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8 Horror Movies That STILL Deserve Sequels

Here are eight movies that I personally would love to see sequels for in the near future, and if you're a true horror lover you will too.

By Matt LoftusPublished 4 years ago 5 min read

Horror, unlike other genres, is one that never seems to go away for long as it's relatively cheap and cheerful to produce content for. Occasionally a movie comes out that truly hits a home run for the fans but for some reason or other is never capitalized on and we never got a sequel. It's extremely annoying to say the least when some movies with less imagination seem to receive cash-in sequels like nobody's business (Paranormal Activity we're looking at you) while other beloved movies never get a follow up. So I've rounded up eight movies that I personally would LOVE to see sequels for in the near future, and if you're a TRUE horror lover you will too.


An American boy gets a nip from something hairy on the Yorkshire moors and before long becomes a beast on four legs stalking Londoners in this 80's classic. I can already hear you screaming at me that there is a sequel (of sorts) to this movie already called An American Werewolf In Paris! So why the hell am I adding this to the list? Well, although there was eventually a follow up which was a semi-remake of the John Landis hit werewolf flick, we never got to see a real sequel to the original classic. Apparently, Landis's idea was too wacky for the studio to green-light but there is hope in the form of his director son Max Landis who is eyeing a reboot. Looks like a bad moon may be rising again pretty soon.

THE CRAFT (1996)

Regarded as a modern classic, although not necessarily a true hardcore horror movie, it definitely fits into this list nicely. A coven of witches experimenting with dark forces which turn on them and in turn they turn on each other (confused). The movie did extremely well at the box office and it also had a VERY open ending so it's strange no sequel was green-lit. For the last couple of years there have been extensive rumors about a reboot which would follow the daughters of the original four, although with no definitive shoot date we can only wait and wonder.

NEAR DARK (1987)

That's Gotta Hurt

One of the finest vampire movies ever made here, although it never once calls itself a 'vampire-flick'. A young farmer is kidnapped and falls in with a travelling family of blood sucking killers played excellently by the late Bill Paxton and Lance Henricksen. The film is an absolute hoot' and I have to say I felt the urge to re-watch after the tragic news of Bill's passing recently. Considering this movie has a favorable cult following and is superbly directed by Oscar winner Katheryn Bigelow, it's surprising to me there's been no sign of a sequel or even a reboot. The vampire movie needs to come back and this could be the sort of franchise that proves there's more to the monster than a brooding teen romance.


A Keanu Reeves movie where his wooden acting abilities (I like him but come on) seemed to fit perfectly with his character's doomed background. Constantine followed a psychic investigator who keeps demons and other creatures from harming the innocent. The movie divided fans as it didn't follow the comic book interpretation well as Reeves was nothing like the British David Bowie-type sketched into the graphic novel. Personally, I loved it at the time and have to say it hasn't aged too badly. Unfortunatly, bad box office takings (see a pattern here?) killed off any chance of a second outing for the character. A TV show aired in 2014 which was closer to the source material but was axed only 13 episodes into season one. It seems Constantine doesn't play-well with mainstream audiences...

I AM LEGEND (2009)

Technically this movie is the third remake from the original story about a doomed scientist trying to find a cure for the human race who have turned into cannibalistic zombies. Tapping into the love of the zombie genre, Will Smith plays against type as a deadly serious man on the verge of a complete mental breakdown. Considering Will Smith is still a massive box office draw it's surprising the proposed prequel movie was never put into place. I guess we'll see another version of this story within the next ten years though.


The much teased match-up that finally made it to the big screen saw favourite Robert Englund reprise his Freddy Krueger alter ego and go toe to toe with Jason Voorhees of the Friday the 13th franchise. Not a perfect movie by anyone's standards but it's fun and had some decent gore and FX. This one stayed true to both franchises by keeping its R rating despite most movies wimping down for that PG-13 audience at the time. So after having made a decent bit of change at the box-office how come there was never a follow up? Well, work did begin on a sequel titled Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash (which did become a comic) and ultimately stalled due to no deal being struck by the various studios. Englund said at a recent convention appearance that they definitely "left some money on the table there", I would suggest a re-watch of this movie rather then of the failed reboot of Nightmare On Elm Street though, that one WILL give you nightmares.


Sam Raimi's horror comeback that's set within a VERY familiar Evil Dead-esque world, follows Christine Brown (played by Allison Lohman) as she tries to escape her fate after being cursed by a gypsy. The movie is an absolute scream from start to finish and you won't know if you should cry out with laughter or absolute terror. It failed at the box office taking just over 1 million on a 30 million dollar budget. Tragic as it is one of the silliest and scariest supernatural horror movies of all time in my humble opinion and deserves a follow up. I'd pay to see Justin Long return in a sequel with his new terrifying belief in the supernatural after witnessing his girlfriend getting literally dragged into hell in front of his very eyes.


My personal favourite movie of this list, involves a small platoon of soldiers who come up against a horde of ravenous werewolves in the Scottish highlands no less. Funny, gory and an absolute smash hit for first time director Neil Marshall when it debuted way back in 2002! There was some pretty heavy talk of a sequel and I even remember seeing a poster floating around with the title Dog Soldiers:Fresh Meat but it never materialized. The director himself has stated recently there's little chance now of there being a sequel as he no longer owns the rights. In 2011 a web-series was announced called Dog Soldiers:Legacy, the teaser sits on YouTube (here) although, it's not a patch on the movie, so go stream it as soon as you can.

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