10 Horror Films You Need to Watch This Halloween That You May Not Have Seen Before

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Horror Films (To See Before You Die)

10 Horror Films You Need to Watch This Halloween That You May Not Have Seen Before

Now this was hard. I was initially going to do a "Top 10" list. Nah. That's boring. So here's some horror films you might not have heard of.

10. 'Hereditary' (2018)

I'll start with the most recent film on the list. Hereditary developed a lot of buzz around itself when it released earlier this year, featuring an ending that had people scratching their heads. Call me crazy, but this only made me want to watch the film more. Having come out this summer, and surrounded by box-office record breakers, it hasn't made the impact that a film like this should.

This film is creepy, unpredictable, and profound, with excellent twists and turns in the plot to keep you gripped. Now the ending had people confused, but that's only a problem the first time watching this. This is one of the few films that is even better the second time around. You really need to watch this one. Watch it twice. Give it the love it deserves.

9/10. Chilling. And wonderfully clever.

9. 'Witchfinder General' (1968)

A blast from the past with this one. WitchfinderGeneral is a period drama/horror following the exploits of a witch hunter, played by the magnificent, Vincent Price. The writer and director of the film, Micheal Reeve, had only made three features before this one, and this was his last stab at being a director. It's a shame, because he has some serious talent.

There was an on-set dispute between Price and Reeve, over the director suggesting to Price to not overact. Price got angry and said something along the lines of, "I've made over 100 pictures, what have you ever done?" To which Reeve replied, "I made three good ones." Vincent got burnt.

8/10. Give it a watch. It's an under-appreciated classic.

8. '[REC]' (2007)

You may have seen the American counterpart to this one, Quarantine. But it's the Spanish speaking original that really sends shivers down your spine. An unconventional zombie flick, adopting the found footage format made famous by The Blair Witch Project.

The scares are real. The horror is real. This film is filled with suspense and has a twist on the modern zombie film that you can't miss. Far superior to the American remake. A must watch for all horror fans.

8/10. A total spook-fest.

7. 'Don't Look Now' (1973)

Another film scheduled for the remake treatment soon, Don't Look Now is very different for your average horror flick. This film relies more on confusion, and the lack of an explanation to create the horror. Following a couple in Venice after the death of their daughter, both distraught. They start to see their deceased daughter running around the streets of Venice. Are they going mad? Or is something else at foot?

With one of the more iconic endings in horror (which I can not possibly spoil for you) this film will leave you wondering, "What did I just watch?"

8/10. Solid horror film.

6. 'A Serbian Film' (2010)

I really struggled to find an image for this entry in the list, because almost every shot in this film is horrifying. I'm not exaggerating. This one is just brutal. It's more of an endurance test than an actual film. With shocking imagery of sex and violence, this film has been called disgusting, inappropriate, and plenty of other negative adjectives. However it has also been called a brave and controversial analysis of the political landscape of Serbia. Check it out and you decide.

The film follows a retired porn star being hired for one last job. Now, I really can't get into the specifics of this film beyond this point. It's just too grotesque. But if you want to be truly scared and disturbed this Halloween, then look no further, this is the film to watch.

7.5/10. Clever film, with clever ideas. But just so difficult to sit and watch.

5. 'It Follows' (2014)

Got a newer one for ya. This film shakes up the over used tropes of sexuality in horror, and turns it on its head. It is about a sexually transmitted curse, or possession. Those who are infected constantly see distant figures walking directly towards them, that no one else can see. This makes for some creative scares and scenes.

The film is probably more clever than scary. Not that, that detracts from the film. Some say it's a comment on sexual health, others feel it's an allegory for modern rape culture. With ideas as big as this in a little indie horror film, it's got to be worth watching.

8/10. A good one for film and horror fans alike.

4. 'Smash Cut' (2009)

Ok. Let me start by saying: this film is not good. This film is actually awful. But like Tommy Wiseau's The Room, it's so bad it's brilliant. Very poorly acted by the likes of horror film veteran and James Caan look-alike, David Hess, who plays a down and out horror film maker who's films aren't doing very well, critically or financially. After a drunken car accident kills a girl in his car, Hess' character covers up the death by hiding the body parts amongst the props of his horror set.

This escalates, as Hess discovers that real gore is making his current project better and believable. It then becomes a classic slasher, following a director who just wants to complete his film, killing on camera to create the perfect horror. Also starring porn star Sasha Grey and Micheal Berryman. This film needs to be seen to be believed.

5/10. Look, it's not good. But enjoyable.

3. 'Doghouse' (2009)

Now for something a bit different. A British horror comedy that is both cheeky and charming. Doghouse follows the exploits of a group of mates on a stag do, who stumble upon a town of zombified women. This film is fun, cheesy and everything you want in a popcorn flick. Much more funny than it is scary.

I could watch this many times without getting bored. There are great comedic performances from everyone involved. It might be a little too British for any Americans reading this, but give it a chance.

7.5/10. A film that makes you want to go out and party with your friends.

2. 'Bubba Ho-Tep' (2002)

Another fun one. And this one is REALLY fun. Staring the great, Bruce Campbell, stuck in a nursing home while being attacked by an ancient Egyptian evil. But that is only half of the reason why this movie is so fun. Most of the charm of this flick comes from the back story to Campbell's character.

Campbell is playing Elvis Presley, who had switched lives with an Elvis impersonator back in the day so he could live a normal life. It was the look-a-like that famously died on the toilet. Now old, and having no respect from the orderlies, who just see him as crazy, he befriends an old black man who insists that he is JFK. They band together in order to survive their impending doom.

9/10. Watch it. It's great. And with a promise at the end for a sequel that we never got (we will, give it time), there's something still to look forward to.

1. 'Suspiria' (1977)

What can I say about this film? It's breathtaking. Very few horror films are able to transcend its own restrictions and elevate itself to being a work of art. That's what we've got here. Suspiria is excellent. It's almost like a modern Shakespeare horror. And the aesthetics. Just beautiful. A beautiful film, and an amazing horror. The bold use of colour is so vastly different to any other horror you've seen. As most horror lights itself darkly, this film chooses to be vibrant.

Now this one is also due for a remake this year, and from what I've heard, it promises to be a watered down version. Don't ruin this by watching the remake first. This film deserves your attention. Conspiracy. Witchcraft. And all the colours of the rainbow. This is one horror that needs to go down in history as one of the all-time greats.

9/10. One of the better classic horrors you will see.

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