Zombie Apocalypse

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Those Lovable Zombies

Chapter 1: The Beginning

By the early to mid-21st century the world’s economy was failing and many nations have entered the worst recession in history. There were wars and racial/ethnic strife in the world and poverty and pestilence were seen in many places and the people have grown use to them since they have been occurring since the dawn of man, but no one was prepared for what was coming.

On Earth there is a species of fungus that can turn ants into zombies and cause them to climb grass and bite down so the fungus can grow out of their skulls. A chemical used by voodoo practitioners, tetra toxin has been known to turn people into living paralyzed zombies. Many scientists believe that life may exist in space and would be radically different than on Earth. Some believe that meteors may contain some ancient life but they did not fathom what one meteor was about to bring to Earth.

It was early dawn during a warm June 15th 20__ evening that an amateur astronomer, Vick Sloan saw thousands of small asteroids that appeared to him to be heading to Earth and he knew such things would have to be verified by scientist, so he quickly called The United Space Agency who then contacted the President of the United States. After serious discussion with her team of scientists and leaders around the world the President gave her authorization to hide this information from the public once it was learned that the asteroids were going to hit Earth. Vick tried to warn people but was found hanged with his hands tied behind his back in his basement. The team of scientists at TUSA realized this asteroid was going to hit the Earth sometime on May 6th 2019. She made plans to have her closest friends, advisors and a select group of politicians and wealthy to be hidden in a bunker. Most of the world leaders followed her example. The wealthy bankers, oil executives and the like, felt they were too good to hide out with their politicians whom they controlled so they built their own bunkers.

Vick Sloan’s message got around on various social networking sites and video outlets but was quickly quieted by the people that owned them fearing a mass panic. Most people believed the meteors to be just another doomsday hoax like the Mayan prophecies, Y2K and the like but this time they would be wrong. There were still others that used their own telescopes and saw the asteroids for themselves and decided to make a plan of escape. Our story is about a select few of them in Miami Florida that planned ahead as well as our cowardly politicians that decided to protect themselves. Of course let’s not forget the super wealthy. Not all the wealthy thought of themselves, and Emily and Michael Bowden were two of them. They owned SuperSave, which was a large retail chain grocery store that sold everything from groceries, guns, furniture, and just about anything a person could think of. Emily and Michael decided to fortify their stories and stock them with food, water, ammo and the like so any survivors would have a place to hide out. They installed steal shutters to cover all the windows and made sure they could all come down with the turn of a key in case of an emergency instead of having to close each one at a time. They made sure to have plenty of meat and frozen vegetables in the freezer to last a long enough time for people to survive. They had all their employees practice safety drills so they knew were to hide in case of an emergency such as a hurricane. In fact they claimed they were only preparing for hurricanes and other natural disasters as to not arouse suspicions.

Emily Bowden was of medium height, very generous and thoughtful, with hazel eyes and dark brown hair. She had a weak chin that made her mouth look small and pouty. She enjoyed keeping fit as well as her husband Michael Bowden, in fact they met at a gym Emily’s father owned. Michael had broad shoulder, was tall with a muscular physique. People would call him the gently giant since he was so large but would never do anything to harm anyone.

Now our story will shift to the President and her fellow politicians. Patty Milner was gray haired with small eyes and almost pointy ears. She had an expression on her face as someone that had sucked on a lemon for too long. Patty was an impatient, cold but shrewd woman that could read any situation and find a way to turn it to her advantage. Once she found out about the asteroids she quickly had a bunker built for herself, Congress and her staff. She may have had something to do with Vick’s death but the reader can decide for him/herself.

Chapter 2: The Other Players

Mary Karkvich was an elderly woman roughly ninety years old. She was agile for her age and had known suffering most of her life and knew to prepare for anything. Living in Miami most of her life she planned to keep safe at SuperSave in case of a hurricane and many times planned her route accordingly. She had white hair, blue eyes and always had a smile on her face.

Jack Thompson was a dwarf and was briefly famous after he rushed into his neighbors’ burning house and saving the husband, wife and their two children even after they had been mocking him for years. He got great satisfaction knowing they owed him their lives and made sure they never forgot it. Like Mary he had planned to get to SuperSave in case of emergencies.

Finally there is James “Rock” Hagemes, a tall man that suffered from an inferiority complex. He was not as tall as Michael Bowden though. He joined an MMA center to learn Muay Thai and Brazilian Ju Jitsu but got frustrated when guys half his sizes were beating him. He gave himself the name, Rock; since he thought he would be invincible. At the center he met the Bowden’s and they both took a dislike to him since he had a big ego and was very arrogant. Another guy we will meet is Charles Rickell who is exactly like James but African American. Charles was a floor manager at SuperSave. He was has tall has James and just like James suffered from an inferiority complex. Charles enjoyed giving his employees a hard time and had been reprimanded on several occasions but kept bringing up the race card in order to keep his job.

Our wealthy friends built their bunker in the desert in New Mexico since they believed no one would notice the construction and no one would make it out there when the world goes to hell after the asteriods hit. They believed the world would be like the movie Mad Maxx or the video game, Rage but of course they will be wrong. They also did not realize that only Vick calculated when the asteroids would hit and no one verified his calculation. He reported that the asteroids would hit around 5:21 PM since he realized how the government and the wealthy would react but the actual time he calculated and did not report was 3:48PM so most of these people would die on their way to salvation. Vick felt great pleasure knowing many of the rich and many politicians would die before they reached safety. None of the men that were responsible for his hanging were invited to hide out in any bunkers and were zombified when the asteroids crashed into the Earth and unleashed its cargo.

Let’s describe these asteroids for a moment. They had been travelling through space for millions of years with tiny micro-organisms inside lying dormant. The meteor was once used by an alien race to test bio-weapons and they created these micro-organisms which could infect a living host and turn them into zombies. If the infected died the tiny organisms could bring them back. After the devastation these organisms caused their planet, they blew these meteors into deep space on a collision course with Earth. Of course they did not know Earth existed at that time and are now long extinct due to their lust for greed, power and war. These aliens were constantly fighting over land, water and natural resources as well as religion.

The micro-organisms which would later be dubbed Zombie Bug by the people were larger than most Earth bacteria and needed a host with higher brain functions such as humans to survive. Zombie Bug was not resistant to bleach or other household items but resistant to any known antibiotics. Zombie Bug could withstand extreme cold and radiation since it would just form tiny capsules to protect it but could not withstand boiling water.

