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This story comes from bringing happiness to everyone

By Uefa CalvinPublished 6 months ago 5 min read

This story was submitted by a wechat user named "Bring Happiness to everyone - Dongdong".

On the day before Tomb-sweeping Day in 2018, I took my daughter-in-law and eldest son back to my mother-in-law's house for dinner.

After dinner, my daughter-in-law said to her mother-in-law, let's stay here tonight and leave tomorrow.

My mother-in-law said, "You silly girl, how can you stay in your mother's house on Qingming Festival? If you want to stay, you can come back in a day or two."

We went out, mother-in-law home is in a hutong, every time is the car directly into the garage way, parked at her door.

I drove the car, straight north walk, walk to the north head turn place, is daughter-in-law's grandmother.

We got out of the car and sat at grandma's house for about 20 minutes and then went home.

On the second day, also known as Tomb-sweeping Day, it was raining lightly.

Our home is selling toys, woke up more than 10 o 'clock, because every year qingming Festival this day, there are not too many customers.

I said, I can't go today, there are not too many people, just play at home all day.

My wife thinks it will delay the money, so she wants to go to the store.

We plan to go to the store and ask the neighbors if they are busy, come back if not, and open if there are customers.

After washing, I drove the car with the wife to the store.

When we arrived, there was no one on the street and we could see north from the south. I asked my aunt in the north about business.

Aunt said, a morning did not see a person.

Some pleasantries were exchanged and we drove off.

At this time everything is normal, nothing is wrong.

About 1km east from my shop, there was a traffic light intersection and nothing happened when we waited for the traffic light.

It was only 100 meters past the traffic light. My wife was right behind me. She started crying, saying, "Oh, my mother!"

To tell you about my daughter-in-law's personality, she is cold and cold. She always smiles to others without stopping.

Ten years of marriage, I have never seen her shed a tear. She is the kind of woman who is so strong that she never goes around bad-mouthing me or saying anything to her family, even if we fight occasionally.

We've always had a really good relationship and we haven't had any big fights.

She this cry this voice, I also feel suspicious, how to cry?

I jokingly said to her, such a big person, what happened to you?

She told me she didn't know what was going on, she just wanted to cry.

After that, she kept saying, "Oh my god, oh my god," and so on and so on.

In all honesty, it was like crying in mourning.

In our Liaocheng, Shandong province, after the death of the old man, such as my father, my mother, my uncle ah, my grandfather ah, keep Shouting......

After a while, my daughter-in-law's nose began to bleed, so I took out a tissue and passed it to her.

I parked the car on the side of the road, she opened the door on the right side of the car to wipe blood, but the nosebleed kept bleeding, she is two nostril together, blocking one, the other is still bleeding.

I did not know what to do, her aunt is a clinic, I quickly called aunt, aunt answered the phone and said, "I will leave soon."

Because, daughter-in-law's grandpa died early, aunt they have to go to the grave, aunt thought I call is urging her.

I said, I'm not rushing you.

Then I told my aunt about the situation and she told me to hurry back and get some hemostatic.

My wife was crying in the back seat. "Call my mom right now."

So, I called my mother-in-law, and I briefly described the situation.

Turn on speakerphone again, mother-in-law is also asking daughter-in-law how to return a responsibility, daughter-in-law say, I also don't know why return a responsibility son.

Mother-in-law said, you hurry back, don't go back to her mother's house, directly back to grandma's house.

I drove straight to my grandmother's house,

To grandma's house, daughter-in-law's aunt, uncle and aunt are standing outside the door, waiting for us to come back.

When I pulled the door open, my wife fell to her knees, holding her mother-in-law's legs and crying.

Just then, a woman came along.

Later, after the elders introduced, I knew that she was a famous fragrant table in the village.

We all carried my daughter-in-law to grandma's bed and took off her coat.

Incense table said, you all stay in the house, do not go out, I go out to ask!

Had probably had ten minutes, sweet table entered the house, said to us because grandma opposite that old lady walked last night, the old lady on the body.

When they heard this information, they felt very incredible, all said how did not hear ah, their family did not report bereavement ah.

Turns out, the family across the street buried the old lady.

When he was buried secretly, his son did not buy a mencius, and the old woman's spirit stopped at his front door without knowing the way.

We were there last night, and my wife was dead and the old lady was taken.

When my wife came back to the city, the old lady was homesick again, so she kept saying she wanted to go home.

I called the old lady's eldest son and asked him to buy a flag from the town. He took my wife's coat and burned it on the grave.

In the evening, my wife woke up and wondered why she went back to grandma's house.

In case she was scared, I arranged with my friends and family that we were going to the city for the night, so we met here, and you fell asleep in the car.

And my daughter-in-law never asked what happened to her coat?

I have never mentioned it to her, but she can't even remember what happened when she went to the store in the morning, which means she has no memory of tomb-sweeping Day.

Later, I learned that the old lady died when she was more than 90 years old. She had been lying in bed for years with poor children, so she buried her secretly to save trouble.


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