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2 story for children

"The Ghost of the Opera" "Escape from the Asylum"

By Mohammed thanvirPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
2 story for children
Photo by Lan Gao on Unsplash

"The Ghost of the Opera" :

Once upon a time, in the grand opera house of Paris, there was a young and talented soprano named Christine. She had always dreamed of performing on the opera's grand stage, and her big break finally came when she was given the lead role in the upcoming production of "Don Juan Triumphant."

As Christine began to rehearse for the show, strange things began to happen. She would hear strange noises coming from the rafters, and she would sometimes see a mysterious figure lurking in the shadows. Despite her fear, Christine tried to brush off these occurrences as her imagination running wild.

But things took a turn for the worse during one of her rehearsals. Christine was singing on stage when she suddenly saw the figure of a man, dressed in a black cloak, standing in the audience. She froze in fear and couldn't sing anymore. The figure was revealed to be the ghost of the opera's former composer, who had died in a fire that broke out in the opera house many years ago. The ghost was said to be haunting the opera house, jealous of the new productions that were taking place in his opera house which he loved very much.

Christine was so scared, she refused to perform again in the opera house. The producers of the show were in a fix, but then Christine had an idea. She suggested that they put on a show that was dedicated to the ghost of the opera, and they did. The ghost was happy and was seen no more in the opera house. And Christine went on to become a famous opera singer, and she always remembered her experience with the ghost of the opera as a turning point in her career.

The end.

By Guilherme Lahmann on Unsplash

"Escape from the Asylum":

Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Sarah who was falsely accused of a crime and sent to a mental institution. Despite her protests of innocence, no one believed her, and she was forced to spend years in the asylum.

Sarah was determined to clear her name and escape from the asylum. She spent her days studying the institution's layout, observing the routines of the staff and looking for weaknesses in the security. She also made friends with the other patients, who helped her to gather information and supplies.

Finally, Sarah saw her chance to escape. One night, during a heavy storm, a power outage caused the security cameras to malfunction. Sarah quickly put her plan into action. She used a makeshift rope to climb over the fence, and then she made her way through the dark and stormy night.

However, Sarah soon realized that her troubles were far from over. The asylum was located in a remote area, and she had to navigate through dense forests and rough terrain to reach civilization. She also had to avoid the search parties that were sent to bring her back.

Despite the odds against her, Sarah persevered. She used her wits and determination to evade her pursuers and reach a nearby town. Once there, she contacted a lawyer and began to gather evidence to prove her innocence.

After a long and arduous legal battle, Sarah was finally cleared of all charges. She was free at last, but the experience had left her scarred and changed forever.

The end.


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