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Zombie Survival

by Garry Zwicker 4 years ago in zombies

Physical Requirements!

So there has been nothing but an increase in the belief that a zombie or zombie-like apocalypse is plausible, or even inevitable. Regardless of the "type" of zombies (which we will discuss in another story), there seems to be a similarity in what would be required in surviving such a disaster. Let us explore and discuss some of these absolutely required traits human beings would need to attain to ensure survival.


It goes without saying that this is imperative to survival. Being able to move at a consistent and/or accelerated pace for an extended period of time is crucial. We are unsure on how these "zombies" will move. Will they move in herds instinctively? Will they be as mindless as Hollywood portrays? Regardless, being able to move quickly and quietly will be incredibly important. It would be advised to test and time yourself on how long you can travel without any weight at a regular walking pace, a full tilt running for your life pace, and even a pace with an excess of weight. Time yourself, in further stories we will discuss on why this is important, especially in high-altitude areas as well as the various levels of terrain you may be expected to challenge.


This one will be easily debatable, as for a perfect specimen of human strength would require a consistent intake of carbohydrates and proteins, which may be the stepping stone of your demise. However there is a lean-strength that may be crucial for the initial outbreak of an apocalypse. Carrying weaponry, food, survival gear such as tents and hunting gear is what most will immediately think of: but what about carrying a wounded individual? Moving materials to create barriers and shelters? It would be wise to trial yourself and find your limitations, and to create your survival plan to ensure these limitations do not become exceeded too early!

General "Handiness"

Being able to build a sufficient, weather sustained shelter is something most of us have absolutely no idea how to create. Alongside this is general mechanics; being able to repair and "jimmy-rig" automotives, engines, motors, and generators may be something you would benefit on educating yourself with. Generally this may be out of the realm of understanding for us, as some of us excel at some things and struggle with others, it may be crucial to your very survival to ensure the safety of an individual that can assist with this. But be careful, these individuals will undoubtedly be considered an asset in this new world. Be sure you can offer them something that they too see as mutually beneficial. Some examples may be: stitching, knitting, wood working, medical assistance, cooking, hunting, trapping, weaponsmithing, self-defense, and even marksmanship.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read over and explore a very open mind set. Discussing and sharing insights are how we evolved as a species and solidified us as an apex predator, however there have been apex predators before us, and we have overcome those challenges; there's no saying that another species, or a variation of a species, may overcome these same obstacles, and we MUST be prepared.

This is also my first posting on here, I would love and appreciate any and all constructive criticism and feedback! Further stories will become more in-depth and focused on key aspects of survival and various tricks/tips to utilize.

Next posting I make will be discussion on who and what your survival team should look like, including numbers, specializations, responsibilities and most importantly, the fluidity you will have with these individuals and how you work as a team!

Garry out!

Garry Zwicker
Garry Zwicker
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Garry Zwicker

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