Everyone that knew about these asteroids could not guess they were carrying a deadly secret. The asteroids, themselves were thought to be able to kill or injure millions while most of the smaller ones would burn up in the atmosphere. The Zombie Bug was located deep in the asteroids and would survive the plunge to Earth except in the ones that would burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Chapter 3: 3-2-1 Impact and the Zombies

May 6, 20__ came just like any other day. The day was warm with a bright sun and birds chirping, and squirrels frolicking. At 3:48PM most of the wealthy and most of the politicians around the world were heading to their bunkers when suddenly they noticed the meteors coming and they knew it was too late. “Damn that rascal lied to us,” muttered a bank CEO as he tried to get the door to the bunker closed before impact but to no avail since there were many others like him trying to get in. The others would hold the door open while he tried to close it so they could get in. Patty Milner and most of Congress were already in their bunker and managed to close the door leaving many other Congressmen and Senators outside and this scene was repeated the world over. The people stuck outside tried to claw their way in to avail. The meteors hit every continent and in all there were four thousand meteors with only three hundred and forty eight impacting the Earth. The most of entire world’s greedy, wealthy and thoughtless were injured or killed as well as many politicians. Those that were not killed were infected with Zombie Bug and died of blood loss and came back as a near mindless rotting zombies.

Zombie Bug needed its victim to be alive at first so it could travel to the brain so only those that survived for a few minutes and died became near mindless zombies. Zombie Bug increased the concentration of their stomach acid and these zombies would puke their acidic contents at people, hence the name, Pukers. They needed living flesh to survive and could go days without it in order to replenish their stomach acid. The Zombie Bug also turned the living into several classes of Zombies since Zombie Bug had different effects on different people. The first were the Vampires. These appeared first, roughly thirty minutes after infection. They only drank blood and preferred human blood. They were photosensitive although they still went out during the day as long as they wore shades and long sleeve shirts and pants. They lost their ability to speak and were characterized by increased aggression and lack of or limited reasoning. The next type was the Drones. They were just like everyone else except increased aggression and sociopathic behavior. They were capable of speech and got their names due to the fact they moved like robots. The final type was the Stenchers. They excreted a gaseous vapor through their body pores that smelled like rotting eggs. They were the most aggressive of the living Zombies. They could not speak or reason and lived only to kill. Like the undead Zombies they spat their stomach acid at their victims. They were more agile than any of the other Zombies and ate anything. All the Zombies were characterized by bleeding gums which carried the Zombie Bug to their next host in case the victim would survive the attack or live long enough for the Bug to get to the Brain. None of the Zombies were known to attack each other, although the Stenchers would knock down the others to get to their victims.

Although most structures that were miles away from the impact survived the meteor impact it managed to kill and injure millions around the globe and causing the zombie plaque within an hour after impact. At first people could not believe what they saw which caused millions more to perish at the hands of the Zombie horde. Many became Zombies themselves. People quickly realized shooting Pukers in the head would not kill them like in the movies and killing the other type of Zombies only brought them back as Pukers. In order to stop the Zombies a person had to remove their limbs or cut off their head and then the limbs and finally burn the bodies. Many people only tried to save themselves which made them easy targets for Stenchers since it is helpful to be in a large group to fight off these zombies.

Emily and Michael were already hiding out at SuperSave with their families and employees. They asked their employees to bring their families as well. People flocked to military bases, police stations, stores such as SuperSave, malls and the like to protect them from the Zombie horde.

Mary Karkvich, scooped up her cat and quickly ran to her bike and pedaled hard and fast to get to SuperSave, while being chased by Stenchers. She fell off her bike in front of some teenage girls who tried to take her bike from her. “Give us your bike you old bat,” said one of the girls while one of the other girls joined in with, “you old bitch just give up the bike,” but Mary fought hard and wrestled her bike back from the teen girls while hitting them in the head with her pistol and shooting one in the arm. Mary could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she wrestled her bike away from the girls. She knew her life depended on that bike and without thinking drew her gun and beat the girls on their heads to get them away and then fired a quick shot. The girl that was hit feel to the ground in agony screaming, “The bitch shot me, call the police.” Mary got back on her bike and pedaled away. She took a glance back and saw the Stenchers grab the two girls and throw them to the ground. The girls were attacked by five Stenchers in all. They had a mangled face and white foam coming from their mouths and they carried a malevolent look upon their faces as the ripped the flesh from the girls while they were still alive. The more the girls screamed the more excited the Stenchers became. They took great delight in causing pain to their victims. Mary would never forget the blood curdling scream the girls let out while they were being torn open. The Stenchers kept the girls alive while they fed and to add more suffering they also took their time. Mary made it safely to SuperSave.

Jack Thompson being smaller than the others found getting away from the zombies to be easier since they had a tough time catching him. He helped his African-American neighbors that use to ridicule him get their stuff into their truck and told them to head to SuperSave. “I am glad I saved you guys a few years ago, since you guys are very useful at driving this big truck,” he said with a snicker. “We are grateful for you and again we are sorry for the way we treated you,” replied Terrel vexed at constantly being reminded that the little guy next to him saved him and his family. Terrel lips were curled in anger at constantly being reminded about his life being saved. His wife Sophia just rolled her eyes and let out a sigh each time Jack reminded them. They never knew that Jack started that fire and only saved them due to his conscience.

James “Rock” Hagemes was simply at SuperSave at the time of impact shopping for a barbecue he was planning with his boss being a brown noser that he was. James was not too keen on letting anyone into the store after the impact but relented due to being out numbered.

“We cannot keep opening the side doors to let the people in here,” James said with great hostility to the others in the store and then continued, “What happens if we let an infected in here?”

“We are not just going to let people stay out there to die and if you do not like it then go somewhere else,” yelled Emily with great anger and her fists held tight trying to hold back from hitting or kicking James in the groin since he had been causing problems all day. Emily made sure the entire town knew to enter from the side door and although she was not a large woman, when she got angry people knew to stay clear of her. “Well if any infected get in here and we all die, then our blood will be on your hands woman,” replied James with great hostility before he went into one of the back rooms to sulk.

Most police and military did what they could during the first days to allow has many people to come to safety but as usual there were many that only protected themselves. Their arrogance and cowardice cost them their lives since the Stenchers quickly overran any place that was not heavily manned.

In case the reader is interested there were three times as many undead zombies then the other types since most people died of their injuries and others were killed in self-defense. It took a lot to kill a Stencher, unless you shot them in the head three times at least or once with a shot gun. The Zombie Bug caused them to produce nearly four times the normal amount of adrenaline and they had the biggest appetites of all the zombies. You would know they were nearby due to their loud screech they would yell. Stenchers took a lot of bullets to go down and shooting them in the legs may slow them down but it did not stop them. They quickly became the most feared of all Zombies. The undead Zombies were the slowest but if they had you cornered you were zombie chow. They could only be killed as we mentioned before by removing their limbs and burning them or you would just have their bodies running around and arms twitching.

Although the Pukers were dead it did not take long for people to realize they had a pecking order. They went around in groups of fifteen and somehow knew which one was the dominate one. The dominate Puker got to eat the heart and liver of their victims. The Pukers would work together with other Pukers in order to get at their prey and again knew who in their group was the most dominate. They had very little planning and fore thought but the little they had was enough to get at some of their lesser intelligent people and animals. Since they were in groups only two or three would actually puke on their victims causing their victims to immediately puke and the acid content was enough to burn their skin. All this caused enough of a diversion to allow the Pukers to feast. They were extremely slow and rigid but their larger numbers helped them catch food.

