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Zack Snyders Justice League

by Ewout Stouffs about a year ago in superheroes
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An honest review (spoilers ahead!)

The Justice League

Some people call tv a waste of time. And it would certainly be a waste of time when the film itself would last 4 hours and has been appear before in cinema. I can ensure u one thing: Zack Snyders Justice League was everything but a waste of time.

A (spoilerfree) summary

For those who hasn't seen the previous Justice League, here is a short summary. After the death of Superman, planet earth became vulnerable for intergalactic and supernatural threats. It is then that 3 Motherboxes , an acient form of technology, awakes.

Cyborg with one of the mother boxes in posession

Steppenwolf, a humble servant of Darkseid is aware of this oppurtunity. He comes to earth to claim the boxes in name of his master, Darkseid, so they can conquer earth.

Darkseid, the dark god and his discipel Steppenwolf, general of apokolips.

It is in these troubled times that Bruce Wayne (also known as the Batman) forms an alliance with an Atlantian, an Amazonian, a speedster and a cyborg, to stop Steppenwolf. But will they be able to handle it alone?

Next part contains spoilers. If you haven't seen it yet, I would highly recommend it.

A make-over, but better?

The story itself remains the same with 2017 appearance, but Zack Snyder was able to give it a make-over with extra detail. And there are so many extra scenes added, whereby the story has reached another level of perfection. Zack Snyder took advantage from the extra time he got and used it well.

Caring about the characters

The original had a lot of flaws, but one of the biggest issues I had back then, was that I didn't care about the characters. The arcs and possibilities they had were threated like trash.

Where Joss Whedon tried to make the Flash funny by stumbling into scenes, not knowing what to do or how to fight, was clearly not how Zack Snyder intended. The Flash is certainly funny, but Zack Snyder focused more on making him relatable.

Flash and Cyborg. An underrated duo.

Same counts for the Cyborg. While he was for the biggest part ignored in the original release, here we can see how the Cyborg came to live, how his relationship with his father affect him and more. Ray Fishers performance gives me hope in a standalone movie, despite the problems he had on set.

Not only the hero's were better portrayed. Also Steppenwolf changed from the big bad guy that destroys worlds because he can to a servant that wants to go home but needs to prove himself to his master.

My only issue however was with batman himself, where he was...nice? Sure he has guilt because the death of superman was partially his fault, but he was simply nice.

The future

As you can lead from this article, I am overall happy with the outcome of the Justice League. After years of stubborness from the fans, they got the film that they deserved. But what about te future?

I look positive to the future. The fact that they used Martian Manhunter barely, gives me hope. But not only that. In the epilogue, we see Bruce having a dream about Knightmare, where things went a different way. Darkseid conquered earth with the help of Superman and Batman is accompanied by a strange squad, existing from Cyborg in a poncho, the Flash in a cool apocalyptic outfit, Mera who grieves about the death of Arthur, Deathstroke and off course the Joker who lost Harley Quinn. And in it would be a beautifully way to use that part for the upcoming movie Flashpoint. Because of DC has something that Marvel doesn't have, than it is his darkness they give to their heroes. This is what I would do, but I am unfortunatly not a director.

One thing is certain. Zack Snyder gave hope to the DCEU-fans and they can only appreciate it.


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