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5 Terrifyingly Real Ghost Stories That Will Make You Believe In The Supernatural

Skeptics Beware!

By Author Eve S EvansPublished 2 years ago 14 min read

There are few things in this world that are as fascinating — and as creepy — as a good ghost story. For centuries, people have been telling tales of hauntings, strange noises, and weird sightings. While many of these stories can be chalked up to overactive imaginations, there are some that have a ring of truth to them.

So, are ghosts real? It’s impossible to say for sure. But there are certainly some creepy — and unexplained — occurrences out there. In this blog, we’ll be sharing some of the most chilling real-life ghost stories that will make you a believer.

I See You

We fell in love with a historical house that was built in the late 1800’s. Upon buying it and moving in we adored its charm and appeal.

After only one week in the house we began to experience what we dubbed our “unseen friend.”

For five years we put up with numerous hauntings, trickery and activity. Some minor, some terrifying.

The first instance was in summer in the middle of the night. The kids were out of school and able to be up late at night (to a degree).

Our son Paxton came bolting in our bedroom around midnight breathless. He demanded why we were running across the floor downstairs back and forth.

My husband looked at me speechless, as I looked at him speechless. We had been in bed this whole time reading and were just turning our light out for the night.

I told him it hadn’t been us. My husband panicking went to check on the noises while my son stayed in the room with me.

He checked the entire house. It was still pitch black, all the lights were still off, and everything was still locked up tight.

He came back to the bedroom and shrugged and offered that maybe Paxton had a nightmare. My son was adamant that this was not a nightmare he hadn’t even went to bed yet. I tried to calm him the best I could and walked him back to his bedroom.

Fast forward to late August. The kids had just resumed school and bedtimes were earlier now. It had to be around ten in the evening. My husband and I were reading the news on our phones. Suddenly there was a loud thump followed by two smaller thumps right outside our bedroom door.

Assuming it was one of our children out of bed my husband went out of the room to catch them in the act. He was shocked to find the hallway pitch black and silent.

Confused, he went down the hallway to see if one of them ran back to their room to avoid getting into trouble for being up past their bedtime. All three of them were sound asleep.

A few months later we were getting ready for thanksgiving. Preparing all of the smaller dishes the night before so that the oven wasn’t so crowded for the main dishes.

I had just finished wrapping the last of the pre-made dishes and put it in the fridge. My husband was sitting on the sofa watching television. I took off my apron, hung it up and went to join him on the couch.

Suddenly the back door swung open loudly and slammed shut. At first, we just accepted it was one of the kids coming in because it was starting to get dark outside.

My husband yelled, “Don’t track mud in the house, and don’t slam the door!”

When there was no response, I went to check the mudroom, and no one was there. I peeked out the window on the door and all three were still playing in the backyard laughing.

The night before Christmas my husband and I finished putting out all of the kids’ presents. We were exhausted. We had to build this and that, so it was easier for the kids in the morning.

Instead of reading we decided to go straight to bed. My husband fell asleep before I could and started snoring loudly as usual.

I was overcome with a feeling of being watched. I couldn’t seem to shake it. I heard the sound of creaky floorboards right at the foot of our bed.

Completely frozen in place and freaked out I tried my best to nudge my husband awake. He continued snoring on unphased.

I pulled the blankets over my head and listened in between my husband’s snores. The creaking sounded as if it was moving to my side of the bed. I was too freaked out to lower the covers.

I held my breath and tried to nudge my husband again. Nothing. Still snoring. At this point I am absolutely terrified. My heartbeat was literally ringing in my ears.

Suddenly, it was as if a wind as on the other side of the blanket or maybe breath? The blanket ripped slightly in front of my face. I continued to hold my breath and squinted my eyes closed. Then I heard the lowest whisper, “I see you.”

Over the years there were many more happenings in our home. The bedroom one was the worst that ever happened, thankfully. After that incident I made sure that I fell asleep before my husband.

The Man With No Eyes

Our old house was spooky. There was no doubt in my mind.

In the beginning, the activity was minor. My keys were moved from where I had left them on the table, floorboards creaking behind us while watching television.

But one night I had to work late. I came home and relieved the babysitter. Then I went into my daughter’s room to tuck her in.

She was sound asleep. I gave her a kiss on the head and headed to my bedroom to take a shower before bed.

I’m in the shower and I hear a scratching noise. Like branches on a window. Only thing is, my bathroom doesn’t have a window.

So, I open the shower door and peer out to see if my daughter had gotten out of bed and what she was doing. I did not see anyone.

I decided to turn the water off and get out of the shower so I could further investigate.

I’m in my room dressing and I hear the noise again. This time it sounds like its coming from the hallway.

I hastily throw my shirt on and go out into the hallway. Again nothing.

