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3 Spooky stories

3 stories that will give you goosebumps

By Brenton DeerPublished about a year ago 3 min read
3 Spooky stories
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Title: "The Haunting of the Old Mansion"

The old mansion on the hill had been vacant for years, its once grandiose halls now empty and silent. The locals whispered that it was cursed, haunted by the ghost of the wealthy woman who had built it. They said that on certain nights, you could hear her screams echo through the halls, and see her ghostly figure wandering the grounds.

Despite the rumors, a young couple decided to buy the mansion and fix it up. They were determined to make it their dream home, and were excited to begin renovations. But as soon as they moved in, strange things began to happen. They would hear footsteps in the empty halls, and see shadows moving in the corners of their eyes. The couple tried to ignore it, thinking it was just their imagination.

But one night, as they were lying in bed, they heard a loud knock on their bedroom door. They froze, too scared to move. The knock came again, louder this time. The couple slowly got out of bed, and as they opened the door, they saw the ghostly figure of the wealthy woman standing before them. She looked at them with a sad expression, and then disappeared.

The couple was so terrified that they moved out of the mansion the next day, leaving it abandoned once again. And to this day, the locals still say that the ghost of the wealthy woman can be heard screaming in the old mansion on the hill.

Title: "The Dollmaker's Curse"

There was a dollmaker in the small town who was known for creating the most beautiful dolls. They were so lifelike that many people thought they were real. The dollmaker was a reclusive man, and no one knew much about him or his past. But everyone in the town loved his dolls and would often commission him to make one for their children.

One day, a woman approached the dollmaker with a special request. She wanted him to make a doll of her daughter, who had recently passed away. The dollmaker agreed, and set to work on the doll. But as he worked, he began to feel an eerie presence around him. He couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched.

When the doll was finished, the woman was overjoyed. She said it was just like her daughter, and took it home. But that night, strange things began to happen in her house. The woman would hear footsteps and see shadows moving in the dark. She became convinced that the doll was possessed by her daughter's spirit.

In a panic, the woman went back to the dollmaker, and begged him to take the doll back. But the dollmaker refused, saying that the curse of the dolls was upon him, and that he could not escape it. The woman was never seen again, and the dolls of the dollmaker were never sold again.

And so the legend of the dollmaker's curse lives on, whispered among the townspeople, warning them never to commission a doll from the dollmaker, lest they too fall victim to the curse.

Title: "The Last Passenger"

The train was running late, and the station was empty except for one lone passenger. He boarded the train and sat down, but as the train started to move, he noticed that all the other passengers were missing. He thought it was strange, but shrugged it off and tried to sleep. But as the train chugged along, he kept hearing strange noises, like whispering and laughter. He began to feel uneasy and decided to get off at the next stop. But when he got off, he realized that he was the only passenger on the train, and that it was heading to a destination that did not exist on any map.

The man panicked and tried to get off the train, but the doors were locked. He was trapped, and the train continued to speed along, heading towards an unknown destination. The man never returned, and the train was never seen again. Some say that the man was taken by the spirits of the other passengers, who were trapped on the train forever, condemned to ride it to an eternal destination.


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Some people may say that i'm weird, some will say i am ingenious, but i'd say... i am myself?

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