5 Best Animated Horror Storytellers

by James Phillip 3 months ago in tv review

Who doesn't love a good scary story?

5 Best Animated Horror Storytellers

Do you remember a time when you were at summer camp and your counselors gathered all the kids together to tell scary stories that most likely still haunts your nightmares up till this very day? Or maybe you and your friends telling each other very vivid horror stories? Well, whatever the case, maybe we've all had a time where we were either the vocalist of a horror story or the unwilling victim of one.

Why are horror stories still told to this day? And why are horror stories told to kids even? Well, would you believe it comes down from past generations; horror stories have always been the focal point of horror, told to keep fear alive, but why? Why is it that scary stories are loved? Who knows, maybe some people love the excitement of being scared shitless while others were just caught in the crossfires of a horror story?

Some people believe scary stories are told to keep children from misbehaving, because if they're bad little boys and girls than the boogeyman or even the chupacabra will come and take them far away to never be heard or seen from ever again.

Well, for the individuals who crave and desire horror stories and can't live without them, there are new, improved ways of getting your kick of horror stories without having to sit in a group full of people and hearing, "Ahhh," or, "No, I'm too scared please stop!" every time the story gets too ominous for their sensitive ears.

We're not going to talk new forms of horror stories such as HOOKED, the app; but instead, we're going to dive into the land of the YouTube animated series. Now I know what are you thinking, "Youtube animated stories?" No, it's not just for kids, it is for anybody who loves a good scary story. I, myself, wouldn't let a child watch these YouTube channels with parental guidance. That is how frightening they are. The YouTube channels I am about to give out are incredibly talented when it comes to their stories, and are able to make you feel as if you are a part of the story. While their stories do not only rely on folklore, they can sometimes be real-life events or events that seem realistic enough, in which some might say makes their stories even more addicting. The more realistic and horrifying the story is the better the fear, right?

Now, before I give out the names of these channels, I must say I am in no way working with these YouTubers or the channels; the channels I am about to release are purely based on biased opinions, but are still worth checking out.

I suggest you turn on the lights and grab your favorite stuffed animal while watching these channels.

So without further ado, I present you; 5 BEST HORROR ANIMATED STORYTELLERS



Stranger stories is a new, upcoming animated storyteller able to tell stories that can send chills down anyone's spine. The audio and the narrator's voice come together to make the story more intensify because nothing sets a great foundation for a horror story than a terrifying voice.

The YouTube channels Strangers Stories are one of those horror channels that you weren't sure you wanted to have a go at, or felt it would provide the right amount of horror because of its childish animation. But that is the beauty of it, because no matter how many times you watch through the different stories, each story provides a new type of scare that you didn't realize could happen. With countless dialogue options and individual scenarios, anything could happen.



Mort is a veteran horror storyteller and his depiction of what a horror story should be is AWESOME. Not only is his storytelling AMAZING, but his animation is said to be one of kind, as if he knew exactly how to make his animations to get the best scare out of anyone.

I'll admit it, when I first saw Mort's channel way back when, I had no intention of watching his horror stories because Mort is one of those YouTubers that does not post on a regular or even on a month to month basis. Mort is one of the channels that could have a huge audience following because his stories and animation are just that great. He is also very original when it comes to his horror stories compared to the other horror tellers that tend to copy and redo each other's stories in different animations. When Mort does upload new content, you can't help but want to jump for the sky because you know it is going to be great. I, myself, feel as if I am suddenly brought to life and on the edge of my seat, starving for more juicy, horror stories.



Llama Arts? Yes, Llama Arts. He is another veteran in the scary story category; but not just a veteran, one of the OG scary storytellers. He is considered to be one of the best by many, and also has a youtube channel with over two million subscribers. It's like I said before, some individuals like being scared shitless.

Llama usually uploads a video each month, basically keeping his viewers on their toes. My favorite type of horror story from Llama is his Dark Web stories because they're so intriguing and so captivating that once you've watched one of his horror stories, you'll be counting the days for the next month to come.

Here's a quick warning: If you do plan on watching his videos, I recommend watching during them even when there's still light out.



What would you do if you woke up in the middle of the night with your grandma in your room holding a knife? These are the kind of stories Wansee is able to give us. His stories make you think and hope to yourself that you never end up in a scenario like this. Wansee is able to bring out the fear in our hearts with his horror stories and turn it into some type of fear/excitement addiction, making you wait for his next upload so that you can get your next fix.

Wansee is a Youtuber that uploads multiple times a month, which makes him one of the most favorable horror storytellers with an experience unlike any other. You are thrown directly into the cesspit of grimness, as he throws multiple horror stories your way through countless videos (with each of them being massively terrifying than the last). I am a huge fan of Wansee, even though his animation may not be my favorite, but his storytelling is definitely in my Top Three.

Wansee stories are very spectacular and doesn't usually end with death or murder, but they always make you wonder, "What if?"



Last but certainly not least, we have Thriller Teller. Thriller Teller would make anybody regret watching her videos at night. The narrator's soothing voice plays a part in the terror, causing you to relax and think you know what's going to happen next. It sort of gives you a false sense of security, making you believe everything will be fine but only to have yourself crush by a plot twist you never saw coming.

Yes, I said plot twist, so if you think you know what's going to happen next, then you're terribly mistaken because Thriller Teller is known her intensifying plot twist stories. She is a very active Youtuber, which means she uploads frequently. This could be very awesome or very bad, but it all depends on if your heart received enough time to heal from the last scare from her videos.

Thriller Teller is a rookie to the horror story category, but has been able to amass over 100K subscribers in only eight months, showing everyone that she knows what she's doing.


Thriller Teller

I never told you guys why I think scary stories exist. I believe a scary story can bring people together like no other can; fear is usually something that we can all relate to because everyone has something that they are scared of, whether it be a fear of sharks or a fear of hitchhiking because of a traumatic experience. And so, when it comes to scary stories, we can all sit down and enjoy all our fears together.

I'm a scare junkie and for that reason, I find it very exciting and a bit thrilling. I also believe we all have that thrill inside of us. An amazing way we can all get together and enjoy a scary night is by telling scary stories with friends and families, which is the best type of excitement since its better to be scared together than alone. Well, guys this all I have for you, for now. I hope you guys really enjoyed the list of scary storytellers and I hope you all have a great, horrifying night.

In fact, I know you all will have a horrifying night.

—J. Phillip

James Phillip

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