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Young Girl Turned Into Disney Princesses for Fun Photo Project

Layla poses as a Disney princess every month with help from her family and the results are awesome.

By Tisha EatonPublished 6 years ago 2 min read

Every girl dreams of being a Disney princess, but little Layla gets to live that dream with pictures of her as Disney princesses taken by her mother. Since Layla was 5 they have taken pictures once a month of the young girl, and her mother Camillia hopes that she will allow her to do it well into her teens. Here are some of the incredible looks that they have pulled off.


With an adorable Chip cup that I wish I owned myself, she glows as her favorite princess and looks like she is ready for adventure in the great wide somewhere.


So this robot isn't a princess... This was just too adorable not to include though.


With the right amount of sass, she looks as though she is ready to fly off into Neverland with Peter Pan. Beautiful outfit as well as imagery here.


A beautiful glow about her, she fits as the perfect Cinderella.


It looks as though she may be having the best day ever after unwrapping her braid and letting all the flowers out of her hair.

Princess Leia

Looking as though she is from a galaxy far, far away, this dress is a beautiful one. And love the buns!

Leia And Luke

Even her brother Aiden got involved in this amazing Star Wars poster!

Once Upon a Time inspired Belle

Inspired by the show, Layla looks as though she could put Rumplestiltskin in his place


She looks ready to take on a bear, and really rocking those curls.


The cold never bothered her anyway... and she looks absolutely ethereal as the snow queen.

Evil Queen and Snow White

Her mother joined in on the fun for this shot of the two fairest of them all.


This looks like a fun tea party I want to attend, as she dresses as the curious young Alice. I must say, she fits the role perfectly!

Camillia does an amazing job capturing the magic of Disney as well as her daughter's beauty and the cosplays look like so much fun! Here is hoping there will be many more pictures in the future. To keep up with the magical adventure, be sure to follow Camillia on her Facebook or Instagram.

Camillia Courts Photography

Disney Inspired Photo


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