5 Bone-Chilling Stories

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These are sure to send a chill down your spine.

5 Bone-Chilling Stories
Don't look behind you.

Nothing is better than a creepy story that lingers in your mind and sends chills down your spine.

When I think of bone chilling stories, my mind thinks automatically of Creepypasta. It's a website that allows writers to submit their own horror stories and it truly holds a lot of great ones. I'll be listing some bone-chilling shorts that you should check out and explain briefly what they are about.

The Keyhole

In this story, when a man arrives to a hotel, the woman at the front desk tells him about a specific room near his that is off limits. This peaks his interest and he decides to investigate why such a room is barred off to everyone else. While it is locked, he looks through the keyhole and sees something very peculiar. If this peaks your interest as well, I'd recommend checking out the narration TheCreepyBookworm made of this story, it'll be sure to spook you silly!

The Girl in the Photograph

The Girl in the Photograph revolves around a boy who finds a photo lying on the grass outside of his math class. The photo is of a girl, who the boy explains is the most beautiful he's ever seen. She's wearing a dress with tights and red shoes, and is holding up a peace sign. He has a strong desire to meet this girl and asks everyone to see who might know her. The way it ends always gives me the biggest chills. The narration by CreepyMcPasta adds on to the creepiness of this story.

Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn On The Lights?

This chilling story follows a girl who goes up to her dorm room late at night to grab some textbooks to study for an exam. Once she gets to her room, she decides to keep the lights off to not bother her sleeping roommate. As she enters, she notices the room smells different and hears questionable noises, but plays it off as mere fatigue. She gets her books and leaves, trying not to wake up her roommate. When she gets back to her room later on, she finds something that will surely send a chill down your spine. MrCreepyPasta gives a great narration that will enhance the fear-factor of this story.

Why I Don't Do Drugs Anymore

What's more terrifying than seeing your friend crawling upside down on the ceiling, neck broken and looking down at you? Seeing that while high as balls on some illegal substances. In this story we follow the main character who smokes a drug called K3, a more potent version of K2, with his friends. With every passing moment, things become increasingly disturbing and panicked. Thanks to The Dark Somnium's supreme quality sound design on YouTube, you can listen to this hellish bad-trip acted out in a terrifyingly realistic way. For the best experience, listen to this with headphones on.


Last but not least, the most bone-chillingly well-written story of them all, Penpal. Follow the non-linear story of a man who recounts the disturbing events of his childhood and finds out the truth, which was kept from him by his mother his whole life. If you enjoy psychological horror and want something that will unnerve you for days to come, invest the time into listening to this story. You'll love the twists and turns that it offers.

Final Words

Thanks you everyone for taking the time to look at my list 5 bone-chilling stories that you can enjoy alone in the dark. If you have any favorites, ensure that you support the wonderful narrators I linked below each of the stories. Happy spooks everyone!

Daniel Mi
Daniel Mi
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