The Vampires could not withstand the sun on their skin for long due to the melatonin in the skin not functioning properly. Their skins would burn within minutes so the mainly kept themselves covered. They had an increased sense of smell and like the Stenchers were capable of running after their prey. The Vampires may lack reasoning abilities but they were able to mimic human behavior long enough to catch people if they were hungry. Human blood was better nourishment for them than animal blood but they did also dine on any animals they could catch.

The Drones had rigid movement but were the only Zombies that could speak. They many times pretended to be injured to trick people into helping them and those people became Zombie chow. There were others who felt they could rob these drones thinking they were just injured and again they became Zombie chow. Drones like Stenchers took their time to feed and would many times beat their victims. They also carried weapons.

Chapter 4: The President and Her Cronies

As mentioned before not all the members of Congress made it to the bunker the President had prepared for them and none of the justices of the Supreme Court survived. Patty was not to broken hearted about their deaths either since it meant more food and supplies for everyone else.

“What the hell do we do now,” Senator Roberts yelled nervously and then continued, “We are stuck here while everyone else is out there suffering.” Senator Roberts was one of the few politicians that cared for his country and its people. Senator Roberts was an older gentleman and had a white mustache and a very distinguished face. He carried himself like royalty and never forgot his mother that raised him by herself while working at a diner and going to school at night in order to make sure he went somewhere in life. His father had died during the Second World War when he was too young to remember. He would hear stories on how he saved his entire platoon by sacrificing his own life. In gratitude for their life’s most of his father’s platoons helped his mother with her bills and Roberts education. Senator Roberts also did several tours in Vietnam since his dream was to become President and he felt no one had a right to be President that did not serve in the military. “How can you give orders to soldiers when you never were a soldier,” he would say. Senator Roberts then continued, “We need to do something to help all those people, I was only able to bring my employees and their families and everyone here could have brought in people to save.”

“Don’t worry;” said the Patty with a sarcastic smile, “our military will help whoever is out there besides it seems that a lot of them are turning on each other anyway.” None of them knew at that time about the Zombies. It wasn’t until Patty was informed by the military that there was a Zombie problem that she decided to inform everyone else. They all grew pale and cold at the news. None believed humanity would survive.

After hanging up her cell phone congresswoman Betty Reynonds walked into the center of everyone with a grim look on her face, “ What is wrong Betty?,” replied another congressman. “Our political donors that give us money for our campaigns for re-election are all dead. They were not able to close the door to their bunker in time and many perished on their way. It seems their greed and carelessness killed them. Now we have no one to contribute to our re-election and no one to work for,” replied Betty with a pale white face shaking as she said the words. She then collapsed from shear fright.

“What the hell are you talking about, the American people run this country but most of you guys forgot that and now your masters that you people decided to serve instead are dead,” replied Senator Roberts trying to catch his breath since he felt so much anger at what he saw around him and heard from Betty whom he never liked and then continued, “most of you forgot who runs this nation and it seems most world leaders have decided to serve the interest of the extremely wealthy, the very ones that thought you so beneath them they were willing to let you all die. You people should be ashamed of yourselves and I would say more but I doubt any of you would listen.”

“Now there have been a lot of people with money that helped people and they did not,” and this is how far Senator Kendall got before being interrupted by Senator Roberts, “I am not talking about them, not all rich are evil bastards just a few but they are the ones that got themselves killed and the ones that thought about others built bunkers to help everyone so I believe we will survive this because of their generosity and this world is better off with the others being killed. Bank CEO’s, Oil executives, and the rest that ran our Pharmaceutical companies and the like they all deserved what they got” Senator Roberts made this speech with such passion and such force that no one dared say anything including the President.

Being an older frail woman Betty later died from a heart attack brought on by fear. Her mouth was agape while saliva came out. People would remark that her corpse had a ghastly appearance to it has one suddenly taken by the devil himself to the depths of hell.

Chapter 5: Back at SuperSave

Things were not going any better at SuperSave either. “We need to get out of here and get to some island were we will be safe,” Charles said with an angry scowl.

“What island, huh, perhaps we should grab some boat and hope we do not run out of gas like they did in Dawn of the Dead,” sarcastically remarked James. “Some of you people here are just so stupid I do not know how you survived,” continued James in his arrogant and haughty manner. James was use to bullying his way through people and insulting them with very little consequences. “Most of you people especially you black folk are so dumb I wonder how you live or how you breathe or how your heart beats,” finished James laughing at everyone.

“You white boys think you all know everything,” replied Charles and then after a short pause continued with an angry and bitter tone, “I bet you white people are responsible for this mess since you people caused hurricane Katrina so I bet you people caused these rocks to fall and kill off all the black people but if backfired and got you too.” Charles not only being racist like James was deep into conspiracies no matter how foolish. He was at one time a firm believer that the computers would fail due to Y2K and believed the so-called Mayan prophecies. “Then again I bet the rich boys did this,” concluded Charles after noticing people giving him strange looks.

“What the hell you talking about, you blacks are the ones that act stupid not us, you are the ones that murder and rape everything in sight” replied James before being interrupted by Mary, “will both of you fools shut up now, if you two want to kill each other then go to the roof and jump off otherwise just shut the hell up,” replied Mary while shaking her left hand and grabbing the handle of her pistol with her right. Mary was ready to shoot both of them since she realized they were both evil racist men that would bully anyone to get what they want.

“There are too many people in here right now and our nerves are a bit shot so I think we all need to just calm down and stay out of each other’s way for awhile,” Terrel added. “I agree,” added Jack while eyeing both Charles and James with a suspicious eye. Jack did not like either of them and knew they might have to be gotten rid of sooner or later.

Everyone remained quiet for a few days until Robin, a girl of fifteen, started complaining of bring restless and afraid. “Well too bad,” replied James in his usual bitter manner. “Who the hell do you think you are to speak to any of us the way you do, you are just some overgrown jackass with a small penis complex. Because of your small pecker you try to act like you’re so tough,” Robin replied with a smirk. “Well the white boys do have the small one,” replied Charles. “On, please like you are any different. Just like him are a dumbass racist fool and usually when a man has to mention the size of their little pecker means they have a teeny, tiny one,’ Robin said laughingly while looking at both James and Charles. “All the wars and fights that you guys cause is only some pathetic way to prove you do not have a small pecker. Well who really cares about it anyway, only you guys. Stop being so insecure,” continued Robin. Robin was a fair skinned girl, with black hair and dark eyes. She wore a heart shaped pendant her grandmother gave her for her ninth birthday and hours before she died. She loved her grandmother more than anyone since she was the only person that took care of her. After her grandmothers death Robin learned to take care of herself and was unwilling to trust anyone. Whenever she was upset or nervous she would rub her pendant as with the same passion she would once hug her grandmother for comfort and she did that has she spoke to James and Charles. The act must have given the girl or we should say young woman courage.

