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A haunted house

A true story

By Nicholas SnearPublished 4 years ago 2 min read

It started off as a normal day, I had just got out of school and went to visit my friend Tanner. We started off just playing video games and listening to music everything was going great. About an hour into gaming he looks over and says “there is an old abandoned house about two blocks over, we should go check it out.” Now I never believed in ghosts or spirits until that day.

After telling me about this old abandoned we decided we would go check it out. So we are walking down the road to get to the house, mind you nobody has lived in this house for over 30 years. We get to the house front and I see something strange, candles in each of the windows. “I thought you said it was abandoned” I said. He replied “It is.” We decide to venture on into the house. While walking up the driveway, out of the corner of my eye I see a curtain move. We decide to go in anyways. What was inside would change my life forever.

As we enter the house it looks pretty normal for an abandoned house, no furniture, no shoes, nothing just an empty room. To put right were the stairs, straight ahead of us was the living room that lead straight into the kitchen. Nothing in either room so we decide to go upstairs. There are three rooms, two on the right side of the wall, and one straight down the hall. We open the first room, as to be expected it’s empty. We move to the second room, the door is locked, “why” I wondered. We start to make our way to the third room until we hear music coming from the second room. Then, we hear the door swing open. We look, nothing there.

We decided to backtrack and go to this now opened second room, we look inside and we see baby stuff. A crib, with the musical toys hanging above it, blocks, and baby clothes. “Well this is weird” I thought we decide not to mess with it and to check out the third room, we open it and yet again, nothing in the room.

We decide the house isn’t as creepy as we thought it would be so we make our way down stairs towards the door. On our way out we both hear heavy breathing and then, a scratchy voice yell “leave, now!” Without a second thought we both bolt to the door and leave the house. We turn back to see a face. Not just a normal face, but a young child’s face, burn to black watching us from the window on the second floor.

That day I will always remember and because of that day I believe in spirits that still roam the earth. Little did I know this would only be my first of many experience with these spirits.

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