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10 Real Horrific Events That Have Happened On the Sets of Horror Movies

by Brooke Collits 3 years ago in movie review

There is something about horror movies that makes us both fascinated and terrified at the same time. The human psyche is excited by the different scary sights, sounds, thrills, and jump scare scenes offered by horror films.

From running into a killer to the possession by demons, or getting lost with the woods, horror movies keep coming up with interesting and thought-provoking scripts that target the film enthusiast present within all of us.

While what is happening in front of the camera obviously depends on the storyline and is being faked, there is also a lot taking place behind the scenes. GSDiamonds collected some of the most horrific and spooky events from the set of horror movies.

Go through this list and let us know what you feel about them.

'The Possession'

This movie was a quirky take on rabbits, cursed Jewish relics, and Judaism. While the screenplay is spooky, there were numerous instances of mayhem caused during the shooting. The crew experienced numerous crazy occurrences like light bulbs present within the area exploding without any reason. Later during the shooting, one of the props caught fire and was burned to the ground. The staff couldn’t locate the reason behind the blaze, and everyone was left spooked as to what could have led to this.

'The Exorcism of Emily Rose'

The Exorcism of Emily Rose is by far one of the most watched horror movies. The movie is quite scary and keeps you up at night. The production crew and the lead actress Jennifer Carpenter reported that they would suddenly hear an alarm clock ringing with the same song, "Alive" by Pearl Jam. The crew was so spooked out that they removed all radios present within the facility. However, they could never find out what led to the song being played repetitively in the middle of night.

'The Conjuring'

Based on the true story of the Perron family, The Conjuring is claimed to be as one of the most dramatic and spooky movies out there. It is said that when the Perron family actually visited the set during the shooting, a furious wind suddenly rose and surrounded them on all corners. The crew couldn’t see any movement within the trees nearby, which is common with blowing winds.

Additionally, the cast hotel also caught fire and the director’s dog would get all spooked up and agitated after dark. There was drama brewing within the set, but the actors still did a good job.

'Twilight Zone: The Movie'

The story for this film is rather sad and spooky. During the production for this film, Vic Morrow, one of the lead actors, was killed. While this has happened with other films as well, what makes Twilight Zone truly exceptional is the fact that Marrow predicted his own death.

Just a year before the production started, Marrow got a $5 million life insurance policy and mentioned to his family that he could see something bad coming his way. Marrow was decapitated in a helicopter crash when he was filming an escape scene.

'The Amityville Horror'

This classic movie was given a reboot during 2005. Hollywood dream man Ryan Reynolds played George Lutz, a man who woke up 3:15 AM every morning to hear "voices" in his home. When filming this movie, Ryan and the other cast members would mysteriously wake up at 3:15 AM every morning even when they weren’t shooting any scenes. What made this really spooky was that it was exactly at 3:15 AM that the murders depicted within the film happened in real life. The actors were glad to wrap this one up.

'The Poltergeist'

The tale of Poltergeist is an infamous one and has led to many horror-filled speculations. During the movie, 12-year-old Heather O’Rourke died with a cardiac arrest.

What makes this creepy is that the actress playing the role of O’Rourke’s older sister also died during the release of the movie. This chain of events led to a lot of spooky facts being aligned with Poltergeist.

'The Exorcist'

Many horror fans would agree that the Exorcist is one of the most amazing films to come out from this genre. The movie is shrouded with horror, and was further classified as spooky, when Jack MacGowran, one of the actors in the film, died unexpectedly after finishing his scene. The death of MacGrowan was followed by the untimely deaths of an FX worker and a security guard.

The curse supposedly continued after the release of the film, as it is believed that many within the audience died of a heart attack as well, while watching this movie.

'Rosemary’s Baby'

Without any particularly gory or horrifying details, Rosemary’s Baby is a master class when it comes to inducing cinematic tension. The film has a deep sense of unease and dread, which multiplied when the producer for the film received a note saying he would die of a painful sickness.

The producer did fall sick later, and required immediate emergency surgery. While the producer survived, the musical composer for the movie wasn’t able to survive from a hematoma in the brain.


The set for Psycho the movie were full of spooky events. In one of the most Spooky events that has happened on set, a body double for the star Janet Leigh was murdered by a handyman working on the production.

Upon investigation it was found out that the handyman wanted to impress Sir Alfred Hitchcock, who was the director of the film.

'The Crow'

The Crow has become a cult classic, and a part of the reason for that is the death of Brandon Lee, a promising actor and son of legend Bruce Lee, on the sets of the movie. Brandon Lee died after a gun malfunctioned and fired a real bullet rather than a fake one.

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