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10 Strange Creatures That May Be Out There

by Kevin Harness 6 months ago in urban legend
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Most of our world remains unexplored, so what otherworldly creatures rule the skies, lurk in the darkest depths of the ocean, in the densest of forests or even are lurking under our feet? Here are 10 strange creatures that may be out there.

10: Oklahoma Octopus

Now you’re wondering, how could an octopus survive in the lakes of Oklahoma? Well, it’s definitely possible for it adapt to a lake; it would need a constant food source and in this case, it would be humans. The creature is described being the size of horse with brownish red leathery skin and long, powerful tentacles. Several unexplained drownings have occurred in the lakes of Oklahoma and officials were never able to recover the bodies of the drowning victims. Some of locals believe that the Oklahoma Octopus is responsible for these unexplained drownings.

9: Melon Heads

In the woods of Ohio, people tell stories of cannibalistic mutants with horribly disfigured faces and watermelon shaped heads. Some of the residents of Ohio believe that a mad scientist named Dr. Crow, who lived in a house on Wisner Road, was conducting horrible experiments on the orphans he raised. The children revolted against Dr. Crow and killed him. They set the house on fire, along with the laboratory and documents of the experiments. They were finally free and have been roaming the woods of Ohio ever since.

8: Mongolian Death Worm

Graboid from Tremors (the Mongolian Death Worm legend was the inspiration for this creature feature)

Tribesmen tell of lethal worms that burrow in the sands of the Gobi Desert, capable of spitting a corrosive venom that acts like acid and kill its prey by shooting volts of electricity. They call it olgoi-khorkhoi, meaning “intestine worm”, based on its coloration and resembling an animal’s intestine. Some believe the death worm gets its ability to spit acid by eating a parasitic plant called the goyo and it’s also said that coming into skin contact with the creature means certain death.

7: Skinwalker

Coming from Native American mythology, a Skinwalker is a shapeshifter. Like a werewolf, it can take on the form of any animal it wants but mostly prefers a coyote or a wolf. When it puts on a skin of an animal, it gains the spirit and power of that animal. Skinwalkers will kill livestock and even humans to gain their souls or spirits. They also have the ability to mimic voices of familiar people, so basically can sound like anyone you know.

6: Dover Demon

For a short period of time between April 21–22 in 1977, three separate sightings of a strange creature took place in Dover, Massachusetts. On April 21, William Bartlett was driving with his friends and he noticed a creature that was walking along an old stone wall off the side of the road. The same night, John Baxter was walking home from his girlfriend’s and he saw the creature in the middle of Miller Hill Road. He chased it to the point where it hid behind a tree and then ran off into the woods. The night after, Abby Brabham saw the same creature on Springdale Avenue. The next day they all drew sketches of the creature describing it to have a watermelon shaped head, large glowing eyes, and tendril-like fingers. No one knows exactly what this thing is, some say it’s an alien, a mutant animal, but it still remains a mystery.

5: Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp

In 1989, 17-year-old Chris Davis was driving home one night and his car had blown a tire. He went out to change it and as soon as he got finished, he saw figure off in the distance. The creature spotted him and started running towards him. He quickly got back into his car and drove off. The creature kept pace and jumped on top of the car; he eventually lost the creature. The damage inflicted on his car showed claw marks and teeth marks from his encounter with the Lizard Man. He reported his encounter to the police, describing the creature being seven feet tall, green, with scaly skin, sharp claws, and three digits on each hand and foot. Some reports say it has a tail.

4: Chupacabra

With a name literally meaning “goat-sucker,” the chupacabra drinks the blood of livestock and sometimes humans. It was first reported in Puerto Rico in 1995, also seen in other parts of South America and western parts of the US, including Arizona, Texas, and Florida. The chupacabra is described as a bipedal creature standing 3-4 feet tall with bat-like wings with a 13 foot wingspan, large red eyes (said to shoot lasers from them to stun their prey), spines or quills that run down its back, and sharp fangs and claws. Attacks on humans are rare but there was one incident where a woman lost her arm to the fangs of a chupacabra. The origins of this creature are unknown but there are many theories from genetic experiments to a coyote or raccoon with mange.

3: Jersey Devil

Making its home in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, the Jersey Devil is probably one of the most infamous cryptids, along with cryptids like Bigfoot, Nessie, and El Chupacabra. The story goes that a woman they called Mother Leeds had 12 children and she was going to have a 13th child. When the baby was coming she cried, “let it be a devil,” and soon enough, her wish came true. The baby was normal at first but transformed into this hideous creature with horns, cloven hooves, wings, the head and body of a horse, and a spiked or forked tail to symbolize its devilish nature. It let out a terrible cry, thrashed around the room, flew up the chimney and into the night. The reports didn’t start until the early 1900s, when people reported dogs missing, animals were being slaughtered, and people were hearing strange noises during the night. There was even a bounty for anyone who could catch the creature. No one knows for sure what this thing is but you can still hear the unearthly cries during the night.

2: Hellhounds

Also known as the “Black Shuck” or “Black Dog”, hellhounds are known as death omens and seen mostly in graveyards. They have a ghost-like appearance, bigger than a normal sized dog, and have fiery red eyes. They are equipped with speed, overpowering strength, and are even said to scorch the earth as they roam. It's said that a group of demons created these creatures to make sure souls go to hell instead of heaven.

1: Mothman

Mothman is a winged humanoid that was sighted for a year and a half in the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. It stands 6-7 feet tall, no facial features visible but large, glowing red eyes and bat-like wings. Now, you’re wondering, why not call it Batman? The name was already taken, so the next best thing was Mothman. It was mostly seen near the old TNT bunkers leftover from WWll and the Silver Bridge. The last recorded sighting was on December 15, 1967 when the Silver Bridge collapsed into the Ohio river, where 46 people died that night and some of the survivors said they saw Mothman before it collapsed. After that, the creature was never seen again and some blame Mothman for the tragedy while others believe he was trying to warn them. There have been sightings of Mothman-like creatures around the world, so is it still out there?

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