“I think I am love with this girl,” replied Josh a man of eighteen. “I like it when women can tear a man apart that deserves it.” Robin then gave him a quick look as to say she likes him but does not yet trust him. Josh knew he would have to earn her trust. Josh had just turned eighteen and grew up in the lap of luxury. He had light brown hair, dark blue eyes, and a muscular physique. Although he grew up wealthy his parents made sure he worked for everything he had.

After this brief conversation a loud explosion was heard coming from outside so everyone ran to the roof to see what was going on. As they were looking they saw a gas station about a quarter of a mile away on fire but they could not tell the cause. Many of the zombies near the gas station were on fire. Most of the zombies near the store just ignored the explosion. Unlike in the movies these zombies were trying to get in by doing more than banging on the walls and doors. The banging and the moaning from the zombies could be heard through the whole story all day and night. The Stenchers and Pukers were using their stomach acid and vomiting on the doors trying to get them to dissolve. The Vampires and Drones, which were better at thinking and could drive tried a few times to crash cars into the building but to no avail. Luckily they could not drive a stick shift so they were unable to utilize the semis or the box trucks. They also tried using ladders they found but none were high enough to reach the roof of SuperSave.

“Oh, crap they are trying to get in,” one survivor said. “Gee, you think,” replied Charles in his usual sarcastic way. “Instead of acting like a jerk why don’t you help us, Charles, in trying to stop them,” replied Josh looking at Robin hoping she was impressed with his take-charge attitude. Of course Charles noticed this too, “Well why don’t you make me help little boy,” replied Charles giving a smirk to Robin. “Fine then.” Then Josh lunged at Charles, and Charles tried to stop his attack but Josh, although smaller was too fast and hit Charles square in the nose and then followed up by knocking him out cold with a kick to the chin. We can obviously say Josh knew how to fight and this did impress Robin a little but she really was not interested in guys that fought and even mentioned it afterwards in which Josh apologized. James was afraid of Josh after this also.

The screaming and the horrid smell coming from the streets were not the only things that kept our survivors awake. They would time by time see other survivors but knew they could not help them without risking their own lives. They saw the Vampire drink the blood of their victims and they saw the delight the Stenchers got from killing. They also saw how well the undead worked together and saw the Drones were able to speak and formulate plans. They knew they could not hide out forever. Many tried playing video games or watching TV but nothing could keep their minds off the fact that eventually the zombies will figure away to get to them.

They had a huge stock of propane tanks, explosives, (well improvised explosives), and ammo so they made sure to go to the roof and take out much of the zombies whenever their number got too high. Doing so gave them time to prepare their escape and to figure out where to go.

A few days later James and Jack were in the back loading some tanks, “damn you little people sure do work fast. Do you need any help lifting up of those big rags?” replied James sarcastically and trying to hold back his laughter.

“No since we midgets are so well hung I am use to holding heavy things Jones, James or is it Bobby Sue or some other dumb name you white trash give yourself? Also if you want to you can help me hold my cock when I take a piss and don’t be afraid to take a drink,” retorted Jack while laughing so heartily that everyone was able to hear.

Emily asked surprised by all the laughter, “What’s so funny?” “Oh, nothing just Jack or whatever his name is was trying to be funny but made himself look like a fool,” replied Jack trying to hold in his laughter.

At the same time Charles and Michael were working together, “I bet it really bothers you that I am helping you,” Charles said with a haughty smile. Michael shook his head and replied, “Why would it bother me?” “Because I am black and I am better than you and you people are responsible for the most amount of mass murders.” Michael simply ignored him after this point. “I bet you thought my name would be something like DeShawn or something,” and before he could finish Michael interrupted and said, “I do not give a damn what your name is or the color of your skin. The only person that is bothered by it is you and if it bothers you so much to be around whites then leave. No one is forcing you to stay here and actually the Chinese are responsible for being the bloodiest not us. Also we were slaves too, not only here but Europe was attacked by Muslims and they took a lot of slaves and raped, pillaged and killed millions. Stop acting like you guys have it any worse than anyone else. The only people holding down blacks are other blacks,” replied Michael angrily. Charles tried to respond but could not get the words out as Michael walked off.

Later on Jack decided to start bothering some of the women. As Robin went off on him another man by the name of John, a short portly man of middle age and a balding head broke in, “that is all you females can do is insult our gentiles. You females like to get into our faces and act so tough but when we respond to you the way we would respond to a man you go running to a man for protection”, John said with his loud booming voice. John was a short man with a short temper and drove a large truck due to his short man’s complex. He especially did not like women although he also professed not to like people in general but especially women. “No one was talking to you fat ass and I thought all you fat people got eaten” replied Robin with her cheeks reddening and about to explode into a paroxysm of violence. “Shut up and make me a sandwich woman,” replied John while grabbing his crouch. At this Robin flew at John but was grabbed by Mary you anticipated her response. Robin decided to go ahead and make a sandwich for John to get revenge. She spat in it and put the meat and cheese in the toilet and then added it to the bread. She also added some rat droppings for good measure and gave it to John. “Finally a woman that knows what she is good for,” said John as he ate his sandwich. Most people looked stunned that Robin would make him a sandwich until Robin confessed what she had done after John finished his meal. John got sick to his stomach and threw up while everyone laughed at him.

“He is not worth it Robin,” Mary said with a kind smile while rubbing her hair. “Ooh that is sweet the old hag and her young lover,” John blurted out with a jeering and mocking laugh. “Grow up,” retorted Mary as her and Robin walked away. “Women always have to have their way and would never do anything to help anyone else,” John said walking in the opposite direction with his head held low after being humiliated by eating that sandwich. One thing that bothered John was the fact that there would still be people alive after he died. He was so into himself that it actually bothered him that people would still be alive after his death. It bothered him so much that he was always cruel to children and teenagers. He would always give Josh and Robin dirty looks when he saw them together and laugh at the kids that got hurt. One day Josh picking up on this said in his witty way, “it really bothers you that us teenagers ill still be alive after you die. It must really burn you up that all the kids around here and will still be here and the world will still go on after you finally do the world a favor and die.” John only gave Josh a dirty sneer and spat in his direction. “That’s what I thought,” Josh added before walking away since he has had enough of John’s attitude.

“Something is going to have to be done about John, James and Charles or they will drive us all insane Terrel,” Jack said casually to get an idea of his thoughts. “I firmly agree or they will be the death of us all,” replied Terrel.

Chapter 6: Military Intervention

Although the President and Congress were hiding out in their bunker they still had full contact with the outside world, including the military, other world leaders and the press. There were a few brave of foolish members of the press, you decide, that went outside and kept reporting on the zombies. They generally wore shark suits so they couldn’t be bitten and were heavily armed.

The President gave her orders for the military to use lethal force against the zombies and to engage in battle and to save civilians. Not knowing how to stop the zombies caused the first wave of military intervention to fail and this is the story of those brave men and women.

