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Writing Magic Types: Cosmic Magic

One of the strongest magic types

By BlankmarksPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Writing Magic Types: Cosmic Magic
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Cosmic Magic can be down into 3 main subcategories:

• Time

• Space

• Celestial

The basic definition of Cosmic Magic is: A type of magic that controls or creates things in relation to space-time and the universe.

With that out of the way let’s focus on the subcategories.

Time Magic

I could’ve combined both Space and Time but they do different things so I separated them.

A very powerful type of magic that usually spells defeat for those that face it. Spells include the popular Time Stop, Haste, Slow and Reset (save and load for meta games).

There are few spells in this category to my knowledge but they’re all very powerful.

Besides the normal and popular means of Time Magic, there are also unique and rare spells.

These spells can range from:

• Stealing time from others (A more dangerous life drain)

• Time clones

• Time loops

• Time compression and so much more

Any spell that deals with time falls under this type of magic.

Space Magic

Space Magic is any spell that affects space it or how you move through it.

Warp portals are the basic Space Magic spell. A normal teleport can also be Space Magic since, depending on the universe, you’re bending space to move.

Storage magic and dimensional magic can fall under here as well. Creating your own pocket reality comes with many benefits.

• Sealing

• Storage

• Redirection

Most people use Space Magic to move things but when it comes to offense it’s also extremely powerful.

One spell can cut space which makes it the ultimate blade that can slice through almost anything. An example being Reality Slash from the Anime Overlord.

It doesn’t have to be a blade either, it can be any shape as shown in Black Clover by Langris.

Besides that, there aren’t any more general ways to use Space magic. Despite the few spells it’s still one of the strongest types.

Celestial Magic

This is where spells like Meteor, Comet, and Flare call home. Spells that focus on controlling or creating celestial bodies fall under here.

The celestial bodies under the mage’s control include:

• Stars

• Planets

• Asteroids

• Comets

• Black Holes

• The Big Bang

That’s just the objects in space, we didn’t cover cosmic forces like Gravity and Light. By absorbing the natural energy found in the universe you can also power up your attacks.

Depending on how you stretch it, the mage can even mess with physics.

Now we’re using spells that would be similar to what the Silver Surfer can do.

Nothing more to say, a simple type to understand and fear.

Cosmic Magic’s Place in the WorldBuilding

As shown by Cosmic Magic’s power, its magic is used only by the best mages. Basic spells like Teleport and Haste can be used by advanced magic users instead of masters.

To be fair and balanced, many stories don’t have full-fledged Cosmic mages. They sometimes have simplified Time mages and Space mages but usually, writers pick the most popular spells and give them to the best.

As for simple spells, they’re given to average to advanced mages.

If you’re a writer I suggest you do what everyone else does with this type.

If the main goal is to reach these heights or the spells are commonplace then you can go crazy with it. Otherwise, Cosmic Magic makes the other types seem laughable and unnecessary.

When these spells are commonplace, you’re not writing a story about Mage but of Gods.

To put it into perspective, Isekai Gods use Time-Space Magic to pull the heroes from their world.

I’ve said my piece. If I missed anything or got something wrong then comment and I’ll credit you. With that, I’m done.


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I’m Blankmarks and I love magic and fiction. I’ll write about various magic types and concepts not only for fun but to help writers create new magical worlds. I'll also post short stories, writing tips, and more.

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