A Creature from My Dreams

by Brianne Sterling 6 months ago in monster

The creature

A Creature from My Dreams

I don't know how long ago I had this dream, but I can still remember a great deal of it so vividly. I was a male in the army, in a movie. The team and I had been assigned to fight something and we had ended up in some sort of tunnel. I can't remember what the commander of the operation told us, we just did as we were told. So we entered the tunnel and the deeper we got, the tunnel that had led underground seemed to turn into a hallway, then a large building. Inside, the building was built like a maze and the lights were flashing. It was so blinding I needed to squint to even remotely see. We carried on with the operation but began to hear the oddest sounds. The place had some sort of seaweed like plants hanging down from the ceiling and something like chicken wire ripped to shreds and just plastered to the sides of the maze so every once in a while one of us would walk into the metal or into the weird plants. We didn't get harmed by anything hanging from the ceiling but the sounds from something we assumed was a dying animal continued to increase. Then the sounds multiplied. We knew it wasn't a dying animal and I know at least I felt a feeling of dread and something else I couldn't describe even now. I just knew I wanted to run out of this maze-like place and get out. So I started running, leading my pack anywhere that seemed like it would lead to an exit. A few times we came to a dead end and had to backtrack. Some of us were killed. I think I was one of them. I had been very close to this square-like exit.

Then, the dream faded and I was myself. I guess for some reason my room had been deformed into a large white room. A sort of perspective room. I will need to put a picture so any of you who read this can understand when I say the perspective room. But I will also describe it as best as I can. The whole room was white boxes and I was standing on a very flat floor even though the boxes tilted to the left of my 'room'. The further away the boxes got, the darker and blacker they got. I guess I as myself was in some sort of SAW thing because I was told I needed to get my mother to believe that the monsters in that army movie/game/ whatever it was, were real. Because they were. If I could not get her to believe me, I would die. I looked up to the dark black corner of the room to see one of the creatures.I will also put pictures that resemble the creatures in my dream the most.But again, I myself will also describe them because I remember the creature the most.

This creature was very fleshy, mushy, and pink. Think of having a human's skin flayed off but there was no blood. They did not have eyes. There weren't even sockets for eyes. They had two large slits for noses and an abnormally large mouth with razor-sharp teeth. They were hairless. Think of a hairless cat with the way their skin looked. A pink hairless cat that wanted to kill me. The creature had claws too. Claws like the creepypasta thing. The rake? Claws as long as that thing. It was so weird looking. Or maybe even like the creatures in the movie The Descent.

It started to hop down the boxes from the darkness and come more and more into the light. Slowly as if it knew it couldn't kill me yet.

I ran down the staircase that is near my room and my mother was just getting home. I attempted to tell her. You can guess she didn't believe me.

What sane person would?

The creature came up behind me and slit my throat.

But the dream... still didn't end there.

I jolted awake in my bed. In the same white room again. The same process I had described with me being told I needed to convince my mother or I would die repeated three or four more times.

When I "woke up," I didn't actually wake up. I eventually concentrated hard enough on the third or fourth time to actually wake up and escape the dream. I had to check my surroundings to be sure I was really awake.

The Descent (a reference to attempt to show what the creature somewhat looked like)

I, of course, do not own this picture either this is from the movie 'The Descent'

The Rake Creepypasta creature (a reference to show the claws the creature in my dream had)

I again, here, do not own this picture at all. I found it on Google but the proper owner of this is unknown to me. So if you are the proper owner of this art and do not want me to use this picture, please let me know.

Brianne Sterling
Brianne Sterling
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