The military with the press with them boxed the zombies in neighborhoods were they knew civilians had fled. Many of the military officers figured the zombies to be dumb and to be easy to take out. They did not realize that as they would box in one group of zombies another group would flank their positions. Fat undead zombies as well as Stenchers were the frontlines of attack. Not knowing to take out the limbs many soldiers wasted ammo shooting at the bodies and head and the fat undead just took up the shoots. The Stenchers went down then arose as the undead. The normal sized undead would follow after the fat undead and after them were the Vampires and finally the Drones. The Drones were basically the commanders. Although many military personnel died they eventually figured out to shoot off the limbs off the undead and blow the head of the living zombies. Unfortunately most lost their lives and the few that survived had to cross through thousands of zombies to get back to base. The bases as you might expect were secure and although many people in the military lost their lives during this first battle across the nation they managed to save thousands of civilians and many police officers joined in their fight.

Not ever being in the military myself I cannot accurately describe their tactics during their first assault against the zombies but the tactics were used around the globe with the same results. The zombies lost more of their own but they did not care if they won or lost. Many poor countries in Africa, Haiti and many other nations did not have any place for civilians to hide so they had to engage in hand-to-hand combat. Many grabbed machetes, knives and sharp or blunt weapons they could find and guns and fought hard. It was total war but their desire to survive helped them fight.

The President of the United States as well as leaders in the UK, Europe, Russia and China decided to send warships with soldiers to help the people in these poorer countries fight back. They could not send many as you can imagine and did not all do it out of kindness. They knew if these countries fell to the zombies they would have more zombies to fight.

No matter how bad the fight got most in the military knew one of their objectives were to capture some of the zombies so they may be tested in order to find a cure and find a way to defeat them. The President ordered the zombies that were captured to be taken to clinics around the nation to begin testing.

It did not take long for scientist to find the Zombie Bug which they named. It took them a few months to figure out its genetic structure, mode of replication and effects on its host. These results were not only presented to the President and other world leaders in order to confirm with their scientists but also shared with the media who then shared it with the public since television still worked as it did before the outbreak excluding many people in Hollywood that became zombies or were killed. Their shows or movies were simple cancelled. The following the report the media gave to the public including our survivors at SuperSave.

“The zombies are controlled by a parasite dubbed, Zombie Bug, by scientist. It is able to bring back the dead as we all have seen. It somehow takes over Calcium ion channels in their muscles, allowing them to move. It causes their stomach acid to become more concentrated and increases their appetite. They need fresh flesh to keep the parasite alive. It is able to control the brain and travels along the entire nervous system which is why taking out the brain has no effect on the undead. The parasite multiplies very quickly with fresh flesh. One bite from any type of zombies can infect you but a scratch will not if it does not contain their blood or body fluids,” they then went into the same detail we went into earlier describing the various classes of zombies. They then continued, “The Zombie Bug seems to completely rewire the brains of the living it infects so they have no sympathy or memory of their humanity. According to scientist, no cure will work on them since if the Zombie Bug is killed they will also die. The only hope is to find away to inoculate those of us not infected which they say may take time. They have already mapped the genome of the parasite and may be able to find away to inoculate us. It contains DNA just like us which is of interest to scientist. The military and our world leaders give us an estimate of nine hundred million infected at this time and eight hundred million of those are undead zombies,” then the report ended and was repeated every hour so everyone would know what they were up against. Later it was added to find material that could not easily be punctured such as shark suits and the like to keep from being infected and it was repeated that the zombies could not infect someone that was already dead before they got to them so suicide was an option if one did not want to become a zombie.

Chapter 7: The Troublemakers and a Ray of Hope

A month passed after the military assault and the argument with John, James and Charles. John enjoyed eating raw meat and powdered donuts. He would devour them voraciously with Vodka or Tequila. He spent most of his time halfway drunk and having a mouthful of sweets. When he devoured meat he would make loud oinking noises like a pig. John always made every attempt he could to insult the women, either by grabbing himself, touching them, chewing his food with his mouth open or any other way he could including making crude remarks. Whenever he spoke he spoke with a loud rude booming voice that could be heard from one end of the store to the other. Jack devised a plan to get rid of John. Jack powderized some rat poison and mixed it with his donuts, vodka and meat. As always John devoured his meal quickly and voraciously not realizing he had been poisoned. Within a few minutes he began to vomit. After convulsing and vomiting for a few hours John died. The others threw his body off the roof and just assumed he died from eating bad meat since he had kept the meat out a few days before eating it.

A week later James and Charles were on the roof arguing as usual, the other survivors made them go to the roof whenever they argued and threatened bodily harm if they refused since both James and Charles were very rude and arrogant to the others as well and people got fed up with their racial name calling. Jack and Terrel came up with an idea to knock them off the roof if they ever got a chance. James and Terrel were of course arguing and throwing racist epitaphs that we will not repeated. Eventually Charles lunged and James and they both fell to the ground rolling around. Their arguments would often end up getting physical. At this moment Jack and Terrel saw their opportunity to throw them off the roof and took it. James and Charles went over easily and the undead made quick work of them. James and Charles screamed and fought while the undead were devouring them. Jack and Terrel watched as the undead and other zombies came along and ripped the intestines our of James and Charles’ body while they were still alive and then rip the flesh from their bones. The Drones using spoons removed their eyes and ate it like grapes. Drones especially liked human eyes. Both Terrel and Jack were satisfied with what they had done and Terrel had no idea that Jack killed John.

“Well it is all done now, we will not have to deal with those pricks no longer and I doubt they will be missed,” Jack said while wiping his hands. “Yes, I am glad they are gone,” replied Terrel relieved that he will not have to hear the N-word any more. What they did not anticipate was that Robin and Josh were also on the roof making out and saw everything. They came out from their secluded spot and confronted Terrel and Jack. “We do not care that you killed those bastards and we will keep your secret if you do not tell anyone we have been coming up here making out and stuff,” replied Josh nervously. “Kid everyone knows and does not care what you two are doing and in fact we are glad you two are happy,” reassured Terrel while Jack was nodding his head in a yes manner smiling at them. “Good, thanks, and we will keep your secret,” replied Robin relieved and rubbing your grandmother’s pendant.

An hour later they were all gathered for dinner when they heard a helicopter landing on the roof. They all climbed up to the roof to see what was going on and saw a SWAT team arrive heavily armed. “We are here to help and to set up base camp. We saw your help sign and unfortunately most places are over run with survivors and we can assure you that your military and law enforcement is combating this zombie menace. I am sure you all are aware of the massacre that happened to the military some time ago. Well that was not repeated once we learned more about these zombies and we are beginning to get the upper hand. We expect to have this mess cleared up within a few months. There are base camps set up all around the world and some countries were hit harder than others. We are not here to interfere with your day-to-day lives but to assist and provide medical help,” replied the SWAT commander Mark Banier in a reassuring voice. Mark was an average sized man with a nicely trimmed goat tee. He was well built and wore black to offset his blue eyes and the fact that was his favorite color. Mark also had an eagle tattoo on his neck that he got on a bet. One of his favorite SWAT members, Summer Holzberg was an average sized woman with brown hair and sunken gray eyes. She was always smiling even when she was upset.