I’m pretty rattled and confused at what is happening. This noise is not something I have ever heard in my house before.

I decide to check on my daughter again incase someone broke in or something. She’s tucked in the corner of her bed whimpering.

I’m asking her over and over what is wrong, and she just keeps staring at a corner in the ceiling then darting her eyes towards me and back to the ceiling. Her eyes are filled with pure terror.

I make my way over to her, sit on her bed and take her in my arms. I start rocking her and putting my fingers through her hair telling her everything is ok.

“Did you have a nightmare honey?” I had asked.

She pointed towards the ceiling in the corner with a shaky finger and said, “Don’t you see the man with no eyes right there mom?”

My eyes had to bug out of my head. I hadn’t turned any lights on in her room. All there was, was her night light.

I had to be the protector. So, I slowly turned my head in the direction of her finger and looked at the ceiling. I did not see a man with no eyes, but I did see a black mist up by the ceiling.

I scooped my daughter up and brought her into my room. That’s where we both slept with the door locked (like it would keep out a spirit).

For several years my daughter has told me about the man with no eyes. He does nothing to harm her she says he just stares at her in the middle of the night. Sometimes he’s on the ceiling and sometimes he is in her closet.

Dying From Fright

I worked at night as a 911 operator. On this particular day I received the weirdest call of my career.

A woman called in around two in the morning terrified. She said there was a ghost in her house and her and her daughter were terrified to leave the bedroom to get out of the house.

In the background of the call you could literally hear things smashing in the distance. I’m not one to believe in ghosts so this call threw me for quite the loop.

I dispatched help to their location and kept asking her if it was possible that someone broke in. She kept telling me no. She was sure. She had seen the thing and so had her daughter that it was not of this world.

I’m trying to keep her calm until help arrives and she starts screaming that its now at their bedroom door jangling the doorknob, that it’s going to get in.

Again, I’m saying anything I can to keep her calm. Then you hear the sound of the doorknob falling on the floor and I hear her draw in a breath and whisper, “Oh my god.”

Then the line goes dead.

I asked for an update after emergency crews arrived. It still spooks me to this day.

They had to break in the front door because everything was locked. No intruder in the house.

They found the mom and daughter in the bedroom. The daughter was whimpering under the bed, and the mom was deceased on the floor.

The doorknob was laying right inside the bedroom on the floor.

When they asked the daughter what had happened, she said, “It was the scary man who only appears at night.”

The mom died of Broken Heart Syndrome. So basically, the woman was scared to death.

Still gives me chills to this day.

Ghost Stories

It was my birthday weekend. I had begged my parents to let me invite over a few friends and tent camp in our backyard. I was ten after all, and big enough to be in the backyard with a few friends for just one night.

Hesitantly, my mother agreed. My father was to check on us multiple times throughout the evening just to make sure everything was going smoothly.

My house was literally two houses away from an old cemetery built in the late 1800’s. And I was determined to get a rise out of my friends by telling ghost stories.

In the late afternoon I helped my father set up the tent. He kept reminding me to stay in the yard and no funny business because he would be checking on us at random times. I nodded and agreed, I had no intentions of leaving the yard.

My friends and I jumped on my trampoline for the next few hours. We went inside, grabbed some popcorn and some sodas and brought it back out to the tent and readied our beds.

As it began getting dark my parents came out to say goodnight and make sure we had all that we needed in the tent for the evening.

When my parents had gone back inside, we turned our flashlights on and talked about some of the girls at school.

Brian was the scaredy cat of the bunch and I was extremely excited to scare him with a really good story.

He kept telling us he was hearing rustling in the bushes. Eddie, my other friend unzipped the tent once to check and there was nothing there.

We pretty much shrugged it off as Brian being scaredy-cat Brian and continued to chat awhile longer.

When it was really good and dark, I suggested telling ghost stories. Eddie was elated, Brian gulped and tried to hide his wide, unsure eyes.

We patted Brian on the shoulder and assured him they would not be too scary. He nodded and agreed. We let him go first.

His story was not the best attempt and a scare-all. Eddie and I kept exchanging bored glances and patiently waited for him to finish.

Once Brian had finished, Eddie and I faked shocked and patted Brian on the shoulder.

“Good one,” I said. “Ok Eddie, your turn.”

Eddie began a story about a vacant house on the outskirts of town where a little boy had died. The little boy’s family moved away a few years after his death from the trauma. The little boy roamed the streets of the town searching and hoping to find his family.

This boy was not a nice little boy. He was angry with his family for leaving him to rot alone in the house forever. He would terrorize people on the streets late at night.

Shove them in front of oncoming cars, trip them so that they fell, those types of things.

When Eddie was done, I gave him a thumbs up. “Good one dude.”

