3 AM (Prologue)

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3 AM (Prologue)


I bit into my cheek as the screams of the girl in the next room shattered the near silence that the asylum was wrapped in. She was checked in about five years ago, I guess, and it's been the same nonsense, every single day with the screaming and the rattling of the bed. This bitch was actually about to make me deserve to be here. I stared at the empty darkness waiting for—THUD!—exactly that. Only the devil himself knew exactly what usually went on in that room and in everyone's head at this place.

I took advantage of the newly found silence to try to get some sleep. My heavy lids slid shut and an image flashed through my mind. An image that no matter how hard I struggled to keep intact, it faded slowly. It was like a beautiful wave that I loved to surf, it progressively crashes. The big brown eyes, simple smile, and radiation of love and affection, like a lullaby seduced me to sleep.

I woke up with a feeling of emptiness in my heart. It was always there but today it was worse. I felt like I had just wiped out in the middle of the ocean.

"Cy?!" Gertrude, my favorite nurse came in.

Gertrude isn't her real name, it's a name she was assigned because apparently we're not allowed to know their real names for THEIR safety. G was the sweetest person I had gotten to know and only nurse here who doesn't act half-dead around patients.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

At that moment, I wanted to cry. I felt the tears in my soul, but my eyes were dried out.

"I need to get out of here!" I whispered almost inaudibly but she heard me, she understood me.

I didn't move a limb. I stared at the crusty ceiling, wishing life could go differently for me.

"You need to go for breakfast, you know if they don't check you in for breakfast, they'll take you to the doctor!" G said, keeping her voice low as she moved closer to me.

"Maybe I need to see this doctor once and for all, so maybe he can see that I'm not sick, and maybe send me home?" I sat up, hope creeping in.

"You know that it doesn't work like that..." G started to remind me.

I watched in her slender frame as she sat at the edge of my crappy bed. Her green eyes met mine. She had tears in her eyes, she always mirrored the emotions that I could not express.

"Why? Because this asylum is not just for crazy people?" I asked, feeling defeated because I knew the answer...

They all believe that I'm possessed. My mom did when she dragged me here when I was five... These people did when they took me in... All but G.

"I was talking to some of the older nurses and they said that the doctor is waiting for the demon in you to present itself!" G informed.

What? Honestly, these people couldn't possibly be serious. I had been here for many years (I would be able to tell how many, but this place doesn't afford patients the luxury of knowing what date or time it is).

"So he's my exorcist now?" I asked sarcastically but knowing damn straight that this doctor was a real creep. "But I'm not possessed!" I whined.

"You know what happened to your father... I can't talk about this anymore," she said, a tear slipping out of her eye.

I watched it, mesmerized, at the way it flowed and she wiped it off, it was very unrelatable to me. G was sensitive... a little too sensitive to be working here, but I'm glad she worked here either way. I simply nodded at her as she smeared her teardrop onto my cheek.

"I love you..." she said as she walked out.

Like that, G had seduced me into going for breakfast... I have a kink for kind gestures. Lol, no, my stomach just had a kink for food, even though it was cold porridge and apple sauce (yes, they don't trust us with hot porridge).

Later that day, G ran up to me, the nurses were always running, but this time she was beaming.

"I think I might have an idea on how to get you out of here!" she whispered rather loudly and ran off before I could fully grasp the most mind-blowing words I had ever had... words that translated to FREEDOM!


"Pack your things, asshole!" My little sister stuck her tongue out at me.

"Language, Sarah!" My mother warned. I swear, if my parents weren't in the same room, I would have beat her like a drum. She was so sweet when she was younger until she grew up into a 16-year-old nightmare.

This moment here, with my parents looking at me with sympathy in their eyes and Sarah with excitement in hers, felt like the end of my world.

"It'll be like boarding school!" My father tried to make the situation seem lighter.

"IT'S A FUCKING ASYLUM!!!" I lost it.

"Piere, language!" My mother warned.

"No! No! No! You don't understand what they do to people there... I won't make it out alive!" I was full on panicking.

How could they drop this on me like this?

"That's the whole point, dumbass!" Sarah laughed.

That's it... I was RAGING! I stood up and flipped the glass coffee table. It turned in the air before shattering when it hit the ground. With that I walked over to the sliding doors, opened them and jumped, jumping out of my worst nightmare and into cool pure water...

I floated peacefully on the water hoping that the inevitable would drown in the pool and leave me trouble-free.

"Piere, you can't let them do this to us," the voice in my head whispered as I looked up at my family that watched me from the sliding doors that I had just jumped out of.

My father was yelling at me, something about this is why I'm being checked into the asylum. The water in my ears drowned him out, my mind muted him out. I watched the drama unfold like a silent movie. I watched him lean over the railing, trying to get his points across, I could tell that his voice was getting louder by the way the vein in his temple became more prominent the more his spoke. My mother, on the other hand, was another interesting character altogether, she struggled to calm her husband down but only endured being ignored and flung to the side numerous times. Sarah, well, what's a movie without a camera guy, the little devil was recording the whole thing on her phone. That's it, I had seen enough... eyes closed!

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