Summer then joined in and said, “Not only are we and the military combating the zombie problem but many civilians have joined in. I have seen them running them over in semis and steamrollers. Some of them have equipped buses so they can massacre zombies; look there is one now, oh well. I have even saw a guy hook chainsaws to his truck like they do to their motorcycles in dead rising 2 and just mow down the zombies. At this time the survivors were watching the woman on the street use a steamroller to mow down zombies. She did not appear to notice the survivors even when they yelled for her.

“Well we have plenty of food left so you guys are welcome to join us,” Emily said while looking at Summer. “Thanks,” replied Summer with her usual smile.

With James, John and Charles gone and the SWAT team joining in they were relieved but more so with John, James and Charles being dead. No one missed them and they were forgotten within a day. Mary and Robin became closer friends and Mary gave Robin advice about how to handle Josh. Josh began to trust Mary and all three of them began to become close friends. For the first time in Mary’s life she felt she had a family.

Terrel and Jack avoided each other out of distrust and Jack had a habit of talking in his sleep and may have said things that disturbed Terrel. Although they did not become enemies they were never friends. Emily and Michael’s love for each other became stronger especially once they heard that the shelters they built with their money and the fact they convinced many billionaires to do the same had saved millions of lives. They also managed to convince many wealthy people to build shelters in poorer countries in Africa and many other places. Those shelters save many lives. They were saddened by the many that many could not make it to shelters. The survivors also learned that Cuba, Jamaica, Japan, Australia, Crete, Bahamas and the UK were the first to rid themselves of their zombies.

The countries that had freed themselves of their zombie menace did what they could to help their neighbors. They sent military aid as well as food and medical supplies.

“Now we just have to wait until this zombie menace can be put under control and hopefully it will be soon,” Emily thought to herself during dinner the next day. “What are you thinking about Emily? I bet you are thinking the same thing we are all thinking and that is that when these zombies are under control that will be a good thing,” replied Michael who was always good at guessing his wife’s thoughts.

In order to break the silence Mark Bainer joined in with a story, “You know before I became a cop I wanted to be a dental assistant. Yes I know how that sounds but it is true. I was in Gainesville taking a two-day radiology course and after the first day I parked in front of McDonald’s to grab a bite to eat. It only took me maybe five minutes to eat and when I came out my car was gone. Now mind you this was in front of McDonald’s and the parking lot was mostly empty. My car got towed by one of those many scamming tow truck companies there and I had to get a cab to get a ride to their office. I tell you they are bastards and that the exact quote from the cab driver was, ‘they will get theirs someday’ and after this zombie outbreak I found out those people all got torn apart by these zombies. I know I should feel sorry for them but I was actually happy. I mean seriously who tows someone’s car for parking in a spot even it is private property. They could have called the police or did anything else instead of being scum sucking trash or at least that is what I think of them.” With her usually smile Summer said, “I doubt anyone would feel sorry for those jackasses and I have heard them coming up on traffic accidents and towing people’s cars without permission and then charging them thousands to get their car back. I know most tow truck drivers are not bad but like every profession you get those clowns that want to take advantage of people.” “I am surprised you did not go after them once you became a cop,” replied Terrel.

“Well I wanted to but it would make me as bad as they were and at least they are dead now,” replied Mark with a wicked smile. They all cheered Mark’s story. Mark also mentioned that the cab driver did survive the outbreak.

A few weeks went past and they all got along well. They did have a few arguments as one might expect but it was better than when John, James and Charles were there. They then heard gunfire in the streets and went to the roof to see what was going on. They noticed the zombie population thinning out and people driving around in large trucks shooting the zombies. The also carried chainsaw and had a delightful time dismembering the zombies. This all gave Jack an idea we will mention later in our story. If you are wondering why our survivors did not go out to join them, well first off they had plenty of food and water and secondly there was no guarantee they could get back in and thirdly they had children to watch out for and finally they did not have enough material that was puncture proof to protect themselves.

Our survivors realized at that moment they may be saved very soon. They went back to their dinner after their entertainment of watching the zombies getting torn apart. They watched the zombies get burned, sawed and splattered. The roads were paved with entrails and flesh, which attracted a huge number of flies. The flies were incapable of carrying the Zombie Bug, but the Zombie Bug brought death to the flies and any other animal that tried to feast on the remains of the zombies. Since Emily and Michael also had a gas station in front of their store they were able to get the gas to pump through the basement and through large hoses so they could spray it onto the streets and burn the zombie flesh that littered the nearby roads. Of course they could only spray for a few hundred feet. The gas pumps were controlled through the basement of SuperSave and a master control was located there to pump all the gas into the store if need be. They all watched as the flesh burned. The Pukers and Stenchers had a habit of running into the flames since they were attracted by it and they were burned also.

The survivors watched the zombies and what was left of other zombies, burn, for a while the street cleared in front of SuperSave but only for an hour before being overrun by zombies again. Watching the zombies being torn apart or being burned brought relief too many of the survivors.

The members of the SWAT team also treated anyone that needed them and helped kill as many zombies as they could.

Chapter 8: Back to the President

“Do you think we are all cowards for hiding out here in this shelter,” the President said to Senator Roberts while leaning with both her arms on a chair and looking downwards. “No, we did what we had to do. We are doing everything to help our country and I believe the politicians that were only interested in helping themselves were killed. Also those damn bankers and oil executives were mostly killed since they thought only of themselves. Thankfully not all bankers were that greedy and they are helping. No the true cowards are the people, rich and poor, that are only helping themselves,” Senator Roberts replied sitting on his chair with his legs crossed smoking a cigar.

“Our military and law enforcement are doing an excellent job combating this zombie threat and because of us a lot of people will survive,” replied a congresswoman. “Yeah that is what I like but I wish we could save them all,” replied the President shedding a tear.

At that time the news report came in on television. “More countries are now free of the zombie threat and parts of the United States such as West Virginia and Wyoming are free of zombies. Scientists have also discovered a cure to the plaque. We all will have to take it once a year according to our nations’ top scientist and it will prevent infection and they will have to have blood samples yearly to make sure the Zombie Bug does not mutate. The cure will kill the Bug if it enters our blood steam and prevent us from becoming a zombie. It will be a few months before there is enough of the cure for us all. Those that are already zombies and are alive will be killed by this cure since the Bug has completely rewired their brains, but it will not have no effect on the undead,” the reported said in a somber manner after giving so much bad news.

“Well that is good news,” replied the President and then she continued, “I am going to give orders for our military to use the cure as a weapon against the zombies,” with a frown and with a tremor in her voice.

“It seems like we are almost out of this nightmare,” replied Senator Roberts still sitting in his chair smoking his cigar. “Yes we are,” replied another Senator. “I just hope there will be a civilization to save and I hope we can make our world better than the way it was before,” replied another congressman.