Brian looked at Eddie and then looked back at me. He knew I was the best storyteller out of all of us. I’m pretty sure he was scared to hear what my story was going to be about.

Before I had a chance to start my story however, the zipper on the tent slowly started unzipping itself.

All three of us sat there, flashlights pointed upwards at our chins in horror. We just listened as it kept unzipping, just slowly enough to hear.

I tried to calm down by telling the guys it was probably just my dad checking in on us. I got up to prove my point.

When I finished unzipping the tent and stuck my head out, no one was there. Quickly I pushed myself back into the tent and sat there frozen.

Both boys looked at me expectantly.

“Well?” Brian nudged big bulging eyes. “Is it your dad?”

With all my might I shook my head no and sat there with my arms wrapped around myself.

“What are you waiting for then!” Eddie screamed, “I’m going inside!”

Both boys took off to my house, I was following close behind. I kept turning my head and glancing behind me for some person to be following at my heels.

The only thing I saw was at the gate of the cemetery. It looked like a little boy was standing there holding a teddy bear in one hand staring directly at us.

Sick Day

It all started on a day I wasn’t feeling very well and stayed home from work. My wife and I had just moved into a house about a month prior.

I had all of it. The chills, then the sweats, kept vomiting. I was in and out of sleep with a fever.

Finally falling into a deep sleep facing the wall I felt the tiniest bit of relief and snoozed.

Half in and out of sleep I heard our bedroom door creak open. I was so out of it and groggy I didn’t even seem to register the door being opened and what it meant since my wife was at work and not at home.

A searing pain in my back fully woke me with a yelp. It felt like something had scratched my back… hard.

As I jumped out of bed, I could hear what sounded like muffled laugher and light footsteps receding in the hallway. Sounded almost like the pitter-patter of child footsteps.

Immediately I ducked into the bathroom to check my back. I lifted my shirt and there were three long scratches from my shoulder blades to my lower back.

I was shocked. Obviously, this couldn’t be my imagination. Sure, I was sick, but now I had proof… on my body. I slowly lowered my shirt walked back into the bedroom shut and locked the door.

I half waited for my wife to get home, so I did not have to be alone, and half sat there waiting to pounce on anything that tried to cause me further harm. I was nervous, rattled and I felt like crap. I fought the urge to throw up more times than I could count. I didn’t feel safe turning my back to anything.

When my wife got home, I tried not to tell her what happened because I didn’t want to scare her. But when I got out of the shower, she was in the bathroom brushing her teeth, saw my back and gasped.

That’s when I told her everything that happened that day. She looked at me wide eyed in disbelief. I couldn’t blame her. If it were her telling me, I probably would have thought she was overreacting too.

We laid down to bed and turned the light out. I was still feeling a little green, but not as bad as earlier in the day. I had a puke bucket next to my side of the bed in case I got sick in the middle of the night.

Around midnight my wife and I woke to the bucket spinning in a circle on the hard wood floor. We looked at each other terrified. Oh boy did she believe me then.

That’s when the handles on the closet doors also began to rattle. We each grabbed a pillow and high tailed it out of the room. We slept in the living room.

We hadn’t been in that house but four months before we listed it. We couldn’t live there. The activity was getting worse. Pots and pans moving on the counters, stomping footsteps in the middle of the night, whispers. It was frightening.

About the Blogger:

I have had a few ghost experiences. I’ve always believed & been curious since I was a child.

I used to wake up when I was about four years old around 2–3 am often. I don’t know how I knew, but I would get up and walk outside in the hallway. I would see what looked like dust particles form a sort of apparition and float down the hallway to my parent’s room. Which would always disappear outside their door. Then I would go lay back down.

I never knew how & why this happened. And honestly the older I got I wondered how I was so fearless and didn’t hide under my covers instead of following it.

That is my youngest event. I also saw my grandfather after he passed when I was about 7. Then, a few crazier ones as an adult.

One house horrified me to the point I had to be medicated because I was terrified to sleep at all.

Now I’m a writer of the paranormal. Maybe these experiences shaped me into who I am today. But I’ve always been sensitive. Am I psychic? Heck no. But I get feelings. I feel dread, and something bad 80% of the time happens within a day.

I can usually walk into anyone’s home and just know if something is off. When I moved into this house that haunted me, I knew. Something was off. Wasn’t sure what. Didn’t take me long before I figured it out though.

Check out more haunting stories just like this one on Bone-chilling Tales To Keep You Awake PODCAST or A Truly Haunted Podcast both hosted by Author Eve S. Evans.

Eve is the author of over 51 Paranormal/Horror books including several anthologies of Real Hauntings from all over the world. She began her journey into the paranormal after residing in 2 haunted houses that she could not explain.

The real hauntings in this article are © Eve S Evans.


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