A Haunted Farmhouse: The Troll Lady

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A Haunted Farmhouse: The Troll Lady

As I've said before, paranormal/supernatural/ghost stories are a dividing subject. Either you believe, you are open to the idea, or you don't. I have had enough experiences that made me think there is something else out there, that there is more than just us here on earth.

During the summer of 2007, a friend of mine, Steph, invited me to her Mom's farmhouse for a week. We took the Greyhound there, and it was roughly a three-hour drive. While on the bus, Steph started telling me stories about the house. She warned me about the house, or rather, what was in it.

She knew that I had experiences with the paranormal before, and didn't think that I would be scared to stay in the house. After hearing all of her stories, I was beginning to think she thought I was much braver than I actually was.

When we arrived at the bus stop, Steph's Mom, Maggie, picked us up. On the way to Maggie's house, we picked up some pizza and pop for dinner. As we pulled up to the house, I got a massive pit in my stomach. It looked very, very creepy. Don't get me wrong, her home was lovely, but I think Steph's stories scared me so much that it skewed my outlook on the house.

When I got out of the car, I got my stuff out of the trunk. I then glanced back at the house for a moment, and I thought I saw someone peering out of the living room window. When I looked at the window again, who or whatever it was had disappeared.

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Steph took me inside, and we brought our stuff upstairs to our room, then she showed me around the rest of the house. When we finished the tour, she brought me to the basement door and told me that no one goes in there unless they absolutely have to because He lives down there.

The "He" Steph referred to was the ghost/spirit of a man who supposedly murdered his family in that home. He was dangerous. According to Maggie, she had a Priest and a Shaman visit to bless the house and cast His spirit to the barn where he couldn't do any harm. After an unexpected incident occurred (details in other stories later), he got back into the house and now resides in the basement.

It was then I asked her who I had seen in the window. At first, I thought that maybe her sister was over, or maybe her nieces, but there was no one in the house other than Maggie, Steph and I. She said that there is a little girl who shows up in the living room from time to time and was sure that's who I saw.

The experience I'm sharing with you is one that I had with The Troll Lady. She would walk through the hallways at night, with a distinctly loud limp. She had a club foot, making it easier to distinguish her footsteps in the hall compared to another person in the house. She would stop in front of every room, lingering in the doorway, before she entered. If memory serves correctly, Steph warned me never to look at her; otherwise, she would become more aggressive and start messing with you or your stuff.

Steph said that if I heard the Troll Lady in the doorway, I should politely tell her that I'm trying to sleep and ask her to leave. When you showed her respect, she would listen.

On my first night there, I was so tired I fell asleep right away. I didn't hear anything at all. The second night, however, I heard her walking down the hallway, stopping just outside of our room. I tried to convince myself that I imagined it, but then I heard her start walking in the room, getting closer and closer.

My back was facing the door, so I couldn't tell how close she got to me, but when it sounded like she was right behind me, I spoke up.

"Could you please leave me alone? I'm trying to sleep, and I can't when you're watching me."


I could have sworn I heard a sigh from behind me. Then, I heard her turn around and walk out of the room.

I was out of breath, mumbling to myself, "Oh my God, oh my God, Oh. My. God!" Then I heard Steph say, "I know, I heard her too. I almost looked at her; she was right behind you!"

It's one thing for an individual to have seen a ghost and say it was real and not be believed by others. But if two people can simultaneously experience the same thing unbeknownst to the other, that's a different case.

Was it real? Or was it our imaginations playing tricks on us?

You decide.

Samantha Weathers
Samantha Weathers
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