The news report came back on and so the reader will know the members of Hollywood that were not killed or eaten continued to make TV shows and movies which I why there was a commercial break during the news report. “Many oil refineries are in flames and a few nukes around the world have gone off killing perhaps hundreds of thousands. Everyone is advised to wear shark suits or anything that cannot be punctured and to be armed if you must go out. Rural areas are not as heavily populated with zombies unlike large cities such as New York. On a sad note Detroit has been completely destroyed by the zombie hoard and there are no survivors and the military had no choice but to completely level the city to wipe out the zombie problem,” the reporter said while trying to hold back his tears and trying but failing to stop himself from shaking.

“That’s bad and I do regret giving the order to destroy Detroit but it had to be done and it was not the only city we had to level. Many cities around the world had to be leveled,” the President said to herself trying to reassure herself she did the right thing. “Damn I wish this was just a bad nightmare,” she continued in an angry tone.

“I watched plenty of zombie movies such as Dawn of The Dead, Land of the Dead and my son here likes to play zombie games such as Dead Space, Dead Island and others and none of the zombies are like these,” a Senator broke in shaking his head in terror. “I believe you did what was right. I know I always criticized you but I always looked up to you,” he continued. The President simply smiled. “In Return of the Living Dead the zombies could not be killed by shooting them in the head,” a congressman added with a nervous smile and everyone broke out in laughter as if they had not laughed in years.

Senator Roberts decided to tell a story he heard at a college at one time, “In life you have two things to worry about, if you sick or if you are healthy. If you are healthy you have nothing to worry about but it you are sick you have two things worry about if you are going to get better or get worse. If you are going to get better then you have nothing to worry about but if you are going to get worse then you have two things to worry about, am I going to live or am I going to die. If you are going to live then you have nothing to worry about but if you are going to die then you have two things to worry about, are you going to heaven or are you going to hell. If you are going to heaven you have nothing to worry about and if you are going to hell you will not have time to worry since you will be too busy shaking hands with everyone you use to know.” Most of his audience gave a slight chuckle.

I have a story and it might be a little more offensive but I really want to tell it replied a young Senator standing next to her husband, “There were three guys, a white guy, a black guy and an Asian and I know what you people are thinking but listen to this. As they were crossing the street without paying attention they all got hit by a bus and went to hell. After suffering more who knows how long they begged the devil to let them out so the devil told them I will make a deal with you guys. If you can run up these ten thousand steps and get to the top before me I will let you out but if you fail I will grab your penises in my hand and melt it off and you will have to come back here. They looked at each other and agreed since they figured it would be better than suffering in hell. First the white gay ran up the stairs and waiting for him was the devil smiling. He grabbed the white guys’ penis and melted it off. Next the Asian guy ran up the stairs and the devil was waiting for him. The devil gave him a sinister smile and then grabbed his penis and melted it off. Finally the black dude ran up all the stairs and the devil was waiting for him. With a wicked smile he grabbed the black guys’ penis but nothing happened. What the hell, nothing is happening. At this point the black guy smiled and said, chocolate melts in your mouth not in your hands.” Everyone found the story amusing and Senator Roberts replied while chuckling, “that is especially good now that I am actually eating M&M’s and you tell an M&M joke.

At this point in time there were roughly a hundred million or less zombies left in the world and the survivors after being afraid and hiding and then wanting revenge started to fight back against the zombies as we had mentioned. The President and Congress or what was left of them watched through their satellites. They watched people strap explosives to the Pukers after sealing their mouths shut and then sending them into their own and then blowing them up. The Stenchers gave people the most problem since they were so agile and fast but when the people started wearing shark suits and carrying machetes the Stenchers were no match.

Many nations decided to round up the zombies for later use that we will mention later. Many saw profit that could be made using these zombies but all that will come in time.

“Well I guess if everyone is going to tell these weird stories I might as well tell you guys a song my friends and I use to sing as children. Here it is: When I die bury me

Hang my balls on a cherry tree

When they’re ripe

Take a bite

Don’t blame me if they don’t taste right

Yes, we had a sick sense of humor back then and I noticed a lot of people out there doing some sick and twisted things to these zombies and the zombies doing much worse,” replied a Congressman shaking. “Thanks for that enlightening song Congressman Brown,” replied Senator Roberts shaking his head and looking at the President who was trying not to laugh.

Chapter 9: Our Survivors’ Children and Newcomers

Our Survivors spent most of their days watching TV, playing games, watching the children play or killing and maiming as many zombies they could from the roof. The children made up many zombie games they liked. They were no longer afraid as they were when they first came into their little shelter. At first they could not stop crying and shaking and John being what he was would always cuss them out or try to hit them if no one was looking. James was especially cruel to the non-white children. He had a habit of spiting in their food, farting next to them and being sarcastic and demeaning to them. Charles was the same way with the white kids. He even once walked up to a white kid while eating crackers and holding the crackers out to him said, “cracker,” then walked away laughing.

Over seven months that had past the kids had calmed down and one of their favorite games was to dress up like a zombie and chase each other. Being so inured to seeing death and destruction around them they enjoyed watching zombie movies and made up zombie songs. “Well at least these kids are learning to cope with the new reality around them,” Emily remarked looking sad. “Yes, true but I just wish they could just be kids. Life is bad enough without these zombies,” Michael replied with a half frown.

Unlike the adults the children did not seem to get into as many arguments as you might of expected them to since they were still shaken up. After time had passed they got use to their new situation and started to fight more often. They would fight over toys although there were so many in the store and so many of the same kind. If one child was watch a particular TV then others would want to watch a different show on that TV. It was as if they were intentionally trying to bother each other.

Some of the kids and especially the older ones joined the adults in shooting zombies or burning them. “Seems like kids can get use to anything,” remarked Mary. The kids still have horrible nightmares and would wake up screaming. Most of the adults were caring towards them since they were having the same nightmares of the zombies breaking in and killing them all. “I just wish this was all a bad nightmare and I could just wake up,” replied one six-year-old child waking up crying and shivering. The child’s father then wrapped him up in a blanket and just held him.

As the were on the roof later in the day they saw people in trucks as usual crushing zombies and eventually they saw a large box truck blow a tire and crash into a heard of zombies. In a panic the people in the truck did not know what to do. The survivors on the roof yelled out to them to come to the side of the store so they can get in so the people ran for it being chased by Stenchers and the like. Some of the survivors stayed on the roof to provide cover and shoot has many of the zombies that were chasing this new group of people that were frantically running to the side of the store. One of them fell and before a Stencher could grab her but one of survivors that was now in the street trying to get the people inside blew his head clean off. The zombie’s head spattered everywhere. The people managed to get in safely with only some minor scratches and broken bones. There were a total of five survivors, a man of medium build, with a nicely combed moustache with a stench of Jim Bean on his breath since he had been drinking and was the one driving. His wife a portly woman a few years older than him, with a long nose and a tattoo of a heart with an arrow through it on her left arm near the shoulder sat quietly in a corner as she came in. The other three were their teen children. All medium height and like their parents missing teeth. With the exception of the mother none had a shirt on and the clothes they had on were rags.

