5 Hidden Horror Gems on Netflix

Worth the Watch!

5 Hidden Horror Gems on Netflix

Everyone knows of the classic and popular horror films Netflix has to offer currently. However, you've probably seen all the greats. With so many titles to choose from on Netflix, it can leave you to wonder what you may be missing out on. No one wants to waste their time on a bad movie when you're perfectly comfortable and ready to watch something worthwhile. So here are some hidden gems you may have over looked or never heard of, but are worth the watch.

'Would You Rather'

This film's entire base is in the title. Taking place at a dinner party, with guests who are in one way or another connected without knowing, the ominous host doesn't shy away to quickly give truth to the title. He gives the guests options that they must choose from: would you rather inflict pain on the person next to you, or receive pain yourself? The guests are unable to leave and they truly must choose the lesser of two evils (in their opinion) and either perform a heinous act, receive terrible torment, or watch as someone have sever pain inflicted upon them. The film is good quality, easy to watch and definitely leaves you guessing. You'll be surprised at some of the choices made and may struggle with your own morals in finding that you too may have picked the same choice. It's definitely worth the watch.


This silent horror thriller is unlike anything done previously. A deaf woman is in her cabin in the woods, retreating to complete her book. When she starts receiving pictures on her computer from a stranger, showing herself and her home, things can get a little creepy! Yet, how well can you protect yourself from a killer, if you can't hear him coming? Through various brave stunts and ingenious tricks that help the hard of hearing, the suspenseful film will leave you slightly short of breath, hoping that good will triumph over evil. The silence that falls when seeing things through her perspective, where you can see things clearly happening in the background that she is unaware of, is truly chilling!

'The Ritual'

Four men go hiking in a remote and vast forest in Sweden, to honor the memory of a friend they recently lost. Trouble begins when it begins to rain and they need to seek shelter. In an abandoned cabin, they find a strange, archaic-looking almost-human structure that completely freaks them out. They wake up from nightmares and one of the friends is even injured. Trekking along to find their way back to civilization, they get caught up in scary moments, more nightmares, attacks, creepy being in the woods, terrifying noises and seem to get picked off one by one. The best part of this film is that you do end up seeing the beast and feeling their fear, when a small group of worshippers kidnap the last two survivors. This movie has great suspense build-up, back story, dialogue and truly puts you with the characters and in the setting. Not too scary, but more than enough going on to make you want to keep watching.


This movie will remind those certain individuals, just why they hate clowns. It will also probably cause a new wave of fear to those previous indifferent by them. Though the film seemed to have a low budget, it did not shy away from being able to send deep rooted creepy vibes to the viewer. Two women try to make their way home from a night out, when they find that their car tire is flat. When they decide to sober up by eating at a nearby diner, that's when they see "Art the Clown" for the first time. The dark, large, and creepy smile of Art is truly something out of a nightmare. And that's just the beginning. This film has no taboos and is in true slasher form when the murder of various people, in unique ways, begin. And just when you think it's enough, it won't be. Over and over again. The smile of the clown will haunt you. Many unexpected moments in this film shows that you don't need a large budget if you have a good script.

'The Perfect Host'

This is more of a psychological thriller and horror in one. The build up may be slow, but the dialogue and the acting is well presented, in that you will want to see where it takes you. A criminal on the loose disguises himself as a "friend of a friend" when entering the home of an unknowing victim, to hide from the police. The victim quickly catches on and shows his true colors—not a victim at all. An insane murderer plays host at a dinner party with his newest friend who just happened to pick the wrong house to hide in. Along with a few....other friends...the dinner party guests and host have a "wonderful time" throughout the night. Insane previous dinner party bloody pictures are shown, injuries are inflicted—yet, manners always remained during this psychotic dinner party. The criminal, meanwhile, desperately seeks a way out, because he knew his fate that awaited him when the sun came up.

I always am weary of trying new movies that I've heard nothing of, because I don't like to waste my time on something bad, when I could be watching something good. If it's not popular, spoken of, has raging reviews, I'm more than likely not going to watch it anytime soon. However, biting the bullet and randomly selecting these films has shown great promise. Sure, I had to turn off a few painfully cringeworthy b rated productions in the process, but you have to kiss the frogs before you find the prince! Well I went ahead and kissed a lot of frogs for you, and brought you some of these fine hidden gems. I hope you enjoy.

If you liked the films, and like the list, give me a tip and I will try and find you more!

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