dirty," replied Max.

Simon backs out of the parking lot and drives off. Max loosens his tie a little and unbuttons the top button on his shirt. He grabs his pants and shirt that he was wearing before changing his clothes to use it as a pillow, he lays down to take a nap. Karen is in disbelief and doubtful of Max while Simon drives with a locked gaze on the road.

Don Anderson II
Don Anderson II
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