“Thankee for saving us,” replied Paul. His wife, Tamara replied, “Yees th th thanks for helping,” while shaking from fear and trying to catch her breath. “What were you guys doing out there?” replied on of the survivors. “We were hiding out and I was drinking to calm my nerves and suddenly they broke in and we ran for it. I had that box truck parked in my lawn since I use to deliver bread, to bread stores. My wife cannot drive so I had no choice but to try. We sped by the Bayside Market Place in downtown Miami and that place was overrun with zombies. We kept just ruing on any rode we could and finally ending up here. My eldest son broke his arm in the accident and he needs help,” replied Paul after composing himself. “Don’t worry we can take care of your son,” replied Mark with a reassuring smile while Summer went to get the medical supplies.

They were brought food and drink as well as new clothes by Michael, Emily and a few other of the survivors. “How long have you all been in this store,” replied Tamara now that she had eaten and caught her breath could speak. She was usually shy and reserved but running for her life cured her of her shyness temporarily. “Since the outbreak, ten ad a half months ago,” replied Mary looking at her silver watch while Robin stood next to her rubbing her pendant.

The boy’s arm was put into a sling and he was given painkillers to help dull the pain. After three more weeks they saw tanks moving through the streets and a member the SWAT team that was assigned to them informed them, “The situation is almost under control. Most of the zombies in Miami have been rounded up or destroyed and we should be able to leave in less than a month. “ Everyone gave a cheer glad this nightmare was almost over.

Chapter 10: Z-Day and Finis

Back at the President’s bunker, all the world leaders were talking via satellite about the on going war with the zombies. At first they met with many losses and were pushed back but eventually they began to get the upper hand. New weapons were created to quickly dismember the undead since as they say, “necessity is the mother of all inventions.” One new weapon was the Z-9. The Z of course stood for zombie. It fired a small explosive pack that was better aimed at a zombie’s chest. It would attach and then cause an explosion that would completely incinerate any zombie. The weapon looked similar to an AK-47 but with a barrel that was nearly ten centimeters in circumference. The weapon was created by a Russian science, Dr. Petrovich, a tall lanky fellow who was willingly to help the Russian government to do anything to combat the zombie plaque after witnessing his wife and young daughter get devoured by zombies. He did what he could to save them but was pulled away by Russian police that were trying to save civilians. When they realized he was a weapons expert they enlisted his help, which he gladly and enthusiastically agreed. He slept little being haunted by the death of his family and seeing the horror and pain in his little girls’ eyes, as zombies ripped her apart. He saw them take huge chunks of flesh from his wife and daughter and just chew with hearty enjoyment as they screamed for help. The area was fire bombed minutes later.

The weapon was used my military around the world to fight the zombie plaque. After eleven and a half months of fighting victory was getting closer. “This is great news,” Senator Roberts yelled after hearing that that the nation’s capital was now zombie free as well North Florida, California, New Mexico, Canada, Portugal, Germany, Russia, Haiti, Kenya, Mongolia and Vietnam. Since China and India had the largest population they also had the largest number of zombies. The zombies spread rapidly across India but the people created huge stronghold that saved their nation. The military was able to stop the zombies from completely destroying their nation.

“So how much longer do you think it will be before we are all safe again,” asked the President to one of her chief of staff. “It is estimated that we will have this situation resolved in a matter of weeks,” replied her chief of staff barely able to contain his excitement.

“After another five weeks the streets were once again safe although not all the zombies were destroyed. Many nations decided to keep a zombie stock for themselves to use as a weapon.

Another weapon created was the electronic rifle and the electronic shotgun. It basically shot a bolt of energy bullets that stunned the zombies for a few minutes making it impossible for them to move. Both weapons were created by a Japanese businessman, since he realize tasers did not work he created something stronger. It made shooting off limbs easier as one can imagine.

On October 27th 20__, a full fourteen months after the zombie outbreak Z-Day of victory over the zombie day was declared. Fireworks went off throughout the whole world. Our survivors at SuperSave, and throughout the world left their strongholds to entire what was left of the world. Oil refineries were burning; many building and homes were either burning or burnt. Bodies laid everywhere. All the bodies had to be burned as well has all the dead animals. Cars and other vehicles littered the highways with bloodstains all over and pieced of flesh and bones were everywhere.

People were both excited about their new freedom but horrified with what they saw. Half the world population was lost, crops were destroyed, buildings crumpled. For the first few years after the zombie outbreak life was hard. Many died of starvation and others learned to grow their own crops until farms could get running again. Nation got along better than before, or at least for the first few years. After that they were back at each other’s throats. They would threaten to unleash the zombie hoard on each other. They basically went back to business as usual.

Josh and Robin got married eight years after Z-Day and had three children. Mary moved in with them and helped raise their children and she ended up living to a ripe old age of one hundred and nineteen. Mark and Summer got married but Summer was infertile o they ended up having no children but adopted two girls. Mark opened up his own business and found that the undead zombies made good security guards.

Senator Roberts became President a few years later, and he helped the nations’ poor. He also used Drones to replace many government employees since Drones were excellent pencil pushers as long as they were fed and chained. Vampires were used in death penalty cases around the world. A condemned victim was placed in a room with a Vampire and then the Vampire would drain all their blood. Afterwards, using the modified rifle they were immobilized while the head of the condemned was chopped off.

Jack and Terrel created a game show using the zombies and they copied a movie call Running man and Dead Rising. In one game a person had to climb a rope to get cash and below them was a pit of zombies. If they fell zombies ate them alive but if they succeeded they could wind up with thousands or millions of dollars. Another game show they were put in a rind with a Puker or a Stencher and had to fight several waves of them to win money. They also created a final game were contestants had to run through several blocks of old Detroit while battling all types of zombies. If they survived they had one million dollars waiting for them. One day though Jack fell into one of the zombie pits and was torn apart and eaten alive. It is possible that since Jack did talk in his sleep that he may have admitted to setting Terrel’s house on fire and that Terrel knocked him into the pit but there were no witnesses.

Many people took anti anxiety drugs due to constant nightmares about the zombies and the plaque would break out time by time. The reader would not be able to imagine the horror the people saw during the outbreak and that horror stayed with them for the rest of their lives. Many committed suicide, which was not uncommon during the first few years.

Eventually scientists were able to locate the star system the Asteroids came from and after several centuries visited a planet completely destroyed by their zombie outbreak. Like Earth their government kept threatening to unleash what was left of the zombies and eventually the zombies destroyed everything. The entire planet lay in ruins. Earth’s governments decided then they did not want that to happen to their planet and destroyed what was left of the Zombie Bug. Although the zombies made for good entertainment they were too dangerous to be allowed to exist so they were all destroyed.

The End

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