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The rom-com about an inter-racial relationship is a hit and miss

By Abdul RazackPublished 7 months ago 5 min read
'You people'

The romantic comedy 'You People', directed by Kenya Barris, revolves around the story of Ezra, a Jewish guy played by Jonah Hill, and Amira, a Black Muslim girl portrayed by Lauren London, who fall in love and plan to tie the knot. However, their parents on both sides struggle to come to terms with the idea of an interracial marriage.

The story begins with a meet-cute moment where Ezra mistakes Amira to be his Uber driver, leading to a heated exchange between the two. Despite this rocky start, they hit it off and connect over their shared interests in music and sneakers. Six months later, Ezra proposes to Amira, and she accepts. But what initially seemed like a smooth ride turns into a bumpy one as their parents struggle with the cultural differences.

Shelley, Ezra's mom played by Julia Louis Dreyfus, tries too hard to appear liberal and accepting but comes across as condescending and tone-deaf. In contrast, Amira's dad, Akbar, portrayed by Eddie Murphy, openly disapproves of Ezra. When Ezra meets Amira's parents seeking their blessings before proposing, Akbar questions his intentions and ability to provide for his daughter.

As the wedding approaches, the parents of both sides become increasingly involved, leading to awkward situations and misunderstandings. While Amira is supportive of Ezra's choices, her own career is facing challenges. Shelley, on the other hand, makes one faux pas after another, and Ezra's dad, played by David Duchovny, seems to have a singular obsession with rapper Xzibit.

The film aims to showcase the challenges that interracial couples face from their families, but it fails to hit all the right notes. The romance between Ezra and Amira feels undercooked, and the comedy falls short in places. Despite the star-studded cast, the film struggles to decide whether it wants to be a satire or a comedy and underutilizes its talented cast.

Furthermore, the movie explores the complexities of interracial relationships, cultural differences, and the difficulties of gaining acceptance from families. However, the execution of the plot lacks depth and fails to address some of the more significant issues that interracial couples face.

Although the chemistry between Hill and London is palpable, the script fails to provide sufficient material to showcase their relationship's growth and development. Instead, the story relies heavily on tired cliches and predictable plot points that do little to add to the narrative.

The film's saving grace is the exceptional performances by the cast, with Eddie Murphy and Julia Louis Dreyfus stealing the show with their impeccable comedic timing. David Duchovny and Sam Jay also deliver solid performances, albeit with limited screen time.

In summary, 'You People' has a promising premise but falls short in execution. While the film attempts to explore the challenges of interracial relationships, it fails to deliver a compelling story that can engage and resonate with the audience. Despite the talented cast, the lackluster script and uneven pacing make 'You People' a forgettable romantic comedy that fails to leave a lasting impression.

Additionally, the movie's attempts at satire feel half-hearted and underdeveloped. The film's satire is meant to poke fun at the absurdity of cultural differences and the stereotypes that come with them. However, the humor feels forced and doesn't quite land, resulting in several awkward moments that feel out of place.

The film also misses the opportunity to delve deeper into the racial and cultural tensions that exist in society. Instead, it chooses to focus solely on the family dynamics, which ultimately limits the scope of the story and makes it feel one-dimensional.

Despite its flaws, 'You People' is not without its merits. The movie addresses the topic of interracial relationships, which is still a taboo subject in many communities. It sheds light on the challenges that couples face and the pressure they experience from their families to conform to cultural norms. The film also highlights the need for open-mindedness and acceptance, even when faced with cultural differences.

In conclusion, while 'You People' has its heart in the right place, it falls short of its potential. The film's talented cast and promising premise are let down by a lackluster script and uneven execution. Nonetheless, the movie's exploration of interracial relationships and cultural differences is commendable and worth watching for those interested in the subject.

Overall, 'You People' is a decent attempt at exploring the complexities of interracial relationships, but it fails to deliver a compelling story that can engage and resonate with the audience. The movie lacks the depth and nuance necessary to explore the subject matter in a meaningful way, and the attempts at humor and satire often fall flat.

However, the film is not a complete disappointment. The performances by the cast are outstanding, with Eddie Murphy and Julia Louis-Dreyfus delivering standout performances. The chemistry between Jonah Hill and Lauren London is also noteworthy, but unfortunately, the script doesn't provide them with enough material to fully develop their characters' relationship.

The film's exploration of cultural differences and family dynamics is an important conversation starter, and it sheds light on the challenges faced by interracial couples. The movie also highlights the need for empathy, open-mindedness, and acceptance, which are crucial values in today's diverse society.

In conclusion, 'You People' is worth watching for its performances and its attempt at tackling a relevant and timely topic. However, the film falls short of its potential due to a lackluster script and uneven execution. Nonetheless, it serves as a reminder of the importance of cultural understanding and acceptance, and the need to celebrate diversity in all its forms.



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