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2 Stephen King Short Stories I Bet You Haven't Read

calling all Stephen Kings fans and hyper fans. If you've read or heard of a good amount of his work, let's see if you've read/heard about these two

By Jay,when I writePublished 2 months ago 3 min read
2 Stephen King Short Stories I Bet You Haven't Read
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Stephen King has been living rent free in my head lately. I haven't read much of his work, but I do know how much people love what he has written and what he has said about writing...also what he has written on writing. Ha. Ha. Ha. I crack myself up.

He has gotten many of his works to the big screen, the little screen (that's what they call my phone right?), and has had people credit him for not only giving them the heebie-jeebiess, but inspiring them as well. Lately, he has been inspiring me to get back into thinking up horror stories. But, I realized he was more than a prolific horror writer. He hasn't just written a book on writing either. He has stepped out of horror completely with some of his work. One, of which, will be noted here. Well, I feel as though it isn't horror. If you do, that's cool. But, it felt less creepy with a hint of thought provoking, and more...yeah, this is a normal life. Not that he hasn't written normal lives and made them absolutely terrifying (as I've been told), but----

Herer's the 2 short stories

1. Harvey's Dream

I think this one belongs in "horror" because of the tone (dark, sad and dramatic) that carried throughout it and the ending that made me feel...weirded out.

I somewhat saw it coming. I mean, when you read Stephen King's work, or any horror story, you're always trying to guess what'll happen next. Maybe that's so we can brace ourselves.

I won't spoil it, as promised (though this came out soooooo long ago. I don't feel it'd be bad for someone to just go into the details after so much time has gone by). I don't really need to tell you much.

Harvey, the husband, meets his wife in the kitchen. The reader hears what she thinks about life and her husband. You get this...bad feeling. Like, is something gonna happen between these two? Is she gonna pick up a knife and---

Or maybe it's the way King went about talking about aging and how their lives had gone on. A writer that knows how to hit real life moments and thoughts with ease. We're all aging. We're all going to look at our old partners and go through our entire lives with this sort of...odd feeling that the woman has. She shares memories her, her kids and Harvey have together. And as Harvey goes on with his story, she wishes he would just stop because she has the same feeling we do.

But hopefully no one has a dream that's like Harvey's. The dream that shows Stephen King is an expert at pulling real life and dream life together, causing you to confuse the two, only to shock you in the end.

A very heartfelt short story with a creepy element.

Onto number two.

2. Laurie

So, I wouldn't call this one "horror" because it deals with an old man getting a dog and...I mean, something happens, but maybe it's because I wasn't scared. I also didn't feel uneasy. Though, those aren't concrete indicators that a story isn't horror. Just means I'm tough.

Plot: Lloyd Sutherland is gifted a new dog from his sister. His wife has passed and he's not really in the mood for a fog in his life. But, his sister insists that this dog will help him out of the dark place he is in.

What I enjoyed about this story was that Laurie, the dog, felt like a dog. He managed to not over describe her, or give her characteristics that made you think "this dog is sinister." No. Laurie's actions reminded me of my own pup's. And I felt myself really caring about the relationship between her and her new owner.

The ending though. Stay away from Florida if you know what's good for ya.

So, have you read these two stories? If not, go ahead. People have posted audiobooks on Youtube.

Thanks. Peace.


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  • Kendall Defoe2 months ago

    All right, I have not read these two. I will hunt them down... ;)

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